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We hired Ted to remodel our attic. We needed additional space to store Christmas decorations and seasonal toys. He assessed to space, came up with some creative ideas, and completed the work professionally. We added some additional items and had the perfect storage space we have been needing. Thanks, your the best!!


I needed someone to put the finishing touches on a town home I own in uptown Dallas. I needed a front door refinished from my dog scratching the door, In addition, shelving installed in master closet, plumbing fixtures in one of the baths and new light switches around the home. The primary purpose was to sell this property at the upper end so everything had to be just right. I found Ted and he was amazing, he did all the work to perfection and under my budget. Thanks.


We hired this company to do work in our office and also our personal residence. They were always on-time and reasonably priced. Then we had expanded our office and had numerous pieces of furniture and a security camera system installation. Perfect in every way, shape, or form. I could not be happier. Thanks a million!!


Ted was an absolute godsend! He is extremely polite, efficient, and punctual. I was in desperate need to fix my front door asap, and he was able to squeeze me in the same day! He analyzed the job we requested, came up with a creative solution, and executed it flawlessly. The door looked better than new! I would definitely recommend Ted to everyone I know! 5 Stars is simply not enough!


We found Ted on an internet search for our new home. His website was on the first page of a Google search (good job). We consulted with him to design a smart home system. He met with us several times to insure the systems were right and that the builder was installing the right wiring. He installed both wireless and wired cameras, a whole house mesh WiFi system, leak sensors, motion sensors, WiFi switches, automated garage door openers, as well as several other items. One of the best decisions we made was to have the builder pre-wire and have this company do the final touches. Our house is simply awesome.


Hi Ted You have awesome reviews , i am in your neighborhood and seek a "Family Handyman" Yep you got it right just like the Family Doctor 🙂 I have bunch of jobs in the house that need an expert touch. The added bonus is my Cousin lives next block and has same /similar tasks for his home too. So you will be gaining 2 life long clients out of us , i am Home tomorrow and wonder if you can stop by Regards xxxxxxxxx. Great work, on time and reasonable!


Ted was recommended through our Nextdoor website from others he has performed work in our neighborhood. We live in a 50 year old Preston Hollow home which has some intrinsic challenges based on the age of the home. Ted was very knowledgeable and understood all the issues that needed attention and did the work to extreme perfection. He has a genuine eye for detail and does the work correctly the first time. I cannot express how impressed I am with his work and attention to detail. Unquestionably, the best Handyman I have ever found!!!


We hired Plano Texas Handyman to install a complete home theater system. The media room was pre-wired for audio and they added HDMI, Co-Ax, and wired all the components including a 7.2 receiver, sub-woofer, all other speakers, 108" screen and projector. They also installed LED star lighting. Great job and great professional experience. Thanks.


Ted is amazing, he came to our home to install 3 ceiling fans, change out a counter top cooking surface, and install a video security system. Not only was he thorough, but he knew exactly what he was doing, and his work was tidy, clean and professional. Individually, the cost of these repairs would have been double what he charged to complete the entire package. Could not have asked for a better Handyman anywhere. I will use him on every home improvement project in our home, period!!!!

Author *Kris   

This company pays an incredible attention to detail and does great work. I have complemented them several times on the great quality of workmanship. They have done several projects on the house, a fireplace refacing, crown moulding, and opening the dining room to the living room which made an tremendous difference and opened the house with a open floor design. Workmanship is GREAT!!!!

Mike Hampton   

Ted came out to our new home and did 4 days of work, He painted the master, repaired some ugly trim, painted 3 more bedrooms, painted the kitchen, installed some new faucets, and a new door. AMAZING, his work is incredible and he knows how to get it done - Thanks a million.

Sean Glover   

We hired Plano Texas Handyman to install a new attic stair in our garage where one did not exist. We were running out of garage storage so we needed to utilize this extra space. This company found the perfect spot and installed the stairs giving us this extra space. We also had some exterior LED lights that needed to be installed. They did a great job and am 100% satisfied. Very glad I found this company. Thanks!!


I am a retired engineer from XTO Energy. Ted came to our home to refinish a front door , and install a flat screen TV. His work is great and he is completely thorough. I have many projects on the future and Ted will be called to make these fixes to my home. He is honest, personable, and on time. I am impressed by someone who arrives when they say they are going to arrive. I will never use anyone in the future than Ted.


Ted has been to our house on several occasions. He is thorough and effective. He gets the work done quickly,efficiently and is a nice value. Ted does a lot of work in a short time since he has a building sand engineer background. NO one is better and I have given many recommendations, and I can trust him.


2.10.22 - Ted is a brilliant Engineer & consummate professional who is responsive, helpful, open to questions & honest! Ted has been to our home four times already this year to work on different projects and has done a fantastic job for us as new Texas residents. We were concerned because we didn’t know any handyman in the area, now we refer him to all of our friends who have also relocated here as well as our neighbors. HIRE TED; he's GREAT!! WRC

Wendy & Joren Christensen   

So we hired Ted to do a bathroom remodel. We explored many options and found out that most of the people we contacted were not suited for the job or not really connecting with our end result. Ted was recommended by an HOA website. We could not be more pleased with his on time delivery, and attention to detail. Our project turned out above and beyond expectations, nf would recommend him for yourr project. We were really pleased, Thanks Ted


We have a set of double front doors in solid oak. The weather has taken a toll on them and they looked very depressed. Ted came out and sanded the doors, cleaned them up, restained them and applied a fresh coat of poly. The doors look brand new, it would have cost several thousand dollars to replace these doors, and they look as good as the day we built the house. Perfection!!!!


We have some apartment buildings and an office building in Bishop Arts. Ted has done many projects from light maintenance to complete apartment renovations. The company is capable of doing multiple facets of the job allowing a single source. Worth every penny!!


Ted was recommended by a colleague for some technology products. I opened a new restaurants and Indian grocery store in Irving and needed security cameras installed along with Audio and television feeds. He gave me some great ideas and did multiple ceiling drops for the cameras. He was courteous and receptive to all my changes and modifications. Everything worked perfectly after the installation and the business had a gfreat security presence and image thanke to his expertise. I am glad I found him and he was reasonably priced but professional.


I needed some help with a fireplace design. I had an idea of what I wanted, however, Ted was able to give me a couple of different thoughts. I was a bit nervous with going through with his idea. Long story short, I'm glad we went with his idea! Turned out great and under my budget which was perfect. He gave me the time frame of when he would start and when he was planning on finishing and he met them. He even helped me with a small leak! I definitely recommend to use Ted for any of your creative projects!


We purchased a home with tile in the guest bath. The previous owners painted the tile dark green, that's right painted the tile. Ted was called to look at the job and recommended stripping the paint from the tile with a low VOC and low HAP (environmentally friendly) paint stripper. The job came out amazing and it changed the entire look of the bathroom. All we were looking for was to make an improvement and rather that replacing the tile, he came up with a creative alternative. Best in the business. Thanks Ted!!!!!


We originally contacted Ted to make some repairs to our home the builder refused to perform. He did a great job and was pleased with his prompt response and on-time.

We later contacted him to repair the 6 toilets the remodeling contractor and/or plumber placed in our house. The builder installed poor quality toilets. Plano Texas Handyman came over and suggested we replace the interior components of the toilets. His suggestion not only repaired the problem but improved the sucking power of the toilets. His recommendation saved us over $1500!!!


Ted has come to our on several occasions, energy repairs, drywall repairs, and some minor renovations. We are completely pleased with all his work and ideas for completing the project. We are thrilled to have found him and would recommend him to everyone!


Ted was recommended to do our restaurant technology. We have a small chain of Little Caesars Restaurants and wanted s series of cameras installed as well as some HVAC automation. This company is the best in the business. We were totally satisfied and happy with the outcome. The work was performed during biusness hours and it was perfect.


Ted was recommended by a colleague to install some technology in our medical practice. We had him install a television, video surveillance cameras, and additional CAT6 internet drops. Ted came to the office with everything he needed and made the installation without disrupting the office and/or patient flow in our practice. Ted is a professional and even more a a real technician. Everything was installed professionally and he explained the operational aspect. This was one of the best experiences we have had since opening the office.


Ted and his company are very good and honest. We needed cabinet pulls installed and a media room wired. He knew what he was doing and we liked the way he worked. He was very complete and thoughtful. We ordered a handle that was not ordinary and he installed all of them with detail. The media room was done very good and we now enjoy our new home. Thank You!!


Ted does great work, we have had him to our house and business on many times to do work. Always professional and efficient, not to mention polite. Thanks


What can I say, Ted is the best! He came to our house to do some work neglected by the builder, he repaired the issues promptly and professionally. We asked him to build a pet bath in our laundry room and it was amazing. Really amazing and did the work as we had anticipated. Happy Client!!


Ted booked our appointment 2 weeks in advance. We had some standard repairs and unusual repairs. We had a silver dollar size floor damage to our hardwoods, engineered wood floor. He got a sample that matched perfectly, cut it out and made it look completely perfect. It was hard to notice. The rest of the work he did on the home seemed minor compared to this repair.


Ted was recommended by a neighborhood association and a friend. We needed several items done in our home. 1) install a wireless locking system. 2) install smart thermostats. 3) Install Arlo cameras. On a smaller size, he also did some pictures and a LED light bulbs in the garage. We were happy, as he was polite, courteous, and professional. I had home work by the hour and I was pleased with the outcome. He will always be welcome in our home. Thanks


I have had Ted to to do work on my home several times over the last month. He is very talented and always has a creative solution for the many projects he has done for me. I have had many come to the house and do work, but none compare to Ted, Simply stated, he is the best in the business. Thanks


I needed someone to give me some help on some new computer software. He not only helped, he was patient and kind. He was there for me whenever I had added questions. Without him I most probably would have lost my job. I work at home and have no training when the boss changes programs.

Other things around the house, he is good and very knowledgeable. He can do it all.
Polite, courteous, patient. I highly recommend him. He has even fixed things my old handyman had done wrong Thanks Ted.

Author Carol Brosowske   

This guy is amazing, he is honest, professional and thorough. He was hired to doe some major work and he provided incredible solutions. He purchased the material and invoiced us for his cost while providing receipts as documentation. He completed the work in record time as we were paying him on a per hour basis. I was initially reluctant to hire him since I had some phone quotes that were cheaper. Essentially, he came in cheaper and provided an unbelievable service platform. He is the best handyman anywhere, I would recommend him over and over!!! Thanks Again!!!


Call Ted at Plano Texas Handymen for all your technical and out of the ordinary projects. I am a retired executive with an engineering background and can do the most technical and complex projects including but not limited to home automation, , media room wiring, gaming applications, TV installations, Attic renovations plus a lot more. Call us at 214-507-3415. Thanks for reading my own testimonial.


Ted was a great find, he went over and beyond the work we talked about on the phone. I needed a dishwasher installed that had some issues. He came out and diagnosed the work, he proceeded to do the work and realized he needed more parts. He gladly went to Home Depot to pick up the parts and assured me that he would stand by his quoted price even though the problem encountered was not of his doing. I have more work to do and he will be the ONLY person I call in the future!!! Thanks


Ted performed work flawlessly at our new home. We had several items needing attention: ceiling fan installations, bath fan replacement. shelving additions to most all closest, cabinet hardware installation, attic renovations... Ted was amazing, friendly, and completed the work in record time and within our budget. The absolute best in the business. Thanks, we have found a real winner.


Thanks for a great job. No chirps.



I purchased a new home and had Ted to install some big screen TV's, some floating shelves, and hook up our washer and dryer. What a great and personable guy. He will be back for more work in a couple of weeks. ~~Thanks


Ted was recommended by a friend and I needed some repairs to my home, toilets were running, mold in the shower and drywall repairs. Ted was on-time and competed the work in a very short period pf time. He was honest, dependable, and professional. I have tried multiple handyman and been burned time and time again, Ted was a pleasant and rare find, A real savior and perfectionist.


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