New Year Home Upgrades

New Year Home Upgrades

New Year Home Upgrades – It happens every January. Motivated by the sense of a fresh start for tackling those home improvement projects that never got done the year before, many of my clients come to me with a wish list of to-dos–primarily inspired by the latest trends in design and remodeling, though some are just focused on high quality ac repair options instead. This year I thought I would beat them to the punch and compile my own list of what I think contractors–and DIYers–will be called upon to do the most in 2018. If you want more tips as well as this article, you can read this guide to see if it has any tips for you and your New Year Home Projects!

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1. Install Garage Organization Systems

Why it’s popular: Getting organized is probably the top New Year’s resolution of home improvement enthusiasts. What’s great about starting out with the garage is that the area can then serve a workshop for other projects. Plus, there are just tons of options to choose from in home improvement stores. Plus, garage organization means you can logically organize your Christmas decorations. Overhead storage, Wall systems, Attic renovations are all useful and economical renovations. Furthermore, once the organization system is in place, you’ll rarely have to make any other improvements to your garage. You might have to get a Garage Door Repair once in a blue moon or repaint the garage door to improve curb appeal, but once done, it becomes an effortless space in your home to maintain. New Year Home Upgrades

2. Update Lighting

Why it’s popular: Again because there are so many great options to select from. Homeowners can add recessed lights, spotlights, ceiling fans (with light fixtures), under cabinet lights… the list of interesting styles of lights available looks to continue to grow in 2019. My personal favorite for really making an impact statement adding state of the art LED lighting with adjustable color temperature and colo. They can be installed in less than a day, and they bring sunlight directly into the home, but they have the profile of a recessed light so that they won’t draw too much focus in the room. New Year Home Projects

3. Purchase Standby Home Generator

Why it’s popular: Ranging from $800 to $10,000, depending on the size, these were selling out all over the country when Superstorms hit so are still fresh on the brain for many. For ease of use, you can choose to have a manual transfer switch installed in your electric panel so the generator can run your house directly, instead of having to layout a web of extension cords. Standby generators can make your life convenient and protect you from devastating power outages. However, you may encounter some issues with local building officials do to noise ordinances. New Year Home Projects

4. Replace Doors and HVAC system

Why it’s popular: Fresh start. The beginning of the year always has people thinking about ways to make their home more energy efficient and increase curb appeal. Air leaks from your old doors are taxing on your HVAC and expensive on your utility bills. Speaking of HVAC, make sure you’re getting that regularly maintained too (check out to learn more about this.) If your HVAC isn’t working properly this can also affect your utility bills, even more so than having poor quality doors. Unfortunately, not every HVAC system is reliable so if you’re noticing that yours isn’t working as it should, contact an AC Repair company so you can get help from a professional hvac contractor. They can also help you with air conditioning installation if you’ve decided to replace your old ac unit. You can visit sites like to find more details.

Some people find it tricky finding hvac service companies, as improvements or repairs like this are vital for your home and need to be done properly! There are plenty around so you don’t need to worry, there will be someone in your local area. Many companies also work across various states. For example, work in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington! Don’t risk trying to fix the problem yourself otherwise you may make things worse. Replacing the old doors with new materials and solid seals will save you money in the long run and improve the look of your home. This will take from a weekend to a week to complete, depending on the size of your home, but the benefits will last for decades. New Year Home Projects, New Year Home Upgrades

5. Install an electric fireplace and entertainment wall

Electric Fireplace Entertainment Wall – Do you want to make your home pop? Are you looking for a dramatic home improvement project that will add pizazz and great resale value? We can take an ordinary wall, strategically place the TV, install a state of the art electric fireplace with the help from a Fast turn PCB Assembly contractor, do a dramatic paint job, add some dimming LED lights, a few pieces of art-work and you have a perfect entertainment wall. Plano Texas Handyman – visit our blog on electric fireplace.

Reasons to get an electric fireplace installation – If you’re new to the idea of owning an electric fireplace, we’re here to give you the scoop on all the reasons you’ll love having one. Skip ahead to the Electric Fireplace Infographic or View the Video, or keep reading to learn why it’s one of the best things you can do for your home this winter (or any season)!

6. Exterior Home Lighting

Exterior Home Uplighting – Your choice of lighting is a quintessential part of your home’s ambiance. Choosing the right uplighting / downlighting layout can create a subtle yet stunning outdoor lighting atmosphere that you crave for your home’s exterior.

Plano Texas Handyman can add LED uplighting or exterior downlighting to enhance your homes facade and value. Call us today at 214-507-3415 for a free estimate or visit our website for all our capabilities. Exterior Home Uplighting

Although lighting experts and landscaping pros seem to speak their own lingo, understanding the meaning of the term uplighting/downlighting is as obvious as it seems. Uplighting refers to lights that are mounted to shine their light upward and are installed at low or ground level. Downlighting refers to lights that shine their light downward; so they would be installed at a higher to point to create this downward light effect. If you would like to learn more about landscape lighting, you can visit a site similar to New Year Home Upgrades

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Home Depot is Simply the Best

Home Depot is Simply the Best

Home Depot is Simply the Best – All home improvement retailers are not the same, and its not even close. Home Depot is simply the best home improvement retailer in the universe, period. The company has everything you need to maintain and improve your home for the professional and the Do-It yourselfer. At any given time, you will always see as many home owners shopping The Home Depot as professional plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians, contractors and others. For the best heating service or repair in caldwell nj visit Atlantic Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. You have to be sure to get the best company for the job you need done, if you are in the Florida area, give the florida air conditioning repair professionals a call.

Plano Texas Handyman supports the company every day and my customers benefit from the breath of assortment carried in the stores,. Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to talk about all our capabilities or visit our website now.

The Home Depot was co-founded by a group of visionaries, Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah and Ken Langone. in 1978. The Home Depot’s proposition was to build home-improvement superstores, larger than any of their competitors’ facilities. They started with 2 stores in Atlanta in 1979 and three years later did an IPO (initial public offer) listed on the NASDAQ. The Home Depot is simply the best and home improvement professionals and DIY’ers supported their growth throughout the Southeast and by 1995 had 350 stores with sales over $10 billion and was the number one home improvement retailer in the country.

Today, the Home Depot is a Dow Industrial stock, the company has almost 2300 sores with sales over $108 billion annually. They are an American staple and one of the most financially stable companies in America and has a business model that translates well into the future.

Plano Texas Handyman supports the company every day and my customers benefit from the breath of assortment carried in the stores,. Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to talk about all our capabilities or visit our website now.

Install an Exterior Door

New Year Home Projects

Install an Exterior Door – A pre-hung door comes already mounted to a new doorframe. The hinges are installed and the lockset and deadbolt holes are pre-bored for standard installations. Before removing the old door, it is a good idea to have the new one on hand, for example, like these exterior fiberglass doors. Check it for damage and make sure it will fit. Please Visit Plano Texas Handyman website to view and read about all of our capabilities. These instructions can get daunting and may seem beyond your capabilities, call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman, Contact Us @ 214-507-3415 Visit our about us Page for more information on Ted

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Getting Ready for a New Exterior Door

1. Remove the interior trim around the existing door.
2. Measure the height, width, and depth of the door opening. The new door should be 1/2 inch less than the height of the rough opening and 3/4 inch less in width.
3. Determine which way the door opens. Stand with your back to the hinges and note whether you would open the door with your right or left hand.
4. Select the type of door you will install: wood, fiberglass or steel. Fiberglass and steel doors are more weather-resistant than wood doors.
5. Give this information to a Lowe’s associate, who can help you select the appropriate door for your home.
6. When you get the new door home, read the manufacturer’s instructions. They should provide you with information regarding the removal of the factory-installed shipping braces or clips. Some braces and clips keep the doorframe square during installation. They will also help to clarify terms and identify parts. Install an Exterior Door. These instructions can get daunting and may seem beyond your capabilities, call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman @ 214-507-3415

Remove the Existing Door and Frame
Step 1
1. Carefully remove the existing door’s exterior trim for re-installation on the new doorframe. Some doorframes come with the exterior trim pre-attached so you can discard the old trim. Also remove insulation surrounding the doorframe.
2. Use a hammer and nail set, or screwdriver, to remove the hinge pins and detach the existing door from the hinges. For most hinges, insert the nail set in the hole at the bottom of the hinge pin and strike it upward with the hammer. Keep driving the pin upward until it comes out.
3. Once the door is off the frame, remove the hinges from the doorframe.
4. You could remove nails from wood that attach the sill and jamb to the house frame. If necessary, cut the nails off between the jamb or sill and the house frame with a reciprocating saw. Wear safety glasses and be careful not to damage the house frame studs. Install an Exterior Door
5. If possible, remove the small pieces of wood, called shims, from between the door jamb and house frame.
6. Remove the old doorframe from the house frame. You may need to use a pry bar under the sill.
Good to Know
If possible, get help from a friend to remove the old door and lift the new door in place. These instructions can get daunting and may seem beyond your capabilities, call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman @ 214-507-3415

Install the New Pre-hung Door

1. Dry-fit the new door in position to make sure it fits.
2. Inspect the subsill (where the door will sit) to verify that it is square and level. Adjust the subsill as needed with shims following the door manufacturer’s instructions. Also, check that the rough opening is square and plumb. If you’re not sure if your rough opening is square and plumb, call a professional for assistance. Thoroughly inspect the house frame for dry rot and pest damage and make needed repairs before proceeding.
3. Make sure the new door will clear the finished floor. Measure the new door from the bottom of its sill to the bottom of the door. Then measure the height of the existing interior flooring to ensure that the opening door will not hit the flooring. If the new door won’t clear, raise entire the doorframe with a piece of treated wood secured to the subfloor with caulk and screws. Install an Exterior Door
4. Weatherproof the subsill by applying a bead of caulk about 1 inch from the front and 1 inch from the rear of the rough opening, with a wave, or zig-zag, pattern in between. Apply caulk to the underside of the doorsill, too.
5. Working from outside the house, set the bottom of the door against the opening, then raise the frame into place.
6. Temporarily insert new shims near the top of the frame to hold the door. Install an Exterior Door
7. With shims, adjust the doorframe so that it is plumb and square in the opening. Insert shims between the doorframe and studs at the hinge locations. Shims keep the door level, plumb and square in the rough opening. Be sure to have at least 1/8-inch of clearance between the jamb and rough frame.
8. Drive screws through the hinges and shims. Some manufacturers recommend inserting the screws below the shims. Check your manufacturer’s instructions.
9. On the lock side of the door, place shims near the top and bottom of the jamb.
10. Drive screws through the jamb and shims.
11. Check that there is even spacing around the doorInstall an Exterior Doorjamb. From inside, make sure there is even spacing at the door reveal. From outside, check that there is a 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch space between the door and the jamb stop at the top, middle, and bottom. Make any necessary adjustments to the doorframe.
12. Insert additional shims around the frame following the door manufacturer’s instructions. For added strength, place shims at the lockset and deadbolt positions.
13. Remove any remaining shipping braces.
14. Open and close the door, checking that it swings smoothly. Make any necessary adjustments. Some pre-hung doors have an adjustable sill. Check your manufacturer’s instructions for more information.
15. Drive screws through any additional shims to secure the doorframe.
16. Score the shims with a utility knife, then snap off the excess.
17. Secure the sill following the manufacturer’s instructions.
18. Apply minimal expanding spray foam insulation in the gaps around the frame
and allow to dry. Install an Exterior Door
19. After the foam has dried, trim any excess with a putty knife.
20. Reattach the door trim.
21. If the door is not pre-finished, apply a coat of paint or stain as recommended by the door manufacturer.

Remove the door from the hinges and work on sawhorses. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for painting or staining the bottom of the door. Don’t forget to paint or stain the trim, if needed.
Be careful not to get the foam insulation on your skin. Use rubber gloves for this step. Install an Exterior Door