Garage Organization

Garage Organization In 7 Steps
Garage Organization- The Most dreaded project that many homeowners face is garage organization. It always seems that people consistently stuff tons and tons of things in the garage only to find that there is no longer space for their vehicles. The main reason people buy homes with a garage is to keep their vehicles inside away from the elements, vandals and thieves. It’s silly that after a short time in their new homes people just fill their garages with clutter. If you fit that description, you need to wake up and reclaim your garage. These easy garage organization tips will help you to clean up your act and keep your garage in perfect order!

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1. Gather the Troops
You’ll need to set a date for the garage organization project. Be sure that each and every family member that is old enough to be helpful plans nothing else for that weekend. A group effort will help the project get completed faster, improve the bonds between all of the family members and could actually prove to be a fun project.

2. Prepare for the Project
It is essential that you are well prepared prior to your weekend project. You’ll need plenty of trash bags and plastic storage bins. Additionally, a recycling bin might just save the day. Good quality recycling bins (which by the way, could be purchased from and similar web portals) can make cleaning easy and recycling simple.

Therefore, all the trash that would be produced from the project could be simply recycled and reused., if you have some old tires you will like to turn in to furniture or something else, check out this tire recycling line .Also, it would be wise to pick up a good supply of cold cuts from deli counter and a fair amount of rolls or bread too. You simply won’t want to stop working to cook lunch and dinner. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps. Garage Organization.

Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

3. Get Everyone Moving
The first item on the agenda is to get every single thing out of the garage. Picture the garage on the day that you moved in, clean and clear of all items and debris. This is what it must look like first and foremost. As soon as everything is outside, break out the cleaning products and scrub it down until it sparkles. Your garage will only sparkle when you know that you have picked up the tiniest bits of debris. So, don’t forget to run the best garage vacuum that you have over the floor first to pick up any bits of rubbish and dust that you can’t see before continuing with the cleaning. You’ll feel good about yourself afterwards and you’ll be ready to face your next challenge.

Turn on the music and crank it up. Be sure to include music selections that will please everyone. The only rule is nothing slow because people tend to get more accomplished when they listen to fast paced music. This will help to get everybody moving, having fun and the job completed quickly. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps. Garage Organization.

4. Sort and Select
Now that all of the items that had formerly lived in the garage are out, you’ll need to decide which will return to their abode, which will need to find new homes and which should simply be retired to the trash dump. This process tends to be the most difficult for homeowners. Getting rid of old items can be tough sometimes but truly necessary. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

You’ll need to really think about whether or not you need each item. You should ask yourself if it helps you to make money, if you use it regularly and if it is still able to do the job it was meant to do. For example, if you have a rake in the garage that is missing tines, it needs to go. The job that it was meant to perform can no longer happen as half of the leaves would still be on the lawn. Toss it and replace it with a working one. Items that are still usable but not needed in your household should be donated to charity. The items that you want to keep must be cleaned and stored safely in bins. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps. Garage Organization.

5. Make Your Mark
It’s really important that all of the bins are marked with their contents. Your garage organization project will be all for naught if you don’t have a comprehensive list of the contents of the bins. A label maker is the best tool for the job. They are inexpensive and do a great job. They’re also easy to remove from the plastic in the event you need to discard one of the items within. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

6. Stow Your Stuff
All of the bins will need to be stored in the overhead garage racks. You should dedicate specific areas for each group of bins. This will help you to find just what you need quickly and efficiently. Garage organization is all about neatness and the ability of the homeowner to find the right item when he or she needs it. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

Bicycles are other items can also get up off of the ground and be attached to the garage overhead storage racks with the use of deck hooks, rail hooks, and or sport utility hooks. Your goal should be to have minimal items on the floor space. Once you feel that you have completed the project, step back and look at what you have accomplished. As soon as you’re finished admiring your work, get in the cars and pull them into their new home. They will surely be safer there and your investment will be much better protected than it would be parked in the driveway! Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps, Garage Organization.

7. The Right Stuff
If you didn’t take the advice and buy quality overhead storage racks, you will be sorely disappointed. The clutter will begin to build again. SafeRacks provides all sorts of garage storage equipment that will last you a lifetime. Check out the product pages and order today.

Cleaning, Painting Garage Floors

Cleaning, Painting Garage Floors

There comes a time when your garage begins to look tired and needs to be spruced up. There are lots of things you can do to give it a new lease of life, like getting some new outdoor garage lights or installing some storage units to help you keep it nice and tidy. But one of the best ways to make it feel brand new again is to clean and paint the floor. We recommend you visit to hire experienced professionals to help you out. A garage floor with a like-new appearance can make a great lasting impression. With basic supplies and some elbow grease, you can make this home improvement to add value in just a couple of days. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 on garage renovation ideas. If it cannot be cleaned, you have other options too – for example, you could use floor screed to create a brand new hard floor for your garage. It doesn’t take too long to dry either so your garage will be as good as new in no time. It is up to you to choose what you think is best for your garage. However, if you do decide it can be fixed with some rigorous cleaning, look below to find some tools you may need.

Tools & Materials:
Pressure Washer
Push Broom
Paint Brush
Cat Litter
Concrete Cleaner
Epoxy Paste
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Remove Oil and Grease Spots
Before you power wash or paint/seal your garage floor, you’ll want to attack any oil, grease or rust spots. Cleaning, Painting Garage Floors. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 or you could also visit to hire professional house cleaners.

Cover grease stains with a layer of sawdust or cat litter. These materials absorb excess oil remarkably well. Leave the sawdust or cat litter on the floor for at least one day.
Use a push broom with rigid bristles to sweep up the sawdust, cat litter and dirt.
Pour dry dishwasher detergent or a concrete cleaning agent on the stain. If you are unsure on how to use concrete cleaner, or how to treat your concrete, contact professional Concrete contractors to gain some good advice. Let the detergent sit for 45 minutes, then pour boiling water on the area and vigorously scrub the stained section with the broom.
For stubborn stains, use muriatic acid in combination with your pressure washer set to at least 1200 PSI or we also recommend calling Pressure Washing Vancouver BC to get the best results. Apply the acid according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow it to soak for a few seconds and rinse. Use baking soda on the cleaned area to neutralize the acid, and rinse.

If you’re not sure how to do it, you could always get the help of Pressure Washing in Cape Coral or similar power washing services near your place.

Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 on garage renovation ideas.
Remove Rust Stains
Combine an ounce of trisodium phosphate (TSP) in a gallon of hot water. Wet the concrete and use a push broom with rigid bristles to scrub. Let the solution soak into the concrete for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Go ahead and see more here about cleaning services near you.
Fill the Cracks
Small cracks can be filled with an epoxy paste. Once you’ve filled the crack, scrape excess epoxy so that it’s flush with the floor. After the repair dries completely, do some light sanding for a smooth finish. Cleaning, Painting Garage Floors

For larger cracks, overfill with an epoxy paste. Let the repair dry. Then grind the area so it’s flush with the floor. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 on garage renovation ideas.
Prep Your Floor
Moisture Test
If you think that moisture issues might prevent paint or sealer from bonding, here’s a simple way to find out: Cut out a 3-ft x 3-ft square of plastic sheeting and tape it down completely to your garage floor. If after a day or so, water collects on the underside of the plastic, you’ll need to put down a good vapor barrier before the primer coat, visit this web-site to find an alternate solution called stucco.

Sealant/Etching Test
If you’re unsure whether your garage floor has previously been sealed, you can pour water on it to perform a simple test. The water should soak into the concrete relatively quickly. If it beads up or just sits there for a long time, the cement has been sealed before and probably needs to be etched before you can re-seal or paint the garage floor. Cleaning, Painting Garage Floors. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 on garage renovation ideas.

Etching the Floor
To etch the floor of your garage, apply a commercial concrete etcher, being careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the etcher fizzes up as it’s applied, you know that it’s working. Let the floor dry overnight. The concrete will now have a grainy texture, which offers a better surface for the paint to grip.
Seal the Floor
To prevent future staining, to minimize concrete dust, and to make it easier to sweep, you can seal your garage floor. If you are planning to also paint your garage floor, applying sealant can act as a primer. Priming prior to painting can help achieve better adhesion if moisture is an issue or if the concrete is dusty and “weak.”

Choose a product that is either a water-based floor epoxy or a solvent-thinned epoxy. Use a nylon brush along the edges of your garage and use a roller – lint-free, all-purpose, solvent- and water-resistant with a medium nap – to apply the rest of the sealant. Apply sealant liberally but be sure to roll it out evenly. If you’re going to paint the garage floor, allow the sealant/primer to dry thoroughly (at least 8 hours).
Paint the Floor
When selecting paint for your garage floor, make sure to choose an epoxy paint created especially for garage floors. Mix the paint well and apply a thin, even first coat. Cut in along the edges of your garage with a brush and then use a roller with a medium nap to apply the rest of the paint. Let the first coat dry thoroughly (about 24 hours). Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 on garage renovation ideas.

Christmas Storage Solutions

Holiday Storage Ideas - Attics and MoreDecorations

Christmas Storage Solutions – If you love to decorate and go all out for the holidays you need some Christmas storage solutions to help you organize all the wrapping paper, ornaments, lights, decorations and even the tree from year to year so that you can find it all when you want and need it.

Here are the main areas to consider when dealing with holiday storage. Click on one of these picture links below to find storage solutions and ideas you can use specifically for these types of items, or scroll down for some more tips and ideas.

Where To Store Your Christmas And Other Seasonal Decorations:
I would suggest storing all of your seasonal decorative items together, in one area of your home. Because you only access these items once a year or so, don’t give this storage area prime real estate in your home, but instead put it somewhere somewhat accessible, but out of the way.

Segregate each holiday’s items into separate containers or boxes, like items for one season with another. Ideally, as you put items away for each season you will put those items toward the back, so over the year the containers needed for the next holiday will be toward the front, and rotate them as the seasons change.

Storing Your Christmas Decorations In Containers:
There are all kinds of containers you can use for your Christmas storage items, but I would suggest stackable plastic tubs, with lids, as being preferable over cardboard. You can find out more about Christmas containers for storing items here.

Just as you should keep all your Christmas storage in one area, and all together, keep the various types of Christmas decorations corralled into their separate areas too, with a box for lights, one or more for ornaments, etc. If you need to add more than one type of item to a box try to put them in, in the opposite order you will need to retrieve them. For example, you should put the garland lower in the box than the lights, for example, since lights go on before garland onto the tree.

Store Your Lights Neatly To Keep Them From Being Tangled Up:
One of the most frustrating things people experience each year as part of Christmas storage is dealing with the tangled up Christmas lights. However, with a little effort when you put them away at the end of the season will keep them in good order for the next year and save yourself some big headaches and holiday grief.

Store Your Christmas Ornaments With Care:
Ornaments are often a favorite for people, since many ornaments are bought to commemorate special occasions in your family’s lives, such as “Baby’s First Christmas” or the special pasted candy cane your child made for you in third grade.

In addition, many of these items are very fragile, and can easily break if they are jostled or clink together. Therefore, special care should be taken when choosing the right ornament storage containers.

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Ideas And Tips:
If you buy a real tree each year you don’t need to worry about this Christmas storage items each year while the tree is not in use, but for those of us (like me) who have an artificial tree we all know how large they can be, and they take up a lot of room.

There are many possible methods for storing your tree, including tree bags and boxes, and other containers. You can find out about which Christmas tree storage solution is best for you.

Wreath Storage:
Your artificial Christmas (or other seasonal) wreaths are also very large, and can be difficult to store without having them gather dust. Fortunately, they make some very handy containers to help you store them easily.

Wrapping Paper Storage For Christmas And Year Round:
We all do a lot of wrapping during the holiday season, making our gifts beautiful for giving to our friends and family. If you’re like me you’ve got quite a lot of gift wrap which is specifically for Christmas, and not for use at other times of the year.

Therefore, you may need to store Christmas paper and also have a different storage area for the rest of the wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, bags, etc. you have which get used year round for birthdays, and other events.

Have an Expert – Plano Texas Handyman – organize unused space in your home:

Useful Attic Storage,  Attics can be an upper story to a home, a loft over a garage or a small space between the rafters for roof insulation. While not all attic spaces are suitable for storage, if you have a way to access the space an attic can be an asset to your home.  Remember, you need to view an attic conversion to storage space as useful space in a home and you can easily recoup costs in the future.

Moving around in an attic can be difficult and can make organization a challenge. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for organizing the items you want to store there.

Garage overhead racks and shelving, If you need garage storage solutions for your home, which allows you to optimize space and steer clear of clutter, call 214-507-3415 today. Plano Texas Handyman offers a wide variety of robust overhead garage storage devices, storage racks and garage shelves.  Whether you are looking for garage shelving options, need bike storage racks or metal storage shelves, the durability of the garage storage systems should be a determining factor.

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How we Can Create a Mancave

Garage Renovation

How we can create the Perfect Mancave? I’ve had a shower of suggestions on what I could do, including the clever idea of a pre built cabin. I absolutely love the idea of having my own space to do what I like, watch what I like and drink what I like without the disapproving glances of the family burning a hole into me. I’m sure you know what I mean! But unfortunately I don’t have the space, so I had to think of something else. Did you know that garage man caves are therapeutic? I’m just kidding, but in all seriousness, a man cave garage is sure to be the talk of the town and your home within your home.

Man caves give us the freedom to express ourselves. It gives us the personal space we sometimes need in the middle of the weekly grind we go through 52 times a year. The benefits are endless, but converting a garage into a man cave is certainly easier said than done.

That is why I have researched and gathered all the steps one must take to convert and remodel a garage into a dream man cave.

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To truly design and create the best man cave possible, you need a blank canvas. Many of us use the garage to store bikes, winter clothes, drinks, cleaning supplies, etc. Well, if you’re going to use this garage to the fullest, you need to get organized.

Rummage through all the junk you have in your garage and make sure each item is something you and family needs. If not, sell it on eBay or throw it out. For the items you do need, you better get smart at organizing. Move it to the basement, below the sink or in the laundry room. Do whatever you can to clear out the space before you turn it into the garage man cave everyone will be talking about.

Too much junk? Get some professional cleaning help.

If you’re going to be spending every Sunday in this man cave watching football, then you better have it insulated. That means you need the floors, walls, ceiling and garage door insulated.

No one said this was going to be easy or cheap. According to our insulation installation cost estimator, most homeowners pay $1,289 for insulation. However, this price is the average of all insulation projects around the house, including the attic. You can expect garage insulation to be less.

One way to save money is by installing the garage door insulation yourself. I mapped out all the steps in How To Insulate A Garage Door.

The insides of garages are not built with design flair. Man caves, on the other hand, require some color and design. That is why your new garage man cave needs a new coat paint on all the walls.

I don’t care if it’s red, blue, green or even white, if you’re converting a garage into man cave, it needs paint. If you need help deciding, make sure you read Popular House Paint Colors For 2014.

Beware, painting an entire garage is a lot of work. There are professionals who specialize in garage painting. Click here to connect with up to four professional painters for free.

Most garages have one light installed, but when you’re hosting poker night or your next fantasy football draft, you need to illuminate the room.

Try incorporating lights that match your style. If you’re going with an industrial look, look for pendants lights that match the color scheme. If you want a more modern touch, go with recessed lights.

Installing your own lighting can be tricky. If you have an attached garage, the project is a bit easier, but if you have a detached garage, you may want to find a professional electrician.

For obvious reasons, the standard garage floor can get cold and unwelcoming, two feelings you would never want for your garage man cave. Concrete floors will not help the situation.

You could add floorboards or even carpet in certain areas (very risky though). Alternatively, you could buy large area rugs, but if you really want your man cave to be the talk of the town, spend the extra cash on a comfortable flooring option.

We will get into the highlights of your man cave garage momentarily, but we must address the elephant in the room that is security. If you’re going to place your 75″ TV or Michael Jordan jersey in the garage, then you better have good security.

These are valuable items and after you show off your unbelievable man cave, all your neighbors will be talking about it. Make sure you purchase special garage door locks. This way, friends and neighbors will need your code to open the garage.

Likewise, make sure you put a deadbolt on the back door (if your garage has one). For more protection, you could also extend your security system.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, it’s time to get into the fun stuff. As I noted in 10 Must-Have Items for the Ultimate Man Cave, the best recliner is the No. 1 essential item all man caves need.

The age-old picture of a man drinking a beer on his recliner in his man cave has not died. However, the modern man cave has evolved and you need comfortable seating for all your friends. Whether you add a sectional, a huge leather couch (which could be cleaned regularly using something like Leather Honey leather conditioner & cleaner), multiple recliners or even bar seats, make sure you have enough seating for you and all your guys.

Bar & Fridge
The man cave is supposed to be convenient and it surely won’t be if you have to run inside every time you want a drink or another sandwich. If you have space, try to build your own bar in the corner of your new man cave garage. Leave space and electrical outlets for a mini fridge or mini fridges and a larger one if you can fit it.

Believe me when I say that without a fridge, your friends will not enjoy this man cave.

No man cave can be complete without its fair share of sports memorabilia. If you have always wanted a place to show off that Derek Jeter ball or a wall to hang that LeBron James jersey, your man cave is it.

If you’re not into sports, add movie posters, pictures of the kids or anything that makes you happy. It’s your man cave. Be sure to add all the personal flair you want!

Garages are the perfect location for a man cave. If separates the home and your home within your home. It gives you the freedom you demand after a long week. Now that you know what you need, go out and start building or designing your own garage man cave.