Garage Storage Attic Elevator

Garage Storage Attic Elevator

Garage Storage Attic Elevator – Our garage storage lift allows you to easily store items into your attic conveniently and reliably with our attic storage lift.  Our storage lift is an economical manual storage lift system that easily and safely lifts your storage items to the attic or lowers them down to the floor level. Our system is the most economical on the market, and competing electric systems would cost you double our system. View our website video to see how the system works. We offer a hybrid system at a fraction of the price of others.

You only use an attic lift a few times a year, so purchasing costly systems is not necessary. An attic storage lift eliminates the time consuming, dangerous task of lifting or pushing items up and down your pull down attic stairway.  Plano Texas Handyman is your one call professional for a attic storage lift, Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 for more information on our Attic Lift – Garage. Visit our website for more information on our capabilities. Attic Storage Lift, Garage Attic Storage Lift, Garage Storage Attic Elevator

The design of our attic lift turns a difficult task into a simple and economical solution for all of your storage needs. Each of our systems are designed specifically for your individual garage and storage system.  We purchased a Garage Gator Ceiling Lift and custom tailor it to your specific garage with a lifting capacity of 220#. Attic Storage Lift from Plano Texas Handyman installed for economically system for moving heavy articles into your attic.

The Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift gives you a convenient self storage solution for all of those bulky items that take up so much space on the floor, such as seasonal storage, boxes or totes, outdoor furniture, large tools, tires, or just about anything else you can think of. Made of steel construction, the Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift has a unique pulley system that lets you easily load and lift up to 220 pounds of storage items to the attic above your garage and to store them securely in place freeing up valuable storage space. Attic Lift – Garage. Garage Storage Attic Elevator

Attic Lift
Attic Lift

The Ceiling Storage Lift easily lowers 8 feet from the ceiling when you want to retrieve or add items. Raise and lower using a hand crank or attach your power drill. It has everything you need to store large items the safe, easy way without your feet ever leaving the ground

Competing attic lift systems start at about $2500 before installation, and installation could cost another $600 to $900 depending on the configuration.  Total cost of what our competitors offer is about $3100 to $3400.  Attic Lift – Garage.

Plano Texas Handyman offers a better attic lift at a competitive price:

  • 220# motorized lift installed in 8′ tall ceilings – $1975.00 Installed
  • 220# motorized lift installed in 10′ tall ceilings – $2075.00 Installed

The primary difference is that you have to manually crank the lift.  Most people don’t get into their attic but a few times per year.  Our attic lift costs half the price, for moving boxes into your attic a few times per year.  Attic Lift – Garage.

Plano Texas Handyman is your one call professional for a attic storage lift, Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 for more information on our Attic Lift – Garage. Visit our website for more information on our capabilities. Attic Storage Lift, attic elevators, attic convenience, Garage Attic Storage Lift, Garage Storage Lift for Attic, Garage Storage Attic Elevator

Attic Floor and Renovation

Christmas Storage Ideas

Attic Floor and Renovation

Attic Floor and Renovation

Attic Floor and Renovation

Attic Floor and Renovation – Create your Own Self Storage – Why would you pay a self storage facility, on average, $210 per month for a 10×10 unit when you can create usable space in your attic for a fraction of the price. Plano Texas Handyman can convert an average attic space, approximately 200 square feet for about $1500. Converting attic space to storage provides value and home resale value. All it involves is a little hard graft, the use of some tools (so get practicing your chop sawing skills) and a goal! Before you know it, your attic will be the perfect space for whatever you desire.

Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to talk about your attic remodel or visit our website for all our capabilities. Extra Storage Space Your Home. Before you call us, make sure that the structure of the building is intact. According to roofing north dublin – affordable north dublin roof repairs, whilst you’re viewing your attic you could check to see if there are any leaks or damages to the roof. If this is the case you should look for roofing services, from companies like Carolina Home Specialists ( to sort out all damages before we begin remodeling.

Consider the facts, we can provide double the space for a payback of 10 months, or less. Consider the following-:

According to The Self Storage Association, there are roughly 49,000 storage facilities in the U.S. alone. Self storage has consistently been the fastest growing area of the commercial real estate industry, representing $22 billion in annual U.S. revenues in 2011. But why? Why are Americans so willing to saddle themselves with material albatrosses that sap their monthly income? Have we become such a nomadic and unsettled people that our consumerism can only keep up with our lifestyles through acres of augmented storage? I’ll leave that up to the social and cultural critics to decide. Attic Floor and Renovation

Wish you could utilize all that extra space in your attic to store rarely used items, but aren’t sure how to? Here are some great attic storage ideas I’ve found and if you need more ideas, just check the Dom Restoration & Roofing completed jobs to get new ideas. Soon, all those Christmas decorations, seasonal sports equipment, and other odds and ends will be organized neatly for easy access. Extra Storage Space Your Home. Attic Floor and Renovation

Attic floor

Attic floor

The attic is a great place to store things that aren’t often used but you still want to keep. You know, things like those boxes of Christmas ornaments, your pool toys in winter and boxes of winter gear in summer. But it could be more than that – the attic is a great untapped storage place. Now, most attics already have an electric supply to them as, generally, they require a light, even if they are just used for storage. But even if there isn’t one, it is pretty simple to speak to a team like Easy Electric and have it installed. Also keep in mind that, unlike basements which are damp, attics tend to be very dry. And, this is a no-brainer, but even with lots of insulation, they tend to get warmer than the rest of the house. We also very much recommend getting the best acoustic flooring installed as that makes a huge difference to the occupants of that building.

If you’re considering entering the fray and renting a storage unit, or if you’re rethinking the value you get out of your current storage arrangement, let me offer a few arguments against these businesses that dot our landscape. Here are seven reasons why renting a self-storage unit is a bad idea. (See also: The Tyranny of Stuff) Create your Own Self Storage. Attic Floor and Renovation

1. Most Stored Objects Depreciate in Value
Unless you’re storing gold or silver (an ill-advised move at most storage facilities), the objects you’re housing are probably depreciating in value. Though I know some storage situations are unavoidable (i.e., a last minute move for a job, family emergency, divorce), the pay-off long-term just doesn’t seem worth it when you consider the replacement cost of the stored items. Create your Own Self Storage, Attic Floor and Renovation

2. Extra Offsite Storage Promotes Acquisition
Having overflow storage options at the ready encourages needless acquisition. Often, storage units enable hoarding tendencies and prevent us from moving on from objects and the places and times in our lives that they represent. Create your Own Self Storage Create your Own Self Storage,

3. Storage Fees Can Be a Financial Drain
This one is obvious, but still insidious. There’s something overwhelming about having a storage unit full of stuff. We tend to ignore it, become exhausted at the thought of moving it, and avoid figuring out how to get rid of it. Inertia sets in and we (almost gladly) fork over the $65.00 or $75.00 a month to maintain the status quo. After a few years of paying our monthly dues, we’ve spent enough to buy to good used car and have nothing to show for it besides the same old anxiety-producing pile of stuff. Create your Own Self Storage

4. Storage Facilities Often Lack Adequate Security
There doesn’t appear to be any uniform approach to security measures across the self-storage industry. Some facilities are well-lit, some aren’t; some have attendants on-site, some don’t; some units have solid walls and metal doors, others are made of wire and plywood. For an industry that’s basking in the riches of a society on the move, why is there no self-governance, no rating system, Extra Storage Space Your Home.and no standardized security?

5. If You Can Store It for Years, You Can Live Without It
Professional organizers and decluttering experts sing the same refrain – if you haven’t used it in six months or a year, you can live without it. The same logic applies to the objects we’re warehousing in our storage units. If you can box it up and lock it up for years, do you really need it? If it’s not used regularly, what’s its real value?

6. Unpaid Storage Bills Equal Secured Debt
Many folks don’t think about the contents of their unit as security against delinquent storage payments. But it only takes few episodes of “Storage Wars” to be set straight on that point. Unpaid storage fees are made up, in part, by auctioning off the contents of each unit. In many cases, the contents can be sold and renters are still liable for the remaining balance. If you’re storing family photos, heirlooms, or other memorabilia, is it worth the risk to potentially have your items held captive or sold to the highest bidder?

7. Storage Services Are a Questionable Value
Considering the cost, the tendency for objects to depreciate in value while in storage, the inertia that off-site storage can lead to, and the lack of uniform security of facilities, I have a hard time seeing the value in long-term storage services. It begs the question – wouldn’t our money be better spent processing and organizing the items we have and purging what’s left over? Create your Own Self Storage, Extra Storage Space Your Home. Attic Floor and Renovation

I realize that self-storage can be like a huge convenience when life throws you a curve ball. But as an ongoing strategy for managing the “stuff” in our lives, it’s a losing proposition. Maybe it’s time to grab a few friends, throw the doors open, load up the trunk, and have a yard sale. Extra Storage Space Your Home

Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to talk about your attic remodel or visit our website for all our capabilities. Extra Storage Space Your Home

Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to talk about your attic remodel or visit our website for all our capabilities. Extra Storage Space Your Home. Read more Good Housekeeping

Useful Attic Storage

Christmas Storage Ideas

Useful Attic Storage, Attics can be an upper story to a home, a loft over a garage or a small space between the rafters for roof insulation. While not all attic spaces are suitable for storage, if you have a way to access the space an attic can be an asset to your home. Remember, you need to view attic conversions to storage spaces as useful space in a home and you can easily recoup costs in the future.

Moving around in an attic can be difficult and can make organization a challenge. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for organizing the items you want to store there.

Here are 9 ideas from CLEAN ATTIC & CRAWL to help you make the most out of your attic storage space:

  1. Assess your attic space. We recommend that you consult a professional if you’re considering using your attic for storage or converting it to add living space. You should contact Alpha Pest Control to let them handle the pests that are possibly living in your attic. Before you start storing things you should determine if space can hold weight and if the area is structurally sound. Access to an attic can be problematic and the sloping walls and ceilings present challenges. A professional can give you the best advice for using the space. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 to discuss your storage needs. Useful Attic Storage2. Be sure the floor of your attic can hold the weight of items you plan to store. Your existing attic floor may be able to handle storage the way it is built. It may need only1/2-inch plywood reinforcement or it may require installing a floor system designed to carry the weight of attic storage. A professional can evaluate your current attic structure and make recommendations to ensure your attic is designed to safely use as a storage area. Plano Texas Handyman takes insulation value into consideration by adding additional joists to maintain R-value. Useful Attic Storage3. Make repairs to the attic. Look around for signs of a leaky roof, holes in walls, rodent droppings, bird spikes, or exposed or frayed wires. Rodents will often chew on wires so be sure to check for damage. If there are any holes in your roof, birds can also come in very easily and create a disturbance, if your roof has severe damages, it may be time to start thinking on getting a new roof.
    Do your search on what type of roofing benefits you the most. Lately, the use of metal roofing is becoming very popular. 
  2. You can install pest control measures, like bird netting, which is what major cities like london and New York use to control pests. Pest control in Melbourne uses rodent traps for mice control or to stop and remove any rats from ruining the attic. Useful Attic Storage4. Use shelves, ceiling hooks and rods for attic storage. Since an unfinished attic is usually completely exposed, it should be easy to find places to install these fixtures. Useful Attic Storage5. Build shelves around gable windows and between rafters. Custom shelves work best in these spaces because of the angle of the roof. Items you store in attics tend to get pushed to the back and cannot be stacked very high. Use plywood, particle board, plastic or metal shelving for attic storage. Shelving will create a separation between boxes and allow you to more easily view and slide out contents. Useful Attic Storage6. Use plastic storage bins rather than cardboard boxes to store items. Paper boxes may attract rodents. Useful Attic Storage7. When finishing an attic to create more living space, use the unique nooks and crannies created by the sloping walls and ceiling for storage. Kneewalls are ideal areas to create built-in shelf storage or closets. If you’re designing the space for a child’s play area or bedroom, space up against a sloped wall can be used for a bed nook or seating nook that does not require much vertical space. Build in a drawer under the bed or seat frame to store clothing or toys. Useful Attic Storage8. An unfinished attic could be converted into additional closet space. If your attic is small but there is adequate access it may be the ideal space to add an extra closet to your home. Useful Attic Storage9. Be mindful of what you store in an attic. While attic storage can be useful, there are changes in temperature and humidity in an attic that could cause damage to items stored. If you are storing holiday decorations, remove candles and store them somewhere else. Photos, books, paintings and other paper items can be ruined in an attic. Plastics like dolls and children’s toys may also be damaged by high and low temperatures and humidity. Be particularly careful with antiques. Useful Attic Storage