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Home automation and home automation products is nothing new, but a recent boom in smart home tech has thrust it straight into the spotlight. (Smart home) kits, sensors and gadgets have been a dominating presence for Plano Texas Handyman for the past two years, with big names like Apple, Google, GE and Microsoft right there in the thick of it. That’s not surprising, given that market experts predict that the smart home’s market share will be worth tens of billions within the next few years. Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to arrange for a home automation review. Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities. Home Automation Products

All that action adds up to a rapidly growing number of things in the internet of things, along with a variety of platforms competing to control them all. That might make the idea of getting your smart home started a little bit overwhelming, but don’t worry. It’s actually easier than ever to start automating your home — provided you know your options and I’m sure River Island Homes will be offering this technology in some of their further property builds. Home Automation Products. You can also email me at ted@planotexashandyman.com.

“Smart home” is a very broad term, covering a huge number of connected gadgets, systems and appliances that do a wide variety of different things. “Home automation” is slightly less broad, referring specifically to things in your home that can be programmed to function automatically. In years past, those automations were pretty basic — lamp timers, programmable thermostats and so on — but that’s fast been changing thanks to the recent sprawl of smart home tech aimed at mainstream consumers looking for SmartHome (Smart-home) technology. Today, we can install devices to allow you to control a variety of devices. There are so many different gadgets and appliances on the market, making your home more efficient. Although most of these products are useful, some can be a waste of money. It’s always best to check the reviews of a new appliance to make sure that it’s worth purchasing. Reviews on an independent source, like appliancehunter.co.uk, are likely to be more reliable as it comes from someone who has actually used the product and rates it fairly, rather than being paid to review and have a biased review.


  1. Doors – Your doors and access to your home, skip to door locks, know when doors are open and closed, allow people to enter your home when your at work or away, monitor your homes doors.
  2. Windows – Monitor and receive text alerts (push notifications) when windows are opened or closed, skip to window sensors.
  3. Temperature – Control your homes thermostat from your smart phone or tablet device 24 hours a day. Skip to temperature controls.
  4. Leak and water sensors – Leak Sensor’s function is simple: it detects water leaks. Skip to Leak sensor.
  5. Smoke and CO detectors – First Alert OneLink Wireless Smoke Alarm or Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector with Voice. Perfect for Bedrooms, Playrooms, Garages, Offices, Basements, and Attics. Skip to Smoke Detectors.
  6. Environmental – We can install freeze detection devices, humidity and room sensors, and moisture sensors.
  7. Perimeter Sensors – Sensors and alarms to protect your home and property perimeter.
  8. Security and wireless cameras – With brilliant HD video quality, two-way audio, live streaming, free cloud recording, instant alerts, and other smart features, the Arlo family of smart security cameras lets you watch over what you love from every angle, indoors and out, day and night. Read more Security Camera Reviews
  9. Air Ducts – Instead of using a thermostat to control the comfort level in each zone, the user can open or close specific dampers with a wireless remote control Skip to Air Duct Controllers
  10. Pool Equipment – Now you can control your pool’s pump, lighting, and/or heater from within the comfort of your home? How about from your Smartphone or Tablet? Skip to Pool Equipment Controllers
  11. Sprinkler System Controller – Water with precision. Rachio uses specific yard details, advanced watering algorithms and proven irrigation science to create accurate schedules customized to the particular needs of your yard. Skip to Sprinkler System Controllers
  12. Hose and Exterior Watering – Directly control your yard watering from a tablet, PC, or iOS/Android smartphone, whether you are at home or away.
  13. Summer Patio Mist Systems and Drip Irrigation – Drip irrigation watering systems have many benefits, such as being ecologically sound, cost effective, provide a higher success rate and promote healthier plants. Patio misting systems can reduced the summer-time heat on the space as much as 20 degrees. Read More on Drip Irrigation
  14. Lighting – Your smartphone is your best friend. And with the Insteon Hub., your smartphone is your Wall Switch’s best friend, too. Use your smartphone or tablet to control and configure your switch for the ultimate in remote control. Skip to Lighting
  15. Plugs / Receptacles With the SmartHome On/Off Outlet, you can control either the upper or lower outlet independently – from a wireless remote in the same room – or from your smartphone on the other side of the world.
  16. Open and Close Devices – Open/Close Module is the first SmartHome (Smart Home) device designed specifically for up/down and open/close 110V motor-controlled appliances.
  17. Garage Doors – When the SmartHome Garage Control & Status Kit is used with the SmartHome Hub, you will always know whether you forgot to close the door to the garage. Skip to Garage Automation
  18. Smart Home Hubs – Perhaps the most overwhelming thing about the smart home revolution is the fact that so many of these new gadgets come with their own separate apps and control hubs. If you buy more than one or two, you’ll end up needing a whole bookcase to store all of the blinking control centers plugged into your router, not to mention the fact that your various automation rules and schedules will probably be scattered across several different apps and websites. Wasn’t home automation supposed to make things easier? With several multipurpose smart hubs already out there, and even more coming on the horizon, here are the ones we’ve been keeping tabs on. Apple HomeKit, Samsung Smart Things, plus others . Skip to Smart Home Hubs

Everyday, more and more products are introduced to the market in the SmartHome (Smart Home) revolution. We will try to add these products to our list as they become available. In the meantime, have a great time envisioning your new SmartHome (Smart Home) Home Automation Products

The possibilities are immense, ranging from lights and locks to cameras and coffee makers. The common denominator is automation, and a promise that these devices can save you time, save you money or make your life a little easier. An automated lamp might turn on by itself as soon as you walk into the room. An automated thermostat might turn the heat down when it detects you’ve left for the day, then back on when it thinks you’re on your way back. Home Automation Products

Doors and Windows:
Lock and Unlock Your Home’s Doors from your Smartphone or Tablet

Door AssemblyRemote Control – Anchor: door locks Control access to your home from any SmartHome device in your home. If you’re not at home, you can use a smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch to lock and unlock your doors when paired with the SmartHome Hub.
Lock Compatible – Our Lock Controller is compatible with a wide-range of SmartHome door locks and deadbolts in an array of finishes that are designed to match your home’s existing hardware. (Smart home)

A wall Keypad is a unique blend of wall switch and multi-button remote control. When you replace your existing wall switch with an SmartHome Keypad, you keep control of your light fixture while simultaneously adding remote control of other SmartHome devices. (Smart home)

We offer a central controller for compatible operation; a simple and straightforward device that connects you to your home from any smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch, anywhere in the world. Control light bulbs, wall switches, outlets, and thermostats at home or remotely and receive instant email or push notification alerts from motion, door and window, water leak, and smoke sensors while you’re away. Just start with the Hub, select the devices for your home and enjoy.

Designed to be Invisible When Monitoring Doors – Peace of mind – that’s what Hidden Door Sensor brings to your home. With Hidden Door Sensor and the centralized hub, you will always know whether the front door has been opened or if you forgot to close the door to the garage. (Smart home)

Control Four or More Devices from Anywhere in your Home – Lightweight hand-held mini remote, make it a tabletop control for your nightstand, counter or coffee table. Control light bulbs, dimmers, switches, and plug-in or receptacle dimmers.

Window MonitorsAnchor: window sensors The SmartHome Wireless window/door sensor allows you to easily monitor windows on all levels of your home, sun-rooms or any other room you would like to monitor. Plus, add another level of monitoring for doors in your home or garage. When a window or door is opened, an immediate alert is sent to your smartphone and tablet.

Perimeter Sensors -Incorporate an added level of security to your home by installing a wireless driveway probe alert, 6 beam curtain sensor, twin beam curtain sensor, and motion sensors.

Home Environment:
Remote Temperature Control, Remote Water Sensors, Remote Fire Protection

Thermostat AssemblyTemperature control Anchor: temperature Why go through the hassle of having to get out of bed when the temperature can be adjusted wirelessly? Want to learn Why its time to make your ac smart? Here are a few ways to adjust a home’s thermostat from a remote control.

Access a home’s thermostat from a smartphone or tablet device
Use a smartphone to access a home’s thermostat and set it to a preferred temperature setting. This allows a home to be at the perfect temperature upon arrival. (Smart home)

Use any web-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet device to communicate with the SmartHome (Smart home) Hub, which sends signals over your homes existing power wires, and then to the SmartHome Thermostat. Easily expand the SmartHome network to control lighting with plug-in lamp dimmers, wall switches, and more.

Instant temperature control from anywhere within a home. Home Automation Products

Replace a home’s thermostat with an SmartHome (Smart home) Thermostat and use an SmartHome Mini Remote to operate a home’s heating or air conditioning system and recall a favorite temperature preset with the touch of a button from anywhere within a home.

Leak and Water SensorAnchor: leak sensor Protect your home from evil water pipes. Simply place the water leak sensor near a potential water leak and avoid one of the most common home insurance claims that leaves homeowners suffering millions of dollars in losses every year. When used with the SmartHome (Smart home) Hub, you will receive instant alerts the instant a water leak is detected, and you can immediately close the water supply valve. One of the sensors you hope you never have to use in your home, Leak Sensor’s function is simple: it detects water leaks. Place one by your water heater, under every sink, by your clothes and dish washers and behind the toilet for total protection. When used in conjunction with an IO Module and electronic water shutoff valve, it can automatically stop a water leak as it happens. Home Automation Products

Smoke and CO detectorsAnchor: smoke The SmartHome Smoke Bridge monitors First Alert OneLink Wireless Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector with Voice. When used with the SmartHome Hub, you’ll receive instant alerts if Carbon Monoxide or smoke is detected. It all starts with a First Alert OneLink Wireless Smoke Alarm or Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector with Voice. If one of these detectors senses smoke, fire or carbon monoxide, they sound an audible alarm and send out an RF signal to other OneLink Smoke Detectors. (Smart home)

Outdoor living:
Controlling and Automating Pool Attachments

Pool EquipmentAnchor: pool Have you ever wanted to control your pool’s pump, lighting, and/or heater from within the comfort of your home? How about from your Smartphone or Tablet? The versatility of SmartHome allows you to modernize your home, including its amenities, with automation beyond what was previously possible. This solution will provide you with the essential steps needed to automate and remotely access your pool’s pump, heater, and lighting using the latest SmartHome dual-band technology. Let’s get started! (Smart home)

Step 1: Replace the existing pool lighting switch
Replace your pool lighting switch with the SmartHome SwitchLinc.

Step 2: Connecting the SmartHome 220V/240V 30 Amp Load Controller
Connect the SmartHome Load Controller to your pool’s pump or heater. Depending on your pool’s configuration, this step may require a different configuration than what is outlined here. It is important to note that multiple SmartHome Load Controllers will be needed when connecting a pool cleaner and pool heater. One SmartHome Load Controller will be needed for each heavy duty pool related appliance being connected.

Step 3: Integrating the SmartHome Hub
Setup and configure the SmartHome Hub. After setting up the Hub, follow the onscreen instructions to link your SwitchLinc and 220V Load Controller. Your pool equipment should now be controllable from your smartphone or tablet. (Smart home) Home Automation Products

Step 4: Relax and enjoy
Now, you will be able to not only control your pool’s pump, lights, and/or heater from a comfortable and convenient location from within your home, but also schedule, automate, and access all connected pool related SmartHome devices from the palm of your hand with a smartphone or tablet. Once you’ve setup remote access you can even log into your home before you leave the office and get the pool ready for your arrival.

Air Ducts:
SmartHome 2-Zone Damper Kit with Hub and Thermostat

Anchor: air duct The SmartHome Wireless Zone Control Dampers allows an HVAC controller and affordable zoning for your home. Available is a zone control damper with a wireless power-open/power-close motor. Once the damper is installed into the duct work, all that needs to be done is to plug it in. The HVAC spokane installer will be able to show you how to use it. The dampers feature an indicator light that glows greeHvac Asemblyn when the damper is open and red when the damper is closed. The damper is beneficial in open areas that have multiple diffusers and one thermostat.

Instead of using a thermostat to control the comfort level in each zone, the user can open or close specific dampers with a wireless remote control (pictured to the right.) The remote can control up to 32 different dampers. It can be digitally set to control the actuator/damper from 0% (fully closed) to 100% (fully open.) SmartHome sells factory direct to HVAC professionals nationwide. (Smart home) Home Automation Products,

Remote Lighting Control

Plug-in Easy

lighting assemblyAnchor: lights Representing the lowest barrier to entry, plug-in devices usually connect between your existing lamp and the wall outlet, functioning as a remote control for the attached light. For these devices to work, you leave the switch on your lamp permanently in the On position – the plug-in module will deal with turning the lamp on and off. In just a few minutes, you can remotely control a few lamps in your living room, bedroom or any location where your light fixtures plug into a power outlet. (Smart home)

Dimmable Lights

If your lamps use dimmable bulbs, a plug-in dimmer module lets you not only control if the light is on or off, but the brightness, too. Do check your bulbs, though, as many CFL and LED bulbs are not compatible with dimmers.

Non-dimming Lights

Most bulbs purchased today are not inherently compatible with dimmers. Chances are, if you use CFL or LED bulbs, an On/Off Module would be a better choice. You won’t get nifty dimming features but you also won’t have to replace all of your bulbs.

LED Bulb Replacement

If you’re looking to replace your aging incandescent bulbs, you can opt for a controllable LED Bulb instead. With these bulbs, you get all of the benefits of a plug-in dimmer module and a bright, energy-efficient light bulb. (Smart home)

Add Some Control

Plug-in devices on their own don’t go very far; you still need a way to actually control your newly-controllable lamps. Depending on your needs, you can use something as simple as a wireless remote or something as advanced as your computer

Painless Remote Control

It might seem decidedly old school, but Mini Remote is a great way to control plug-in devices. With a few taps to link your plug-in modules and Mini Remote, you can brighten and dim (or turn on and off) your plug-in lamps from anywhere in your home.

Automatic Lighting Control

Adding a Motion Sensor introduces some automation into your budding smart home. A few taps to link your devices together an Motion Sensor will automatically turn on your plug-in lamps when you enter a room and off when you leave.

Smartphone Remote Control

Now you’re starting to explore the high-end: control of your home from your smartphone. The Insteon Hub acts as a bridge between your smartphone or tablet and your plug-in devices, letting you control and configure them from almost any mobile device. Home Automation Products

Wire-in Benefits

Taking it up a notch, wire-in devices give you control of hardwired lighting throughout your home. Most wire-in devices take the form of light switches but others are available including multi-button keypads and wall outlets. Just like with plug-in modules, multiple types are available based on the type of lighting you intend to control – primarily dimmable and non-dimmable. While a plug-in module can be installed in seconds without any experience, wire-in devices require a bit more effort. Most home owners can install a replacement connected light switch in less than 20 minutes but your mileage may vary depending on your home’s wiring, your familiarity with household electrical and the sophistication of your automation desires.

Spouse-Friendly Switch

By far our most popular seller, connected wall switches give you remote control over your home’s recessed lights, chandeliers and sconces. Because they replace a wall switch, you can still control the fixture just as you always have.

Wire-in Plug-in Module

Like plug-in modules, connected wall outlets excel at controlling devices that need to be plugged in with the added benefit of being practically indistinguishable from a regular outlet

Multi-device Control

Keypads replace your existing wall switches and add extra buttons to control additional devices throughout your home. There’s still a button dedicated to the hardwired light, but the additional buttons can be configured to control anything in your home.

Advanced Wire-in

When you’re ready to jump off into the deep end of wire-in control, there are all manner of devices that give you control of less-than-standard lighting. These devices are usually for the automation enthusiast who is already controlling their home with a smartphone or computer but that doesn’t preclude their use in more humble setups. Like wall switches and outlets, these devices require familiarity with household wiring and may take more effort to install than simply replacing a light switch. If you’re imagination is open to the possibilities, these devices offer a completely different level of custom automation. Home Automation Products

Automate Existing Switches

Micro modules install inside of a light fixture – either behind the switch or inside of the junction box where your fixture is mounted. With a micro module, you can add automation smarts to your existing light switches, whether they are regular toggle switches or vintage antiques.

Remotely monitor and control your garage door

Garage Automation AssemblyAnchor: garage Know if you accidentally left the garage door open and remotely close it if necessary. When the SmartHome Garage Control & Status Kit is used with the SmartHome Hub, you will always know whether you forgot to close the door to the garage.

Remote Control
Whether for convenience or security, your smart phone and tablet allow you to control your garage door from anywhere you may be through the SmartHome App.

Instant Alert
With SmartHome Garage Door Control & Status Kit, you can receive instant alerts via email or notifications the moment the door is opened. Requires the SmartHome Hub and a home internet connection.

How It Works
I/O Linc’s output relay wires to your garage door motor just like your existing button, allowing you to remotely operate your garage. The included garage door sensor mounts to the garage door and is wired directly to I/O Linc’s sensor input. Receive instant alerts when using the Insteon Hub (sold separately).

Yard irrigation:
Sprinkler systems, foundation watering & Irrigation systems

Anchor: sprinklers Highest-rated, best-selling. The smart watering category leader, overwhelmingly recommended by users.
Easy to control anywhere, anytime. Get complete access to monitor and adjust your sprinkler system from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Automatically adapts for weather. Rachio continuously adapts to local weather forecasts and changing seasons, automatically optimizing watering schedules.

Save water and money. Save up to 50% of your outdoor water use while keeping your plants healthy. EPA WaterSense Certified, eligible for rebate options up to 100% of retail value.

Water with precision. Rachio uses specific yard details, advanced watering algorithms and proven irrigation science to create accurate schedules customized to the particular needs of your yard.

Connect with top smart home platforms. Extend your smart home out into the yard. Rachio directly integrates with the best-connected home platforms (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Nest, and more), so you have more options and more control. Smart Home Technology Home Automation. Home Automation Products

Perhaps the most overwhelming thing about the smart home revolution is the fact that so many of these new gadgets come with their own separate apps and control hubs. If you buy more than one or two, you’ll end up needing a whole bookcase to store all of the blinking control centers plugged into your router, not to mention the fact that your various automation rules and schedules will probably be scattered across several different apps and websites. Wasn’t home automation supposed to make things easier?

It’s a reality that’s created a bit of a jump ball in home automation: whichever hub can best consolidate all of these smart devices into a single, dependable system — complete with a killer app — is going to be positioned especially well as the connected home continues to move into the mainstream. With several multipurpose smart hubs already out there, and even more coming on the horizon, here are the ones we’ve been keeping tabs on. Anchor: smart home 

Smart Home Hubs:
The Brains of the operation

No clowning around — this funny-looking gizmo wants to manage all of your connected devices, and it promises voice controls, to boot. A crowdfunding hit from Netherlands-based start-up Athom, Homey recently raised more than twice the amount of money it was seeking on Kickstarter from supporters around the world. Of course, it won’t be shipping out to them until April of next year at the earliest, but still, Homey is a hub we’ll be keeping an eye on. Read our first take of Homey.

Insteon Hub
We found a lot to like with Insteon’s comprehensive, fee-free network of home automation devices when we reviewed the system last year, but we thought that the veteran smart home network needed more in order to remain competitive. Enter Microsoft. In May, the tech titan announced that it would be teaming up with Insteon to bring smart home controls straight into the Live Tiles of phones, tablets, and PCs running Windows 8, and to bring a plethora of kits and devices (pricing varies) directly into Microsoft retail outlets. It’s a smart home marriage that has us intrigued, and it might be just the jolt this automation old dog needed. Read our full review of the Insteon Hub.

Lutron Smart Bridge
New this summer in the US, Canada, and Mexico, the Lutron Smart Bridge transforms Caseta Wireless plug-in lamp dimmers, Pico remote controls, and Serena battery-powered window shades into Wi-Fi-enabled home automation products. Moving forward, there’s plans to support products like the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, too. Read our review of the Lutron Smart Bridge.

Revolv Smart Home Solution
Revolv, currently available only in the US, scores big for its fun, funky design and its playful app. Plug one in at home, and you’ll be able to control your smart lights, smart locks, connected thermostats, wireless cameras, and more, all from within a single ecosystem. We also love the way Revolv incorporates geofencing to trigger your automations as you come and go. The only problem: at a price of $300 (which converts to £175/AU$320), Revolv is competing with a new generation of hubs that make similar performance claims — and cost a lot less. Read our review of the Revolv Smart Home Solution.

SmartThings is the rare crowdfunding success story that managed to live up to the hype. With a wide array of sensors for monitoring activity around the home and a robust, growing list of third-party device support, this is a powerful system with a lot to offer, especially if you’re willing to get creative. International shipping beyond the US and Canada isn’t available just yet. Read our review of SmartThings.

Staples Connect Hub (D-Link Edition)
We liked what we saw from the original Staples Connect Hub last year, and this year, the retail giant is taking another big step into the smart home. The new D-Link version of the hub retails for $80 (which converts to and boasts a bold, eye-catching new design, along with added support for Zigbee and Bluetooth LE-based devices. Staples will roll out the new flagship device into 500 stores across the US, while cutting the price of the original Linksys model down from $100 to $50 (converted to £30/AU$55). Read our first take of the Staples Connect Hub (D-Link Edition).

Wink Hub
It’s been a busy year so far for the Wink brand, with the launch of Quirky-branded smart home products ranging from connected air conditioners to app-enabled egg trays. Now, the Wink name is stepping out on its own from under the Quirky umbrella with the $50 (converted to £30/AU$55) Wink Hub, available now in Home Depots across the US. Along with controlling those aforementioned Quirky devices, the Wink Hub promises to wrangle popular third-party gadgets from big brands like Honeywell, Kwikset, and Lutron, as well as notable products like Philips Hue LEDs and the Dropcam Pro. Like the significantly more expensive Revolv Smart Home Solution, you won’t need to keep it plugged into your router — a nice flexibility perk over other hubs

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