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Foundation Watering & Irrigation, Foundation Irrigation – Plano Texas – Expansive soils act like a sponge. As they absorb water, they swell, and as they lose water they shrink. Soils tend to dry out (and shrink) during the summer and to absorb water (and swell) during the winter and spring. As the soil under a house shrinks and swells with the seasons, the house and foundation will move up and down. The last thing you want happening to your foundation is movement, movement is bad, stability is good and a properly hydrated foundation is a happy foundation.   Visit our website at for more information.

According to the TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission):  Foundations on clay -based soils require adequate and evenly-distributed moisture around the perimeter of the foundation to prevent excessive movement. Trees and shrubbery can cause foundation damage when growing too close. Water should not be permitted to erode the soil or to pond alongside or under any part of the foundation. Depending on the design and construction of a pier and beam or slab on grade foundation, periodic leveling may be required.As long as the foundation movement is not great enough to damage the house and/or foundation, it is not a problem.

If the up and down movement of a foundation always returns the foundation to its original level position, then damage to the house and foundation may appear and disappear on a regular basis as the seasons change. This constant movement can leave you needing someone like a quality foundation company

If a homeowner wishes to stop seasonal house and foundation damage, the first course of action should be to follow a controlled watering program. By keeping the moisture content of the soil under the foundation constant, foundation movement can often be stopped. However, should the foundation already be damaged to the point it could be declared unsafe, it would be a bonafide company. All repairs should be carried out before watering. Foundation Watering – Plano Texas, Foundation Irrigation

Foundation Watering – Plano Texas, Drip Watering System

The best way to water a foundation is to install a foundation watering system. If you do not want to go to the expense of installing a drip irrigation watering system, soaker hoses will provide you with many of the same benefits. The best way to use a watering system is to place a perforated polyethylene pipe 3″ to 6″ from the foundation.  The hose is placed above ground so percolation can occur from the top down.  Most experts agree that burying a hose creates problems and does not provide adequate hydration.  We do not use soaker hoses as they deteriorate over a very short period.   Foundation Irrigation

The best way to install a foundation watering system is to call Plano Texas Handyman for an automated drip irrigation system. Most systems can be installed for s little as $700 and would include items:
1. Automated battery operated timer to keep a regular watering and hands free system.
2. Drip irrigation (perforated poly pipe) hose placed around the perimeter of the foundation

This system can be programmed to water the foundation anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours per session, and intervals of 1 session per: every 6 hours, very 8 hours, every 12 hours, every 24 hours, every 48 hours, every 3 days. It will keep your foundation moist with little effort. Foundation Watering – Plano Texas

WIFI Faucet ControllerWIFI (wireless) Option – If you really want to automate your drip irrigation system, you can add a Melnor WIFI enabled watering timer that can be accessed with your Smartphone . This option will add approximately $300 to the investment.

– Control from anywhere you have internet access
– Push-button control watering at the faucet
– Water 4 areas with one faucet. Please refer the product video before use
– Easily add a second faucet unit to water 4 more areas
– Works with Milnor’s Aqua Sentry Automatic Rain Delay for total watering automation

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: For installation: You must have internet access and a WiFi router in your home along with either an Apple iPhone/iPad running iOS 6.1 or higher; or smartphone/tablet running Android 4.0 or higher. The device must have access to your wireless network. May not work with some Apple routers. For Programming and Account Management: You can program and manage your WiFi AquaTimer from any web browser that has internet access. This can be done from most smartphones, tablets or computers using standard browser software like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. This product is approved for sale in the U.S.A. and Canada only.
The hose Could be placed against the foundation but the most desirable position is 4 – 6 inches out but this is the most obtrusive position.

When soil has dried and cracked, water can travel along the cracks for several feet in all directions. If the soil around your foundation is dried and cracked, then water placed next to the foundation will run through the cracks and accumulate at the bottom of the grade beam (the thick portion of the foundation that is under the exterior walls). In some cases, an accumulation of water in the soil at the base of a foundation can cause the soil to loose some of its load bearing capacity. If the soil loses enough load bearing capacity, the house will sink into the ground. Obviously, it is necessary to water more during hot, dry weather and less during cold, damp weather. Foundation Watering – Plano Texas, Foundation Irrigation

The amount of water required to keep a foundation stable during the summer can be surprisingly large. A single large tree can remove as much as 150 gallons of water, or almost 20 cubic feet of water, from the soil each day. Shrubs and other plants can also remove large quantities of water. During persistent hot dry weather, it may be necessary to water a foundation daily. Foundation Watering – Plano Texas

Watering should supply enough water to keep the moisture content in the soil under the foundation constant.

If the amount of water applied is only enough to keep the surface damp, the watering program will not work. Obviously, the homeowner is the only one who can weight the benefits of controlling foundation movement versus the increased size of the water bill.

You’ve found the telltale foundation problem signs so how do you set up a foundation watering system? There are several ways to go. The most common is a foundation watering soaker hose system. Foundation Watering – Plano Texas, Foundation Irrigation

Water more during hot, dry weather and less during cold, damp weather. The goal is to maintain a constant moisture level in the soil so that soil below the surface is damp – not soggy and not dry.

Start in the dry summer months with a daily watering regime.
With the current drought, you should water at least 2 hours a day. It is best to water at night to reduce water loss to evaporation. Foundation Watering – Plano Texas, Foundation Irrigation

TIP: Use a screwdriver as a quick test to see if you need more or less water. Stick the screwdriver into the soil. Water more if it comes up dry. Water less if it comes up caked in mud. TIP: Review the trees around the building. A single large tree can remove as much as 150 gallons of water, or almost 20 cubic feet of water, from the soil each day. Shrubs and other plants can also remove large quantities of water. Roots under your foundations can cause foundation damage by drying out the soil under your foundation and causing your foundation to settle.
Soils dry out during cold, dry months so remember to water during dry spells in the cold months. Foundation Watering – Plano Texas

TIP: If using a timer, adjust the timer for season changes in moisture. Remember to turn it off after a good rain or snow and then to turn it back on when it starts to dry out again. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 to discuss the installation of your Drip Irrigation System. Visit our website at for more information.