Fireplace Remodel Increase Home Value

Fireplace Remodel Increase Home Value – Are you tired of looking at an unattractive fireplace? As the natural focal point of a room, the fireplace has a big impact on the style and mood of the space it is in. If your home has an outdated fireplace or a fireplace design that clashes with your décor, you don’t have to settle for it. Updating the fireplace surround is a simple and affordable solution, that can cost you anywhere from $2000 to $5000 and this single home improvement project will revitalize the look of your fireplace and change the atmosphere of the room without the cost and hassle of a complete fireplace remodel. Of course, your home’s value will not be improved with just a working fireplace, the heating services all around the house must also be to a high standard. Many places provide this service like ‘Complete Comfort Plumbing Heating & Air’ ( in order to fit the best heating services for a higher value for your home. That being said if you have a shoddy fireplace it is not going to improve the value, so these two things have to go hand in hand.

Fireplace Remodel

Fireplace  – Before

Fireplace Remodel

Fireplace – After

A Fireplace Remodel can Increase Home Value – Consider the two pictures to the left.  The one on the far left is the before picture of a traditional boring and extremely ugly fireplace.  The picture on the right is the same fireplace after a $2500 renovation. For the hearth, we customized a slab of granite, then we added a split faced, dry stacked travertine stone to the face with a fresh coat of white enamel paint to the surround.  POW!  You have a state of the art, designer fireplace for a few bucks that will add double the value to the home.  Enjoy your New Fireplace!!!!

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Simple changes to the exterior of your fireplace can completely change the look of a room. You can make your home feel more like a rustic cabin or a Manhattan apartment simply by changing the exterior face of your fireplace. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, this small investment can give you a big return on your investment.

Popular Ways to Update the Look of Your Fireplace

Replace or Extend the Fireplace Mantle

The mantle is the decorative framework around the fireplace. Mantles are easy to remove and install. A mantle can be as simple as a shelf over the hearth or as elaborate as a carved framework that surrounds the fireplace and extends to the ceiling. You can find mantels in every style from rustic to traditional and classic to modern.

Resurface the Face of the Fireplace with Tile, Stone or Marble

If you don’t like the look of the brick or stone that your fireplace was built with, you can have it resurfaced with tile, stone or marble. Resurfacing your fireplace is far less expensive than a complete remodel because the new materials are laid on top of the old materials (with an appropriate layer in between, such as a metal lath, which the new material adheres to). It can make your fireplace look brand new and you can get it quickly done by Do It All Contracting Ltd.

Raise the Hearth Platform

If you are unhappy with your fireplace because it doesn’t make enough of an architectural statement, raising the hearth platform might be the right solution. A simple, corner fireplace that seems to blend into the wall will stand out more with a raised hearth platform. Painting the wall a contrasting color or choosing contrasting tiles or bricks to resurface the face of the fireplace can make it pop even more.

It is good to keep in mind that tackling a fireplace renovation can be a headache and a safety risk if you aren’t a professional contractor. Even a fireplace surround must meet local codes. Installing materials improperly or accidentally choosing the wrong materials could result in a future house fire. That is why it’s smart to call in professionals. You can enjoy our beautiful summer in Colorado while they can transform your outdated fireplace into the fireplace of your dreams. Now is the best time to schedule an appointment before the cold weather sets in.

If you are looking for inspiration, stop by our showroom in Conifer, CO! You can see a wide variety of mantles, surround and resurfacing materials. Our fireplace experts can answer all of your questions and walk you through the remodeling process.

Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities.  Fireplace Renovation.  Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream.  Call Ted today to discuss your project.  Fireplace Renovation.  Fireplace Remodel Increase Home Value.  Fireplace Remodel.  You can also email me at