Commercial Property Maintenance

Our Commercial building maintenance program includes a full range of services at an hourly rate basis which translates to huge maintenance savings, we do not offer monthly plans simply because they are costly to the client. We cover virtually any general and specialized technical tasks that you request, including plus other services like: Home Builder Services, and Commercial Security Camera Installations

  • Sloan toilet valve repairs and battery replacement service.
  • Zurn toilet valve repairs and battery replacement.
  • Hair salon maintenance and repairs, Hair Salons, Salon Suites and commercial suites.
  • High definition security camera installation.
  • Simple commercial roofing repairs.
  • Door closer replacement and commercial hardware installations.
  • High definition TV mounting and cabling.
  • Wireless access controls
  • Cat6 cable installations, Cat5 cable installations, video balun installation (cabling).
  • T-Bar Ceiling and Tile Repairs and suspended tile ceiling repairs..
  • HVAC filter replacement.
  • LED light bulb replacement.
  • T5 fluorescent bulb replacement, T8 fluorescent bulb replacement, T12 fluorescent bulb replacement.
  • Cable control.
  • Touch-up painting.
  • Commercial door stop installation, door hardware installations.
  • Banner hanging and picture hanging.

Current customers include Harbor Properties, A-Suite Salons, Sean David Salons, Gemini Investments, Apcon Solutions for Networks, My Suite Salons, Hallmark Insurance, Fidelity National, Oceans Healthcare, Tate Investments, and many others. Plano Commercial Property Maintenance

Local Commercial Services, Repairs and Maintenance in Dallas, call to discuss our service platform for you commercial building with prompt and professional service – 214-507-3415.

Plano Texas Handyman is a convenient and economical resource to call when maintenance problems occur. We can assist your team or handle projects from start to finish, drawing on our experience with hundreds of previous maintenance issues. Whether its a big job or a small list of tasks, we can help. A ceiling tile here, a paint scrape there – before you know it, the list has surpassed your available time. Call Plano Texas Handyman today to discuss your commercial maintenance needs at 214-507-3415.

Plano Texas Handyman offers a full-range of commercial property repairs. Call or text 214-507-3415 for more information. When you call our company, you know you are in good hands as we have extensive experience in this type of repairs and maintenance. Plano Commercial Property Maintenance 

We serve customers that range from strip mall locations to convenience stores. If you need repairs performed or just want to schedule preventative maintenance in line with rental property management. Our technicians can perform repair, maintenance, and improvement services to buildings that range from fine dining restaurants to fast food joints to coffee houses and even donut shops. For commercial roof repairs, you’ll need help from one of the best commercial roofers to ensure that you’re getting the best service.

We perform the repairs and improvements you need so you can focus on what’s important: your patients. Do you need repairs or improvements made around your small business or corporate office? Plano Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial Property Repairs – Plano Texas Handyman offers a full-range of building property repairs. Call or text 214-507-3415 for more information. Visit our website for all of our capabilities. When you call our company, you know you are in good hands as we have extensive experience in commercial property repairs.Your single source for all your companies light commercial property maintenance. Facility Repair Services wants you to maintain control of your service and billing environment and facility repair. Commercial Property Maintenance