Construction Camera Project Management

Construction Camera Project Management

Construction Camera Project Management

Construction Camera Project Management – Project managers are not the only team members responsible for managing various aspects of construction projects but a critical component in project profitability.. General contractors, project owners – and their teams – are all involved in making decisions that affect quality, costs and timelines on any project. Project management software that provides time-lapse capabilities, a well-organized photographic record, and live video serves the interests of all these roles by enabling them to see, track and document jobsite activity even when they’re not at the site. Companies similar to Primus Building (https://www.primusbuilders.coactivities hear, use similar technologies to keep track of the activies on their worksites.

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A construction camera system should not be considered a spy system, but a management tool to improve project management, construction site communication, supplier communication, quality control, progress and scheduling, and improved project profits. If you’re thinking of starting a construction company, make sure you look into insurance for tradesman.


Imagine that a general contractor or project manager at the construction site is called over to weigh in on an issue discovered by one of the trades. He’s not going to walk over, close his eyes and listen to a description of the problem. He’s going to look at it. He’s going to see what’s going on in order to make an informed decision about how it needs to be handled.

But what if he’s not at the site? Work might be delayed until he can get there or the problem is addressed in a volley of phone calls, voice messages, emails and texts – kind of like listening to a description with eyes closed. Getting a correct and complete read on the issue will depend on how well everyone involved communicates, and any miscommunication or misinterpretation about the problem and the solution can result in costly errors and delays.

A construction camera overcomes this kind of communication pitfall by providing remote jobsite visibility through high-resolution still photos and live video. This requires best camera for landscape or any other kind of earthworks to ensure the visibility is open to any who need to access it (check this out if you’re looking for a system for that). Whether they’re five miles or 500 miles away from the site, everyone involved can see the work in question and be sure they’re all on the same page when addressing the problem. A user-friendly image archive also allows quick research into the origins and scope of the problem, lending insight and confidence in how it’s resolved. Construction Camera Project Management


A construction camera makes it easy for teams to keep on top of quality and see if it’s safe to live there
from office computers, laptops and mobile devices. It takes just a minute or two to access the latest images of work done, zoom in on them and verify that work is being done according to plan. And if it isn’t, the ability the monitor quality frequently means that any errors can be caught and corrected early, thereby minimizing costs and delays.


Scheduling equipment, crews and materials is tough, especially when so many things can derail even the most realistic timelines. Automatic time-lapse movies and up-to-date high-resolution images give teams the ability to constantly and easily monitor progress at the site. By being able to more accurately predict whether a project is on track for achieving certain milestones, crews, equipment and material deliveries can be scheduled and sequenced more efficiently. Construction Camera Project Management


A construction camera doesn’t replace the need for jobsite visits, and it isn’t intended to. Instead, it enables teams to make smart decisions about when investing the time and expense to visit a site is warranted and when a project can be monitored and managed just as effectively remotely.

This makes managing multiple projects at the same, and managing them well, doable. When each project has a camera documenting it, a project manager can monitor and track them remotely. When a project does call for a site visit, the PM can be there and still stay on top of the quality and progress of the other projects. Construction Camera Project Management


Though some cameras provide both still photos and live video, still photos are by far the better way to capture projects. Live video is useful when a PM or GC (or anyone else) needs to see action as its taking place, and it’s a good option to have. But overwhelmingly it’s the still high-resolution photos that provide the information, details and ready accessibility users need. They are also what time-lapse construction movies are made from.

  • Super High Definition
  • POE design
  • NEMA enclosures
  • Economic design

The camera should take and transmit images at least every 15 minutes .This interval is more than sufficient to document the important developments and changes in a build or on a jobsite. The images should be high-resolution (from six to 50 megapixels) and automatically stamped with date, time and data on weather conditions at the construction site. Construction Camera Project Management

The construction camera interface (also known as the user interface) is what enables users to access, view, and interact with the images. The interface should work with smartphones and tablets, as well as office workstations and laptops. Look for features that make it easy to locate and view images from any date and time throughout the project and for the ability to generate time-lapse movies. Built-in time-lapse technologies can include automatic generation, in which the program automatically selects the images and time frame for the time-lapse, and a custom option that lets the user set key parameters to guide time-lapse generation. Construction Camera Project Management

Finally, while the value a camera brings to a project lies in enabling off-site monitoring and management, how it impacts the site is important too. It should be easy to deploy and require little to no attention from crews at the site after that.

Contact Ted at Monarc Technology to understand the benefits and ways we can improve project management. Call Monarc Technology at 214-507-3415 or visit our website. Construction Camera Project Management

Top Reasons Why You Need A Home Surveillance System

Home Cameras - Plano Installation

Top Reasons Why You Need A Home Surveillance System – With the advancement of the technology and the reducing prices of the cameras and other electronic devices, home video surveillance installation has become a common household option. It was just a decade back that such a system was a high tech luxury to a multimillionaire’s mansion.

On the other hand, crime is always on the rise and no one wishes to be left out of any possible protection. People may choose a home video surveillance system for many reasons. Here are five of the top reasons for you to have one for your own house.  Technology is a double-edged sword. While innovation and upgrades can have several benefits for us, they can also be used to cause trouble.

The majority of us reap its advantages, but a few with vested interests continue to abuse it and make the lives for the rest of us miserable.  The security camera is one of the wonders of modern technology, which is used at homes as well as in offices. It has few drawbacks as well.

The advantages, however, outnumber the disadvantages, and this revolutionary equipment continues to be popular with those serious about keeping their loved ones and assets safe and secure. If you’re thinking of installing security cameras at your home or office, but are still in two minds, this post should help clear your confusion.

Feel safe and sleep tight

Most people are afraid of being robbed. It may not be a phobia (such as Harpaxophobia- Fear of being robbed or Scelerophibia- Fear of bad men, burglars) but once in awhile you may also wake up in the middle of the night from a sudden noise. Then you will find it hard to go to sleep without making sure that no one has entered the house. A home surveillance system will be the perfect answer to such worries. With such a system installed, you may visualize the front door, back door and any other possible entry points from the comfort of your bedroom. You can even pay a fee to a security firm and have them monitor the house using your surveillance system all day long. It may cost a bit, but the secure feeling you get from such a system is priceless.

Discourage potential burglars

You may not want to catch criminals and produce them before courts as a service to the community. All you want is to discourage potential criminals from attempting a burglary. If you can install a surveillance system with visible cameras, burglars may very well look for other targets. Some people use dummy cameras for this purpose. These are non-functioning cameras with beeping red lights that give a very close resemblance to real cameras. Only an expert on the close inspection can tell the difference. So, if there are original cameras things get much better.

As court evidence

Most of the time, people get robbed but the burglars leave no trace behind. With a remote home surveillance system you will have hard evidence against the burglars which can be produced before courts. The law enforcement agencies will trace the culprits using your videos. A remote system will record the videos at a distant location so that the burglars will not a stand a chance of destroying any recorded data, even if they turn your house upside down.

Nanny cameras

Some parents can never be fully assured unless they have a direct view of their children; nanny camera is the answer to such anxious parents. You can install a nanny camera at your child’s room and monitor the activities from your mobile, tablet or laptop even if you are many miles away. You will catch an unattended child, a nanny abusing your child or any other emergency at home and have options to act on accordingly.

Stay informed

Other than the advantages given above, some people just want to stay informed. They prefer to know who’s by the front door before they walk out from their bedroom. If you feel the same then you may appreciate a surveillance system which shows you who are walking through the gate and who are standing by the door long before you stand up from your chair. Advantages of a home surveillance system are many. In the modern world you will never be fully secured without one. And with the current prices one has little argument for not having one either. So buy a home surveillance system today, if you are one of the few people not to have one already gained immense popularity as an effective security measure, thanks to the plethora of benefits it offers.


1. Deter Crime
This is the biggest and the most obvious benefit of installing security cameras. Once they are placed, you will be able to see their effect on people almost immediately. Even if they are placed discreetly, you will start feeling a sense of security, which is priceless. Whether you install the cameras in your home or at the workplace, you can prevent crime from occurring. The mere sight of the camera staring back at them, and the sheer thought of getting caught red-handed are intimidating enough for mischief-makers to be on their best behavior as they would know that their identity and illegal activity have been captured. Whether you’re experiencing problems related to theft, punctuality, or productivity, your security camera can provide you with the solutions. It empowers you and prevents your home and office from becoming easy targets.

2. Monitor Scenarios and Activities
It is extremely easy to work with security camera systems as they can be placed anywhere as long as there is a power source close by. They come in all shapes and sizes; some are tiny enough to be hidden in plants, pictures, photo frames, etc. Depending on your needs you can buy either hidden cameras or mountable ones. Never let anyone or anything suspicious out of your sight with security cameras. And while it is recommended that you avoid buying dummy cameras, one cannot stress enough on the importance of fixing real cameras as a solid security measure. Criminals are smart and dummy cameras give themselves away, so there’s really no point in having them. Real cameras, on the other hand, are extremely helpful as they enable you to monitor the activities of people visiting your home and office as well as the goings-on at these places. This is a great way to detect suspicious people and keep tabs on their activities.

3. Arrive at the Right Decisions
Footage from security cameras can help you make correct and fair decisions when settling disputes, both in domestic as well as professional scenarios. Whether it is dealing with a situation involving disagreements within your family, among your employees, or between a customer and your service staff, your doubts can be laid to rest with the help of your camera. Incorrect, inappropriate or fabricated claims made by customers or other authorities can be sorted out when you make your security camera your ally.

4. Maintain Records
So you got to know of something that happened outside your home or office about a fortnight ago and curiosity is getting the better of you? You can douse it by simply looking up your security records. Cameras record and document everything they see systematically, i.e. as per the date and the time of the event. Whether it is a crime or a minor tiff, your camera chronicles it, thereby making it easy for you to investigate the actual happenings.

1. Privacy Is an Issue
There have been a few instances in the past where security cameras have stirred up controversies, especially in professional setups. There have been cases where employees have objected to being under constant surveillance without their permission and citing the ‘invasion of privacy’ as the reason. A few have also resorted to taking legal action against their employers in relation to this. Critics of security camera systems have taken offense to them being placed in offices and argued that doing so implies that the employer has either already assumed or is convinced that his employees are up to no good and will do something wrong which is why their activities need to be recorded.

2. It Can be a Costly Affair|
While dummy cameras may not be expensive, the real ones costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on the features and the number of cameras and monitoring systems you buy. Getting them installed and their maintenance means added costs. If you’re thinking of installing them yourself, lay that idea to rest unless you have good knowledge of wiring systems or you may end up damaging the cameras.

3. They Can be Vulnerable
When we, as users of security cameras, try to keep ourselves updated on the latest in security systems, we should not forget that intruders and criminals are doing the same too. A clever trespasser will probably know all about them and may have figured out a way to go undetected. Further, tech-savvy criminals might have understood the technology and worked out ways to disable/disconnect them from their power source. Plus, if he detects your cameras as fake/dummies, they can be utterly useless in any crime prevention. In worst cases, hackers can play havoc with your security camera system by using the Internet and use them to spy on you instead. This makes security cameras vulnerable to damage and/or misuse.

4. Can’t Stop Theft
Cameras enable users to record footage for later viewing, and to help nab criminals, and receive justice from the law. They cannot, however, stop a crime when it is in progress. They do not alert neighbors or the police like an alarm system would. This means that you will incur losses even as you run to the court, make insurance claims and reorder stolen inventory, which may no longer make you feel absolutely safe and even cause you to lose faith in them.

Before making the important decision of installing security camera systems, it is better to be equipped with complete knowledge about them, as that will enable you to make an informed decision and help you choose a camera that fulfills your needs and expectations. Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons of setting up this technological marvel, you will feel better about your choice.

Community Camera and Surveillance Systems

Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays

Community Camera and Surveillance Systems – One of the most popular types of communities in the United States is the gated community with limited access. This is where people can live in peace because their entire community is surrounded by a wall, with a gate at the front entrance and also sometimes as rear gated entrance as well. Some have security guards at the front of these communities, while others do not. The fact of the matter is that not all communities have 10′ walls along with guarded access. So what is the solution? Community Camera and Surveillance Systems. The world has become a virtual reality video camera and everywhere you look, most likely you are being recorded, in a Walmart parking lot, in any business establishment, government buildings, public building, most anywhere. WHY NOT your neighborhood or community? Community Camera and Surveillance Systems, Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman – 214-507-3415 for more information on your Community Camera and Surveillance Systems.

By setting up security cameras, DVRs and remote viewing capabilities in the surveillance system, home owner associations get a ‘virtual security guard’. With the security cameras, those who want to try and sneak into the community will be prevented the ability to do so because of the ‘eye in the sky’. As well, through remote viewing, the members of the gated community can keep an eye on the front in their spare time, turning the entire community into a ‘remote viewing neighborhood watch’. This is worth its weight in gold because it gets the community together for a common goal and it helps keep everyone safe, without the costs of a security guard. Of course, if you would feel safer with a security guard present, you can always look at contacting a houston tx security guard company, or one that is close to your neighborhood to hire a guard in conjunction with the cameras.

So how does a community camera program work and how does it interface with local police enforcement and authorities? Community Camera and Surveillance Systems, Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman – 214-507-3415 for more information on your Community Camera and Surveillance Systems.

I believe this is a wonderful program that allows our citizens and the police to work together to fight (and solve) crimes in our community. Here’s how the program works:

– No fee or permit is required
– Signing up is completely voluntary
– Community Camera and Surveillance Systems do NOT ask for or want monitoring access to your camera surveillance system
– You enhance the “eyes and ears” in the community and safety around your house 24/7

Now here’s an example of how you would use this:The police receives a report of a criminal offense in your neighborhood. The officers and detectives have access to a secure server where the registered residents are listed. If they believe, based on their investigation, that information may have been caught on your camera system, they will contact you and ask if you could review your recorded video during a specified time/date range. If you are able to see something of interest, they would ask that you make a copy for them to review. If you don’t have knowledge on how to burn a copy for us, we have a Digital Media Specialist that can assist, with your permission to do so. Community Camera and Surveillance Systems, Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman – 214-507-3415 for more information on your Community Camera and Surveillance Systems.

Pretty simple huh? Not only can cameras deter crime at your house, they can also assist in helping out your neighbors when crime hits your area. This program works! One example was awhile back when the police investigated and apprehended a bank robbery suspect. One of the citizens who had surveillance cameras in place contacted the police and after reviewing the video, contacted the police and advised he had information that may be relevant to the case. As it turns out, he did. The information his camera caught assisted us in identifying the suspect and his vehicle which had been parked in a nearby neighborhood.

Remember, this is a voluntary program but we want to encourage each of you that have or will be getting surveillance systems to be a part of this important crime-fighting program. If you still have questions about this, do not hesitate to contact me. I am a firm believer in anything that can enhance our partnership with you in keeping Plano a safe community and that is why I believe strongly in this program. Community Camera and Surveillance Systems, Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman – 214-507-3415 for more information on your Community Camera and Surveillance Systems.