Hot Dallas Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2016

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Kitchen / Bath Trends for 2016: There are trends and there are themes. The big themes we’ve been seeing for quite some time are clean lines, simple looks, and highly functional spaces. These apply to every aspect of our home makeover projects. It’s always good to be aware of the latest trends when picking out your Anzzi kitchen and bath fixtures so within those general themes, what are the trends you can expect in 2016 for Dallas kitchen and bath home makeover projects?

Kitchen Trends

Here are my three big trends for kitchens: White and Neutral Colors. The 2016 “color of the year” from all major paint companies focuses on neutral. Benjamin Moore has selected “simply white.” Behr says “ivory keys.” Sherwin Williams has chosen “alabaster.” Glidden is going with “cappuccino white.” You can see them at Color of the Year: Off-White Is on Trend for 2016 by Houzz. I can definitely attest to that with all the white cabinets alone that my team has installed over the past couple of years. So if you’ve been thinking of taking up some DIY kitchen redesign, then maybe consider standard size replacement kitchen doors in some white or off-white designs…the many types to choose from may just leave you spoiled for choice!

Professional Grade Appliances. We expect even more professional grade stoves, ovens, and refrigerators to be installed in our makeover kitchens. Appliance color trends are moving toward grays, blacks, and slates that contrast nicely with the neutral colors noted above.

Horizontal Cabinets. Horizontal cabinets are becoming a big part of the layout for kitchen cabinets. They allow easier access and provide a cleaner look. In addition, people are adding “smart cabinets” to store laptops and tablets along with cords and recharging outlets, as well as special holders so that you can follow a recipe directly from your phone or tablet. I like the article 7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Watch in 2016. If those aren’t enough, you can find even more kitchen trends at Kitchen Confidential: 9 Trends to Watch for in 2016.

Bath Trends

Here are my big three trends for baths: Soaking Tubs and Large Showers. This is a growing trend that we expect to continue throughout 2016. The variety and designs for freestanding soaking tubs are expanding and the large showers allow you to truly create a spa setting within your home. Modern Wall Tiles Large format tiles are quite popular right now. These come in different sheen, textures, and patterns that allow us to create a truly unique space. Even the typical subway tiles are getting an upgrade with more interesting and unique finishes. Black Nickel Fixtures. I like the look of new metals when used for faucets and shower hardware. These include black nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and warm colored copper. Try 2016 Bathroom Remodeling Trends for more thoughts along these lines. If those are still not enough trends for you, I recommend 20 Hot Bathroom Trends for 2016. It will get you thinking about what to incorporate in your makeover project

When it comes to home remodeling projects, bath upgrades continue to dominate, even over kitchen renovations. With so many resources and choices out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through the different options and styles on your own, so I’ve researched the topic for you.

Transitional and contemporary style bathrooms are gaining steam over traditional designs. Modern style baths tend to be popular among homeowners who are remodeling because they offer eye-catching features that are sure to impress. See what’s trending in 2016 so you’re prepared the next time you want to buy a home or update your bathroom.

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Emphasize A Focal Point, you walk in the room. Walk-in showers and freestanding tubs are two examples of how you can master this trend. Think of your bathroom focal point as a statement piece of clothing you’d wear to generate a reaction.

Showers with frame less heavy-glass enclosures have a designer appearance and deliver a spa-like luxury to the bath. Color, hardware, vanities and tubs are all ways to you can emphasize a main focal point in your bathroom. Surprisingly, new tubs can be installed at a fairly reasonable price.

Modern Metallics. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, updating your hardware is an effortless way to add visual interest and style to any room. Oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are two trendy metals that come in interesting and appealing colors and textures. Believe it or not, brass tones in a warm-colored copper are coming back to the bathroom scene. Updating your faucets and shower hardware will give you the look of a high-end bathroom at a low-end cost.

Light fixtures are no longer just for brightening up a room. They’re installed with the purpose of being seen. This includes pieces that are bold, large and full of personality. These days, you have a wide range of styles to choose from. We’re seeing anything from glamorous chandeliers made of crystals, to clusters of hand-blown globes or drum pendants made of metal. Ultimately, the decision is yours!