Hi-Tech Bathroom

Hi-Tech Bathroom

Hi-Tech Bathroom – Since those awkward teenage years, the bathroom has been a safe place for individuals of both the female and male persuasion: a private room to get on with your private business; a retreat from the family; an oasis from the outside world. More than simply a place to sh*t and shower, the bathroom is now a high-tech wonderland that can be calibrated and tricked out to your specifications and desires. There is also the high quality travel bidet that one can get these days.

Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your H-Tech bathroom which can be incorporated into any existing bathroom without breaking your budget. Visit our website for all our capabilities. Hi-Tech Bathroom

So throw out your ratty old bathmat and join us as we look at the top devices that will create the high-tech bathroom of your dreams.

Smart and ultra-thin Tv’s. Enjoy a super-bright LED screen with Freeview HD and built-in Smart TV. All you need is to get someone like Digitec (http://tvaerialswarrington.com/widnes/) to install an aerial and TV mount and you’ll be good to go! And that’s not all, the integrated Magic Eye IR Link system even lets you watch and control Sky, straight from the bathroom. Combining stunning design, superior construction and all the features you’ll need, our bathroom tv’s are suitable for use in showers, swimming pools, boats, saunas, Jacuzzi… in fact, just about any location where damp or water is an issue.

LED Showerheads: LED showerheads add a romantic ambience to your bathing routine, to check more designs or get this at your home, just hire experts contractors such as the bathroom installation dublin company. The LED lights built in to the shower-head change color depending on water temperature. You can also find LED taps that work in the same way and feature sensor technology to minimize water wastage and guards against germy tap handles.

Electronic Mirror defoggers: Just enjoyed a steamy shower for two and want to admire your companion in the vanity mirror? Sounds good to us too, except for that annoying fog that lingers and makes naked admiration impossible, not to mention the hassle of shaving in a steamed-up mirror. Now you can bypass these bothers by using specialized mirrors with defogging technology.

Towel warming drawer or towel warming rail: Avoid mid-winter after-shower shrinkage with a warming drawer or rail for towels. We prefer the drawer variety, as they are safer for those with kids about and provide better overall heating.

The App controlled bathroom: Smart phones rule our lives, and now they can rule the bathroom. There are a number of systems available that are controlled via an App on your phone or iPad/tablet. This means you can turn on the shower from bed to ensure the perfect temperature every time. You can also adjust the lighting, heating and music streamed through bathroom speakers. It seems the only thing these Apps can’t do is go to the toilet for you.

Stereo and Surround Sound Systems : There are a number of ways you can enjoy the radio, your favorite playlist or that audio book you’ve been meaning to listen to, and certain shower-heads double as waterproof speakers with Bluetooth capability. Another alternative is in-ceiling speakers, which generally provide better sound quality and reach.

Hands Free Soap dispensers: Germophobes rejoice. Hands-free soap dispensers are the latest in high-tech sanitation. The old hand-pump system has always seemed counterproductive to us, so ditch the pump and opt for a hands-free solution. Hi-Tech Bathroom

Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your H-Tech bathroom which can be incorporated into any existing bathroom without breaking your budget. Visit our website for all our capabilities. Hi-Tech Bathroom

Easy Home Improvements on a Budget

Easy Home Improvements on a Budget – A house may be made from wood, concrete, and steel but it is not an inanimate object. When a building is lived in by a family it becomes more than a house – it becomes a home. And a home an integral part of the family to the extent that it can take on a life and feel of its own. Be honest with yourself – how often have you thought of your home’s “feelings?” There’s no need to be embarrassed – everyone does it. And just like a living being, a home too can start to look stale and boring if it is not modified and altered once in a while. You may want to invest in some home improvements such as some shutters, you can visit sites such as https://www.shutter.co.uk/, or you could choose another site. However, if you want any other home improvements you can contact Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 for more information. Please Visit Plano Texas Handyman website to view and read about all of our capabilities. 1.Adding Value to Your Home Adding value to your home is always a marvelous idea, especially since it is your investment in the future and the legacy you will leave to your children – although they may not seem to appreciate it. There are two types of value you can add – the monetary kind that will bring you more money if you ever have to sell the house and the intangible value that comes from making the home a better place to live in. When thinking of home improvement always keep both values in mind. Home improvement that does not increase the selling price of your home or make it more comfortable to live in is a waste of time and money. If you have home improvement plans and are looking for suppliers of the materials you need and for sellers/renters of equipment needed for the project, details of the resources available to you in your area can be found online. If yours is a major project that that requires the services of professional interior designers and remodeling contractors – similar to roofing Chattanooga, the information you want can also be found using the power and capability of the Internet. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 1. Every home has different improvement needs and not all projects will suit all homes. The best way to begin is to identify where improvements can be made in your home or where you want to have some change. Once you have done this, use design magazines and go online to look for the solutions you need. The web offers a vast amount of resources and being able to surf the net for a legitimate purpose makes a nice change for most people. That being said, here are some generic home improvement projects that do not cost a lot of money and which can be done in most homes. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 2. The kitchen is the heart of the home and the one room that everyone uses. Because of the heavy use it is subjected to it can become tired looking and worn out very quickly. A rejuvenated kitchen will brighten up what whole house. You don’t need to spend vast amounts on new appliances and cabinets. Go to manufactures’ websites and you will often find that you can buy new doors for your cabinets and appliances at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. You can also receive Door Installation Denver services that make the process of purchasing new doors much easier. Alternatively, a few simple things such as changing cabinet hardware and applying a fresh coat of paint or stain to the woodwork can be very effective in giving the kitchen a new look. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget, Contact Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 for more information. 3. Light fixtures can be economical and changing them is usually not difficult. New lighting can give a room a completely new look. Eco friendly lights will give you the satisfaction of reducing your carbon footprint as well as lowering your electricity bill. Use simple easy to clean designs for light that are in places where cleaning them is difficult and not easy to do often. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 4. Floors bear the brunt of all the traffic in the house and they can become worn looking very quickly. Replacing flooring with new ecofriendly materials like bamboo is not only good for the environment but also not as expensive as you may think, especially if your DIY skills allow you to do the installation yourself. Carpets too have to put up with a lot of heavy use and can become dirty very quickly. If you rent a carpet shampooer and buy the cleaning agents required, you will be able to give new life to your carpets at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 5. Bathrooms are places where wear shows quickly. A few simple inexpensive things such as replacing chipped tiles, putting in new towel racks and changing a worn toilet seat can give the room a fresh look. If your budget extends to a new sink, that’s even better. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 6. Your front door is the first thing a visitor sees of your home. A worn out door with chipped paint and broken or loose handles creates a negative impression. A fresh coat of paint and some new hardware can give the door a new look which is another way to brighten up your home. If your budget is large enough, a few new lights on the front porch can make an even bigger change to the look and vibrancy of your home. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 7. An attic can be more than just a place to store things you don’t need but don’t have the heart to get rid of. Conduct an inventory of all that you have there, be ruthless in getting rid of junk and then put up shelves to hold what is left and what you think you will collect in the future. Partition off this area and you will find a large open space that you can use as you want. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget, Contact Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 for more information. 8. Don’t ignore the outside of the house. Redoing your garden requires little more than a shovel, a hoe and some seeds but the effect of fresh new shrubs and flowers can be huge. Sometimes it’s the smaller things that can make the biggest difference to the overall appearance of your garden. And if you’re someone who enjoys gardening, you may decide to maintain and upkeep these flowers so they can last longer. To do that, you may need to introduce something like these sheds storage buildings to accommodate all of your gardening tools, as well as using it for some extra storage space, which could be particularly useful if you’re renovating your home and garden. You should definitely consider shrubs and flowers if you want to spruce up your garden area. Why even have grass? If you live in a desert city such as Phoenix some out of towners like to move in and plant grass. Green in a brown environment does not look right. It is foolish and does not match the scenery. This is not even counting the fact that water is expensive in Phoenix because it is a desert. It is hilarious and worrisome that people insist on growing grass when it is a pain to cut and maintain and does not look right when you are the only one on the street that is trying to grow grass in the desert. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 9. Furthermore, and if you don’t have a big yard, why not install a few flower boxes? You can buy then at garden supply stores and they are not expensive. Most are easily fitted below windows and the scent of flowers and the bright colors can infuse warmth into a home. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 10. We tend to not really notice changes in things we see or come into contact with every day. Look around your home carefully and you will find areas that need improvement. Most of these fixes are simple jobs that don’t need a large wallet but will change your home of the better. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget 3.Make a House a Home Your house is probably the biggest investment you will make (for almost everyone, this is the case). Turning it into home that is a happy, secure, and comfortable place for the family to live is a major project. But maintaining a home is a never ending job and small home improvement projects that are easy to do and do not require a lot of money is one way of keeping your home comfortable and fresh looking. Easy Home Improvements on a Budget, Contact Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 for more information.

Bathroom Design Planning

Bathroom Design Planning

Bathroom Design Planning – It’s one of the first rooms we see in the morning and one of the last rooms we see at night. It’s certainly among the most private rooms in the house, and the finishes, fixtures and mechanical equipment required by even a simple bathroom place it among the most expensive real estate in the house – especially from credible services like https://newkitchenrenos.ca/bathroom-vanities/. Given the intimate nature of bathrooms and the frequency with which they are used, I think their design and detailing should also impart a measure of emotional well-being to their users. In this spirit, I offer ten suggestions for making a good bathroom that can enhance some of your everyday experiences. Please note: bathrooms require intricate planning and expertise from professionals when carrying out the technical aspects of the job. You may want to check it out online to get an understanding of what I’m talking about.

An entrance transition. Except for the so-called master bath, most bathrooms serve several users and need to be placed in a location central to these users, usually halfway between the private parts of the house and the more public parts. Don’t have a bathroom with multiple-door access. Bathroom Design Planning

Instead, create an entrance with a space outside the door — maybe an alcove off the hallway that gives some privacy from the main rooms or circulation area and with a little room inside the door before reaching the bathroom fixtures roomlike proportions. Too many bathrooms are simply hallways with the fixtures lining one side of the hall. It is hard to make a pleasant room of that shape. First, a good room is roughly square or rectangular with length-to-width proportions not exceeding 2:1. In almost every good room, there is a clear central space, a center with smaller spaces like alcoves around the edges. A bathroom can be designed by bathroom remodeling Baltimore using these principles in miniature. There can easily be a central space that contains the entry, with some elbow room for washing and drying off and with alcoves around the edges for the toilet, the shower or the tub. Bathroom Design Planning

A good window. Natural light and a view to the outside are important in the bathroom. Our first understanding of the weather and the general look of the day comes in the window. Ideally, windows are on at least two sides of the room to provide even daylighting. If privacy is an issue, make multiple windows face a courtyard garden, perhaps with an outdoor shower. If you have room for only one window, place it where it illuminates the portion of the room that you see when you enter. If you’re looking for a great window repair and replacement company, check out Window Replacement DC – Reston.

From the least intimate places to the most intimate places
Another principle that applies to residential design in general and to the bathroom in miniature is “the intimacy gradient.” Just as you locate the bedrooms the farthest from the front door, you should locate the most private part of the bathroom the greatest distance from the entry to the room. The most private part varies from family to family, with the toilet being the most private for some and the bath for others. Bathroom Design Planning

Borrowed views
In a small space such as a bathroom, it is difficult to get a direct view to the outside from each space. But it is possible to borrow the view across another space or another fixture. A shower is a good example. It needs to be enclosed with water-resistant materials. So a window in a shower with an exterior wall, particularly a beautiful wood window, is not an ideal candidate for part of a shower enclosure. There are a number of positions that the shower can take in the bathroom that will allow for a good view through a clear glass shower door.

Pay attention to vertical and horizontal dimensions
Certain minimum clearances around bathroom fixtures are required by every building code. My own experience is that you need about 36 in. of elbow room at the lavatory to use it comfortably. Its counter is typically between 31 in. and 34 in. high. The rule: You want the water to run off your wrists, not your elbows. A double-lavatory arrangement is mostly ornamental unless it has 6 ft. of counter space.

A toilet compartment is tight at the code minimum of 30 in., about right at 36 in. and a waste of space after that. In fact, after 40 in., you lose touch with the walls on each side and the sense of enclosure they provide. Although the minimum dimension for a shower stall is 30 in., it must also have no less than 1,024 sq. in. of finished interior area. This amount is really minimal, and I wouldn’t recommend less than 36 in. square, or a 30-in. by 48-in. rectangular shower if you can find the room…The standard length for a tub is 60 in., and many are 66 in. and 72 in. long. If you get a deep, rounded-back claw-foot type, you can easily be comfortable with a 54-in. or a 56-in. long tub unless you’re taller than 6 ft. I recommend, however, that you make an honest evaluation of whether you really ever use a tub and consider instead putting money into a nice shower. Bathroom Design Planning

Just as any good room benefits from a variety of ceiling heights, so does a good bathroom. Make the ceiling highest in the center, and lower it around tubs, showers, toilet alcoves and window seats.

Any small room like a bathroom can benefit from the visually expansive effects of horizontal lines. This is often seen in traditional bathrooms as a strong cap on top of wainscoting. The lower part of the wall is done in a water-resistant finish such as tile or enamel paint and is capped by a strong horizontal band with plaster or wallpaper above. This horizontal band combined with a baseboard and sometimes a crown molding at the ceiling adds horizontal lines that visually enlarge the perimeter of the room. Two vertical dimensions are often the subject of discussion and sometimes construction changes. The first is the height of sconces. I prefer a framed mirror above a lavatory with sconces on the side because they give the best light to the sides of the face and fewer shadows in the facial recesses than light from above the face. The height I use for sconces is the height of my client. Bathroom Design Planning

The last vertical dimension is one of those little details that gives me problems near the end of a project: the water supply to the toilet. Place it high enough, including the escutcheon, to be out of the baseboard. I’ve found that 10-1/2 in. is enough to clear all but the tallest baseboards and still leaves room for a flexible connection to the toilet tank.

Water-resistant finishes. There is probably nothing nicer than ceramic tile in a bathroom. Properly installed, it is a cleanable, water-resistant surface for floors, walls and shower enclosures. If a whole wall need not be water resistant, ceramic tile can also make a beautiful wainscot. On floors, it can be colder on the feet than other materials, such as wood, but a simple area rug or a more expensive heat pad under the tile can easily solve this objection. Too much tile can change the acoustics of a room, and you should keep to softer materials on the ceiling and a portion of the walls (or have lots of bars for big fluffy towels) have used wood floors in many bathrooms, and with today’s tough floor varnishes, they can hold up well to a modest amount of water as long as it is not allowed to sit on the floor for a long period of time. It seems a little uncomfortable putting a toilet directly on a wood floor, so I use a transition pad made of a scrap of granite or marble for toilets on wood floors. Bathroom Design Planning

Another attractive, traditional bathroom-floor material is linoleum. It is nothing like today’s vinyl plastics. Again, proper installation is important for resistance to water. The only wall surfaces that truly need to be water resistant are the shower walls. There are a variety of useful materials ranging from one-piece molded enclosures to wall-size sheets of materials to individual pieces such as tile. In every instance, installation is critical, particularly at joints, to the ultimate success of the material.

It is helpful to have an easily cleanable surface around the lavatory on the countertop and on the walls immediately around the sink. Ceramic tile is a good choice. Natural stone, polished and sealed concrete, and other nonabsorbent materials work well on both surfaces. On walls, a good-quality enamel paint on smooth plaster makes a cleanable, water-resistant finish.

Fixtures that really work
To me, good-quality bathroom fixtures mean enameled cast iron for tubs and china for lavatories. I recently remodeled the two bathrooms in my 1929 cottage. After 70 years, it was finally time to replace the original enameled cast-iron tubs. Cast iron and china are still so commonly used that the price difference between these quality fixtures and bargain fixtures is modest.

Good fittings such as faucets and tub/ shower valves, however, are noticeably more expensive than run-of-the-mill fittings, sometimes as much as triple the cost. I use them, however, whenever I can afford to put them in the budget because over their life, they are still a bargain when compared with average fittings that last a far shorter period of time. I also have to admit that there is no other faucet that gives me the pleasure of use as a classic Chicago or Rudge faucet. For finishes, stay with tried-and-true nickel or chrome without the plastic coatings. Someone’s going to have these faucets in 50 years if you make the correct choice…One piece of equipment that has improved during the past few years is the exhaust fan. They are clearly quieter than five years ago. Companies such as Broan and NuTone have ceiling-mounted, barely audible exhaust fans. Speaking of noise reduction, the newer “coexcel” ABS plastic drain pipe seems to be quieter than the older ABS. But nothing can replace cast iron for quietness in a drain pipe that comes down the wall of a first-floor living space. The slight increase in material cost is more than offset in the long run of the life of the house.

Important accessories
Light fixtures, towel bars, medicine cabinets, furniture, switch-plate covers, shower doors — there are hundreds of opportunities to make decisions about these kinds of details in a bathroom. My advice: Keep them simple and straightforward. Buy good quality that will last a long time. Keep them related to each other in design and materials, except for the occasional humorous surprise. Look for timeless qualities. Choose things that you want to live with. There is no reason you can’t enjoy even the most mundane item in your bathroom…10. The lost art of bathing.The previous suggestions will help you to make the ordinary bathroom that you use several times each day a pleasant, enjoyable place. Sometimes, though, you want to go beyond that and experience the real pleasure of bathing. The deep relaxation of hot water, the peaceful pleasure of bathing with family or friends, and the therapy of quiet immersion in water are all aspects of the art of bathing. The oversize master bathrooms in the pseudomansions of the late 20th century only hint at this fundamental human need. The essence has been lost in the cheap materials typically used to build them.

To re-create this experience requires a deep, profound examination of the history and tradition of bathing and the environment needed to support it fully. My sense is that the quality of the room as a space–with places to sit around the perimeter, with good natural light and with good connections to a private outdoor space — are paramount to creating this experience..

Decorating with Travertine Tile

In recent years more and more home owners use natural stone in bathrooms for flooring, wall mosaics, vanity tops and tub surroundings. The key question here is to decide on the stone and the type of the stone according to the application.

Marble travertine and limestone  add a sophistication and luxury to the look of a bathroom. 

Travertine Tiles
Few material offer the warmth that travertine does. Travertine applications in bathrooms result in an rustic and luxury character in bathrooms.

According to the rdtiling.ie website, travertine tiles can be used in showers, floors as well as walls in bathrooms.  For bathrooms, hone finished or tumble finished travertines are the best choices. These two finishes are ideal for bathrooms due to their ability to withstand spills most likely to occur in bathrooms.

Travertine tiles offer  a high variety of color and design options are nearly endless.

1. Choosing the right travertine for your room
Travertine is commonly mistaken for marble or limestone but in fact is a form of rock with sedimentary properties and has a beautiful buffed matte finish that can’t be matched by many other natural stone materials. When choosing the right travertine for your room ask a professional what varieties of colors, variegations and application suggestions they recommend. You will be surprised that travertine can be obtained in small mosaic tiles all the way up to large slabs for walls and countertops. Decorating with Travertine Tile

2. Make a grand entrance with travertine tile floors
If you’re looking to add a luxurious aesthetic to your grand foyer, look no further than travertine. Known for its uneven or chiseled qualities, travertine looks gorgeous in traditional and modern homes alike. Whether you choose to place travertine mosaic tiles or use large pavers. There aren’t many floor materials that can create a rustic yet sophisticated look to your entry. 

3. Large scale travertine can bring out the drama
If you love a big and bold look to your bathroom why not try travertine in a large scale format? This vein cut travertine tile is sold by the slab and its beauty is enhanced since every slab is unique and designed by nature. If you prefer to keep the travertine confined to one special area of your bathroom, look to the shower, backsplash behind the vanity or in a shower dressing room area. Take a look at this Travertine home in Singapore, what a beautiful way to show off this versatile material. 

4. Bring out the nature of your design style
Travertine is a very ancient material dating back generations and was used in many monumental buildings throughout the world. While it has historical connections, it also is used in the most posh and modern homes today. Determine what your style of travertine suits your interiors. From sleek and sexy with very few grout joints in a minimalist backsplash to a traditional layout with chiseled edges, you will have a challenge selecting just one type in your interiors! 

5. Tips to remember when choosing travertine
Due to the various patterns on the tiles, it makes it very obvious if the tiles aren’t level when they’re installed. So, if you’re going to be adding these tiles to your bathroom then take a look at Tiler Place’s guide to using a tile leveling kit properly to ensure they are installed the correct way on the first attempt.

Also, one of the beauties of this gorgeous stone is its varied colors and patterns but one draw back is its ability to scuff and scratch easily. Depending on the surface finish a high polished travertine may resist better than a matte finish. Travertine also can be porous and shouldn’t be used where levels of oil and other liquids can soak into it and stain its beauty. Although just like marble and granite a tile specialist can direct you to what type of travertine stone tile is best for your project.  Decorating with Travertine Tile

6. Travertine in your luxurious bathroomTile
Dating back centuries ago Travertine has become a building material that is tried and true and your bathroom is the perfect place to showcase its versatility. From travertine mosaic tiles on your shower walls to custom tile work patterns, you will love its versatility. Travertine tiles set on a diagonal can give a gorgeous diamond geometry that when coupled with its natural matte finish will transform any shower stall from ordinary to luxurious. 

7.  Add sophistication to your outdoor home
Travertine can not only beautify your interiors but your outdoor home as well. Whether you are looking for garden pathway stepping stones or making decorative knee walls, you will love the versatility. On top of this, if you’ve recently been on CaliforniaPools.com to get a pool installed, travertine makes a great border to the pool.  Travertine like many other natural stones can keep its beauty through long summer and winters and will age beautifully with time.

8. Polished travertine can add a luxurious tone
There is an air of luxe detailing when your bring polished travertine into your home and what better way to do it than in an indoor/outdoor room? Large pavers used with thin grout lines give the illusion of a vast vista of travertine as far as the eye can see. Pair it with your favorite outdoor furniture, a summer kitchen and an outdoor fireplace and your home will enjoy the rave reviews from guests in your entertaining spaces. 

9. Combining light and dark finishes to add drama
To add a luxurious play between the materials in your home consider pairing lighter tones of travertine against your dark wood cabinetry for a dramatic touch. The contrast between the colors and textures of the finishes can create a kitchen, bathroom or living space that exudes attention. Similarly with your living room and dining room furniture. A killer dining room table or coffee table in rich mahogany wood will look dynamic against a lighter variety travertine floor. Decorating with Travertine Tile

10. Travertine can create a showstopper kitchen
Your kitchen is that one room where you pull out all the stops to showcase the appliances and finishes, and travertine used in kitchen backsplashes, countertops and flooring can wow and party that you are throwing! Look to travertine mosaics for custom details for your stove wall backsplash. Consider enlisting an artisan to create a one-of-a-kind backsplash for your kitchen walls with travertine tile. The options are endless and the ability to redefine your luxurious home with this versatile material is all up to you!  Contact Ted with Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 for design ideas on decorating with travertine tile.

2017 Outlooks Housing Remodeling Plano Texas

Rental Property Repairs

2017 Outlooks Housing Remodeling Plano Texas – 2017 Outlooks for Housing and Remodeling

Young adults’ ‘wait-and-then-hurry-up” stage of household formation, family formation, and housing preference behavior is revving up.

Local Market Summary – The Dallas Cowboys are on fire and so is the north Texas housing market due the rapid increase in economic development and companies relocating or expanding in Plano, Dallas and surrounding areas. Builders started roughly 29,330 homes in 2016, an increase of only 5% over the previous year. Builders are projecting the same amount in 2017 due to a lack of labor and supply of building materials. In north Texas, especially Plano, the demand for housing will far exceed the supply. A noteworthy insight is that home prices will continue to rise at rates we have not seen in many years. Areas all across Texas, including Fort Bend, are also seeing the benefits and it may be worth contacting a real estate expert from somewhere like https://bretwallace.com/ if anyone is considering investing. Locals should deeply consider staying and reaping the benefits of a rising market. Consider remodeling rather than selling. Contact Ted at Plano Texas Handyman to discuss your bathroom or kitchen remodel or upgrades to your home for added livability. Call Ted at 214-507-3415. 2017 Outlooks Housing Remodeling Plano Texas

National Picture – 2017 won’t be housing’s emancipating rebound we may have hoped for, but it’s also more than likely not going to be a stretch we’ll have reason to fear. For glass-half-empty types, 2017 housing measures will likely continue to underperform historical norm trends based on real demand plus pent-up demand. For the glass-half-full set, that solid and growing base of demand–and the big challenges to meet it–remain in the category of a champagne problem. 2017 Outlooks Housing Remodeling Plano Texas

Of course, a big, honking unknown and possibly menacing variable is what the Federal Reserve does to rates for borrowed money, and how that flows through to mortgage interest rates. I recommend you go to the mymortgagegermany.de website for accurate and up-to-date mortgage calculators. A positive-side plausible unknown is what could happen with household wage growth, particularly among younger adult households who need to shed college debt and get their noses above water to fully activate as a universe of housing demand. We’ll come back to this point below. 2017 Outlooks for Housing and Remodeling 2017 Outlooks Housing Remodeling Plano Texas

Otherwise, fundamentals will plod along, opportunity will concentrate in hotspot markets, constraints on housing supply–labor, lending, and lots–will retain their stubborn hold on development, and the somewhat-set template for continued moderate recovery across the residential new construction market will punch out a 2017 that bears a more than passing resemblance to this year and last.

For a thorough blast across the national bough of economic, demographic, geographic and business conditions forces in play, and their specific impact on housing starts, new home sales, and remodeling and home improvement expectations for 2017, have a look at the Metrostudy 4Q16 Housing Webcast, “Where Are We in the Housing Cycle?” 2017 Outlooks Housing Remodeling Plano Texas

Metrostudy chief economist Mark Boud runs a clinic on statistical clarity and logical economic narrative. First, he deconstructs his own “model” of business assumptions and inputs one by one; then, he reassembles them into his projections for 2017. As a bonus, Metrostudy regional directors for the Mountain (John Covert) and Pacific Northwest (Todd Britsch) zero in on their respective regions for a deep-dive projection for what’s to come next in Denver, Salt Lake City (Eric Allen), Portland, and Seattle.

Among the noteworthy insights Boud extracts from his model is 1) that demand eclipses supply for as many as five more years, and 2) what that means for pricing. Here, Boud illustrates a demand-vs.-supply differential, and how that imbalance will net out to an almost 3 million home shortage–undersupply–by the end of next year. 2017 Outlooks for Housing and Remodeling

Here’s the Boud forecast for housing starts in 2017 and 2018, a steady, glacial upward push to heights well below last-decade peaks.

For comparison’s sake, here’s a couple of other forecast estimates, this one spotlighting single-family starts expectations, from National Association of Home Builders chief economist Rob Dietz.

And here, the research team at Wells Fargo blends a series of real estate and trade group forecasts into a composite reading on how 2017 should play out for housing. By and large, everybody’s directionally in the same ball-park, with some perennially more optimistic than others.

Now, for a bit on the potential disruptors–to the bad and good–of these forecast assumptions. One is what happens, potentially as early as December, if and when the Federal Reserve executes its next step in tightening money supply by raising its Federal funds rates on borrowing costs. Here, Wells Fargo managing director and equity analyst for home builders Stephen East notes that the single biggest impactor of housing affordability is interest rates, not housing prices. He shows here that during the 2004 to 2006 housing boom run-up when prices were soaring, housing affordability as a function of the percentage of income a household would need to devote to monthly payments was much better then, than in the 1980 to 1983 period, when prices were not nearly as big a factor in affordability as abnormally high interest rates were.

On the other hand, another X Factor in predicting the level of housing demand has to do with household income trends, and the fact that they’ve stagnated for such a prolonged period of time. 2017 Outlooks for Housing and Remodeling 2017 Outlooks Housing Remodeling Plano Texas

The thinking here is that a “stealth” household income improvement trend may be emerging. The logic is this. More highly paid Baby Boom workers are retiring out of the labor force than early-in-their-career Millennials are moving into the workforce. Here’s a perspective on that from the ULI’s recent report, “Emerging Trends in Real Estate, 2017.”

The crossover point where more baby boomers are retiring than millennials entering the labor force is upon us. A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) analysis released in December 2015 projected labor force change for the ten years ending 2024 as being only 0.5 percent per year. Emerging Trends has sketched the big picture in previous editions. The key change in the population cohorts from 2014 to 2024 looks like this: the number of Americans in the 25-to-34-years-old age group, the prime early-career working years, will be up by 3.2 million; meanwhile, the 65-to-74-years-old age group, those most likely to exit the labor force in retirement, will be up by 9.4 million.

Many organizations are having to accelerate compensation increases for younger associates, but they’re funding those increases by savings from attrition from among their older, higher-paid staffers.

So, that household income inertia we’ve been seeing, particularly among younger households, may be about to reflect a reality of resumed dynamic growth.

The “wait-and-then-hurry-up” stage of Millennial household formation, family formation, and housing preference behavior is about to redefine demand trends for the next five to 10 years.

Original article published By John McManus

Six Improvements Increase Home Value

Projects when moving into a New Home

Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements Increase Home Value

Not all home improvements are created equal. These will reward you the most when it comes time to sell.

Topic Your Money, Save Money, Add Value, Add Value to Your Home

Dreaming of stainless this and marble that, with a dash of hip color? Slow down. See what your wallet has to say first. Some projects will protect your dollars more than others, especially if you’re planning to sell in a few years. Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements Increase Home Value

How do we know? Since 2002, a trade magazine for contractors and builders called “Remodeling” has been tracking common home improvement projects and how much of the cost of each project is recouped when the home sells.

We sifted through years of past results and aggregated the numbers to get an idea of what projects made the most of your dollars year after year. Then we overlayed that background with the data from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ “Remodeling Impact Report” to determine current project costs and the cost recovery percentage, and to get some other fun facts, such as how satisfied homeowners are with the projects when finished. Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements to Increase Home Value

They also have a few things in common. The projects are:

Good – but not necessarily the highest – quality
Not too costly

These projects are the best long-term remodeling investments you can make:

1. Replacing Your Front Door
Your faithful front door works tirelessly – day in and day out – to usher in you and your guests, and to seal your house up tight. But when Old Faithful gets tired and worn out, don’t hesitate to call in a replacement. Year in and year out, replacing your old front door with a new steel door is a project that kicks up curb appeal and yields the best payback.

“It gives you the best bang for your buck in terms of transforming the look and feel of your home,” says Brandon Erdmann, president of the remodeling firm HomeSealed Exteriors in Milwaukee. “Plus, old exterior doors can be a huge source of energy loss. So you’re improving the look of your house, improving energy efficiency, and you’re able to do it without breaking the bank.”

It’s also a relatively low-cost project. According to the “Remodeling Impact Report,” a new steel front entry door has a national median cost of $2,000 installed, and can recover 75% of that cost at resale. Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements Increase Home Value

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2. New Siding
According to a siding company near me, old, worn siding, along with generally sad curb appeal, can contribute to a loss of up to 10% of your home’s value, according to some appraisers. New siding, on the other hand, practically screams “my owner takes care of me.” If you’re on the quest for new siding or even just a siding replacement, you might want to have a look at the fiber cement siding cost on the front range to familiarise yourself with all of your options. Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements to Increase Home Value

What to choose? Both vinyl and fiber-cement siding are good replacement options.

Vinyl siding is low-cost, durable, and easy to install, and it hits all the right notes when it comes to getting a return on your home improvement dollars. Best of all: It’s a low-maintenance feature that frees up your time.
Today’s vinyl siding includes fade-resistant finishes and transferrable lifetime warranties that are much better than the 10-year guarantees of just two decades ago. There’s good payback, too. According to the “2015 Remodeling Impact Report,” the $12,000 national median cost of a vinyl siding replacement job returns a solid 83% if you should decide to sell your home. Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements to Increase Home Value

There are different types of fiber-cement siding brands, such as the Hardie Siding Chicago , but all of them also show a strong payback of 79% in the “Remodeling Impact Report.” Although its national median cost of $19,100 makes it the pricier option, it has one thing vinyl still lacks – the perception of quality.

And quality matters. In a survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), “quality” was the one of the most important traits that home buyers focused on when shopping for a house. A final word: 100% of homeowners responding to the “Report” said they were happy or satisfied with the result of their fiber-cement siding replacement project.

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3. Kitchen Upgrade
We’re not talking about the dream kitchen remodels that are plastered on Pinterest and Houzz. But a minor kitchen remodel – one that keeps a lid on costs by refacing instead of replacing cabinets, and includes new flooring, countertops, and modestly priced appliances – is an ever-popular project.

People are always willing to update their kitchens,” says Dale Contant, 2016 president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and owner of Atlanta Build and Design. “It’s the hub of the home.” Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements to Increase Home Value

Although the ROI on a kitchen update is relatively modest – the “Remodeling Impact Report” says you can expect a return of 67% on the $30,000 national median cost of a kitchen upgrade – you’ll get lasting satisfaction. Eighty-two percent of homeowners said their updated kitchen gave them a greater desire to be at home, and 95% were happy or satisfied with the result.

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4. Deck and Patio Additions
Like alfresco living? You’re in good company. According to a 2014 Home Trends Survey from the American Institute of Architects, our love of outdoor living spaces – especially decks and patios – is on the rise.

One big reason is that decks and patios are a sweet way to expand living space at a low cost of $8 to $35 per square foot – a bargain compared to the $150-and-up per-square-foot cost of a new addition. When putting together a patio, Patio covers can also provide some much-needed shade in the sunny parts of the year which prospective buyers see as a bonus. If you’d like to learn more about getting a patio cover you can find more information at texashomeimprovement.com. Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements to Increase Home Value

5. Turning an Attic into a Bedroom
When it comes to romantic rooms, a bedroom retreat is hard to beat. But a treetop boudoir is much more than a daydream – it’s a good investment. You’ll gain living space without having to add on to your home’s footprint – the walls, floor, and ceiling already exist. That helps keep remodeling costs under control. You may have to let some of the attic’s main walls get knocked through to make an open space if it has been sectioned off, but other than that, there’s not much structural change.

There are code restrictions you’ll have to navigate when converting an attic to a bedroom, but if your house qualifies and you can cover the cost (about $65,000 says the “Remodeling Impact Report”), chances are you won’t regret your decision. Some 94% of homeowners responding to the “Report” said they were happy or satisfied with their new attic space.

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6. New Garage Door
No surprise that a garage door replacement project made it onto our list of all-time winners – a new garage door provides a big boost for your home’s curb appeal at a relatively modest cost. That’s especially good news if you’re thinking about selling your house. Home Remodeling: 6 Improvements to Increase Home Value

A project that replaces an older, two-car, embossed steel door has a current cost of about $2,300, according to the “Remodeling Impact Report.” If you sell, you can expect a healthy ROI of 87% on your investment.

There are options galore, too. A host of factory-finish colors, wood-look embossed steel, and glass window insets are just some of the possibilities that’ll give your doors bankable personality.

5 Trends Home Improvement

5 Trends in Home Improvement and Home Enjoyment

5 Trends Home Improvement

Caring for your home is important to maintain its appearance and value, but improving your home is important for your own personal frame of mind and enjoyment. If you plan on living in your home for a long time, why not get the most enjoyment possible? Here are five trends in home improvement that we hope bring you enjoyment and increases long term value of your home.

1)Remodel or upgrade your kitchen!

open floor plansWe spend a great deal of time in our kitchens. This is the center of family gatherings, morning risings and a great place to meet and talk. We eat there, cook there and congregate there. It really should be a special place. It should be up to date and easy to work in. Have nice lighting and plenty of seating. Surveys suggest that 80% of homeowners say their newly rehabbed kitchen makes them want to be at home more! It will not bring you the biggest return on your investment dollars but may be one of the most satisfying projects you could accomplish. 5 Trends Home Improvement

Things like new appliances, new countertops, new flooring all enhance your kitchen. A simple water damage can be devastating, make sure that you contact water damage restoration Spring Hill to ensure that you have a healthy kitchen. Neutral colors and natural materials will create a traditional feel for your kitchen. Rustic and modern styles can be mixed in your kitchen with tile and natural stone. Wood brings home warmth so don’t overlook using a lot of it all over. Give your kitchen fun and different splashes with large chalk boards or fun work zones. Put yourself in the space and add what makes you happy. Open the space up if possible by removing walls or rearranging cabinets. This is an important place that will certainly increase your enjoyment of your home. 5 Trends Home Improvement

2)Create better storage, everywhere!

Closet RenovationWe all need more space! Houses are getting smaller and personal storage is becoming more of an issue. So finding or creating storage has become increasingly more important for home owners. Just one hanging rod and shelf in a closet is no longer sufficient. Adding shelves, storage boxes, hanging storage, etc. in your closets can increase your storage space as well as increase your useable space in your home. Don’t let the “clutter creeps” take over needed living space. Next, start to look at furniture that doubles as storage like coffee tables that are storage units. This is one of the features of this year’s Miami furniture trends and is super useful in decluttering your home. Get all the stuff off the floors like books and magazines and you will be amazed at how much larger your home feels. 5 Trends Home Improvement

3)Paint everything!

Paint ColorYes, the exterior of your home should be appealing. Many exterior materials require regular painting as part of your maintenance plans, but don’t just stop there. Paint can be an inexpensive way to change the look of almost anything. Painting is not difficult and you can find paint to cover anything. Metal, wood, plastic, brick, stone even tile. Prime everything before painting. Discuss the project with your paint specialist as they will know what paints will cover which materials the best. Get color wheels to find accent colors for trim or furniture so that your work of art is pleasing instead of shocking, unless that is what you love. If you are staying in your home for a long time, you should enjoy the colors around you, so paint, paint, paint, inside and out! Easy to do and easy to change if you don’t like it!
4)How about new hardware everywhere? 5 Trends Home Improvement

We touch handles in our homes every day multiple times. Why not give your hands and eyes a new experience? Adding some fun drawer pulls in the kitchen or bathroom like leaves or twisted metal braids can really make a unique look. Changing door knobs from old silver to oil rubbed bronze can enhance how you feel opening every door in your home. Installing a new front and back door lock, that is linked to your smart phone app and unlocks it in an instant, can make your home feel modern and you more secure. Sometimes the things we touch everyday get overlooked! 5 Trends Home Improvement

5)Create outdoor living space!

ouitdoor-spaceDo you stay indoors because your outdoor spaces are not pretty or alluring? Working on your landscaping can start with hiring a fence staining service to make your exterior more aesthetically pleasing. And also creating unique spaces will make you feel like spending time in the fresh air more often and make your home feel larger. So, begin by just cleaning everything up. Trim bushes and trees way back so you can see what you are working with. Install decorative edging between lawns and walks or flower gardens. Just defining space can visually make things more appealing. Don’t have a fence, no problem, find some old tall shutters and set them up as a privacy wall, or perhaps you’d like to look at modern fencing options as well as use supports for longer lasting fencing to increase the durability your new fence has. Add lighting all over the yard, on walks, in gardens and on top of fences. Solar lights are inexpensive and when the night comes they enhance your outdoor spaces. Add color to your patio by painting that old lawn furniture with bright colors like yellow or blue. Cover flower beds with pine straw, mulch or small stones of fun colors. Make your outdoors a fun place to visit with statues, artwork, or flowers. Anything that you love will get you outside to enjoy your home more. 5 Trends Home Improvement

If you do some or all of the improvements listed above, not only will your home’s value increase but so will your pleasure and enjoyment of living there. Taking time to make your surroundings brighter, modern, efficient or just a little unique with your personal touches. Ultimately, you can enjoy your home more and increase its long term value by keeping it in good shape.

Luxurious Super Showers

Bathroom Design Planning

Luxurious Super Showers – What’s a super shower, you might ask? Imagine an oversized walk-in shower that’s tiled from floor to ceiling on all sides. Some might have multiple showerheads and offer a specialized lighting scheme. The showerheads are so advanced, it’s almost as if they’re the best dual shower heads in 2020! Much more advanced than the common showerhead. They’re pretty super, and they’re becoming more sought-after in master bathrooms. The trend is to remove the oversized tub and replace it with a slimmer freestanding tub,” Payson says. “The newer freestanding tubs are almost pieces of art themselves. Their style is very elegant and romantic, almost like a glass slipper.

In the 1980s, a decade known for excess and impracticality, homeowners installed — though rarely used — oversized soaking tubs. Today, homeowners are choosing more practical bathroom features. Vertical spa systems — larger showers with rain showerheads, multiple body jets and handshowers — have become de rigueur in bathroom renovations. Some have argued that this new trend is for a more modern home, while others believe it’s to make the bathroom more accessible to older homeowners. Whichever is the case, the trend continues to grow, and with the help of plumbing services similar to Dependable Rooter & Plumbing (https://dependablerootersac.com/plumbing-services/), homeowners can get the best out of this new trend.

“The enclosures showers systems continue to outperform other areas in the bath in terms of where people are putting their money,” says Mark Knurek, senior project manager at Moen. “Everyone wants a good shower.”
Here are the latest trends in showers:

No Doors
A standalone shower no longer means a glass door on a track. Now it means a frameless, glass shower that virtually disappears into the room and keeps a small bathroom from looking cramped. A walk-in, doorless shower, sometimes called a wet room, showcases tile work and can accommodate an elaborate, spa-like shower system, but if you do decide to install a glass shower door, look for a custom glass door for a more luxurious look.

A doorless, curbless shower with a Custom walk-in shower base is practical as well as luxurious. “A lot more people are requesting showers they can walk right into,” says Beverley Binns, of Binns kitchen + bath design in Ontario, Canada. “It’s a visual design thing, but I think people are also making greater investments in their home and planning on staying in their homes longer.” Showers without doors create a universal design that will allow a homeowner to continue to use the fixture as they get older and their mobility is limited.

Water Temperature and Setting Controls
Thermostatic, programmable shower technology is the ultimate in shower luxury. Systems like Moen’s Iodigital system monitor a shower’s water temperature and automatically adjust water flow when the dishwasher, washing machine and toilet are in use.
The Iodigital has four presets that give the user the exact water temperature and pressure desired, ranging from warm, gentle morning shower to cool, high-pressure, post-workout shower. This could benefit a lot of people. Of course, contacting a company similar to TDT Plumbing will ensure that you achieve optimum hot water levels throughout your home if you wanted to experience the same sort of temperatures as what this shower can provide you with. It also features a remote control that operates from a distance of up to 30 feet. You can turn on the shower from the bedroom, and get the desired water temperature by the time you reach the bathroom. Love a long, hot shower? The unit’s LED lights will flash when the hot water tank nears empty.

New Take on Rain Showerheads
Hans Grohe’s Raindance Rainfall takes rain showerhead technology to a new level. The flat rectangular panel mounts flush against the wall and projects water into the shower area. The unit features three settings: the Rain AIR mode mixes air with water to create big, rain-like water droplets; In Whirl mode massages the user with two rotating jets that automatically tilt forward; and Rainflow mode produces a four-inch-wide waterfall spray. If there is any repair required for the shower, Shower Repairs Perth can help with the repairs.

Lights and Music
Chromatherapy, a popular choice for spa tubs, is also available for shower systems. Kohler’s WaterTile Ambient Rain chromatherapy panel incorporates ambient light patterns to heighten a bather’s experience. Think of it as mood lighting for the bath. A lighted square ceiling panel includes four WaterTile body sprays. The user can select solid colors or one of the preprogrammed chromatherapy sequences that range from a bright and invigorating pattern to a soft and soothing one.
Music in the bath is nothing new, but sound in the shower gets a boost with speakers designed to look like body spray tiles. The Kohler SoundTile is a high-fidelity speaker developed in cooperation with Polk Audio, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance audio products.

Water Conservation
A super shower that conserves water might seem counterintuitive, and it is the reason some people opt for a hot tub. When it comes to luxury, nothing beats the high end hot tubs like the 67 jets swim spa. Some people design their bathroom around both options being available as well.

Eco-minded homeowners can have their high-end shower and be kind to the planet, too. Moen’s line of Eco Performance showerheads reduce the flow of water, but still provide a satisfying shower experience. The Envi Eco-Performance Rainshower, an eight-inch rain showerhead, uses 20 percent less water than the industry standard. Another water-saving option, a three-function transfer valve diverts water from a showerhead to a handshower to a set of body sprays.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bath remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Trends – When it comes to home remodeling projects, bath upgrades continue to dominate, even over kitchen renovations. With so many resources and choices out there, it can be overwhelming to sort through the different options and styles on your own, so I’ve researched the topic for you. 

Transitional and contemporary style bathrooms are gaining steam over traditional designs, whether it be with underfloor heating from www.londonunderfloorheatingsuppliers.com making the bath time experience much better, or fashionable design choices. Modern style baths tend to be popular among homeowners who are remodeling because they offer eye-catching features that are sure to impress. See what’s trending so you’re prepared the next time you want to buy a home or update your bathroom. Additionally, homeowners may also want to look online to see what other people have done to their bathrooms when they’ve remodeled theirs. That could be good for inspiration and ideas, it’s always good to see different bathrooms to decide what features you want to include in your new bathroom. Homeowners may want to look at this bathroom reveal, for example, to see if they can draw any inspiration from there. It’s so important that you create your dream bathroom, so take ideas from other people’s bathroom designs.  Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? Contact Ted today at 214-507-3415..

Emphasize A Focal Point

Make an intentional effort to create a focal point for the eye to be drawn to when you walk in the room. Walk-in showers and freestanding tubs are two examples of how you can master this trend. Think of your bathroom focal point as a statement piece of clothing you’d wear to generate a reaction.

These examples of bathroom renovation in melbourne show exactly how to do it. Showers with frameless heavy-glass enclosures have a designer appearance and deliver a spa-like luxury to the bath. Color, hardware, vanities and tubs are all ways to you can emphasize a main focal point in your bathroom. Surprisingly, new tubs can be installed at a fairly reasonable price.  Bathroom Remodeling Trends


Modern Metallics

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, updating your hardware is an effortless way to add visual interest and style to any room. Oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are two trendy metals that come in interesting and appealing colors and textures. Believe it or not, brass tones in a warm-colored copper are coming back to the bathroom scene. Updating your faucets and shower hardware will give you the look of a high-end bathroom at a low-end cost

Light fixtures are no longer just for brightening up a room. They’re installed with the purpose of being seen. This includes pieces that are bold, large and full of personality. These days, you have a wide range of styles to choose from. We’re seeing anything from glamorous chandeliers made of crystals, to clusters of hand-blown globes or drum pendants made of metal. Ultimately, the decision is yours!


Modern Wall & Subway Tiles

Tile is in and it’s prettier than ever. Modern wall tiles in bright colors, with floral designs and creative shapes are entering bathrooms, and it’s a beautiful thing! This is your chance to use creativity and personal style to bring some energy to your bathroom.  Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Subway tiles are nothing new. They’ve been around for more than a century and are a demonstration of lasting elegance. Subway tiles are a perfect choice for the bathroom because they’re durable, attractive and water resistant.

As the styles and trends change, so do the tiles. There are a wide variety of modern appearances and colors available for your liking. The most popular subway tile colors have deemed to be winter white, cobalt blue and slate gray. Tile experts have been mixing tiles to create one-of-kind designs that remain timeless.


Raised Panel Cabinetry

Cabinets are an essential part of a bathroom remodel, both as a design element and budget line item. Raised panel doors are very popular among homeowners and will continue to be in 2016. Designer, Loretta J. Willis has laid out the top trends according to the different types of cabinet frames and doors that exist.  Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bath or Vanity Cabinets – Type of Cabinet Frame

  1. Frameless (European Style)
  2. Face-framed (Traditional Style)

Bath or Vanity Cabinets – Type of Door

  1. Wood finish, raised panel in frame
  2. Wood finish, flat panel in frame
  3. Glass panel in wood frame


Heated Floors

Heated floors are definitely an added luxury, but they can be a life-changing upgrade in colder climates. The average reported cost to install bathroom floor heating for 100sf is $600. Installing heated floors is a great selling point for those considering listing a home.

Heated floors can also save homeowners money by allowing them to keep the temperature in their homes lower during the colder months of the year, without having to worry about their floors being cold. You will need to remove the existing floor cover to do this (you can look into the houston tile removal options to do this), but then you can overlay a new tile overtop. As far as material goes, ceramic and porcelain tiles are going to be big sellers in the days ahead.


Zen-Like Designs With A Contemporary Twist

One of the newer trends you’ll see in 2016 is a Zen-inspired bath design with contemporary features. Homeowners like to have their bathroom be a spot they can relax and rejuvenate, and this is why spa-like designs are gaining attention and popularity.

To achieve a modern Zen setting, you have to think outside the box and combine and pull design elements, colors and creativity from both styles. Large spa-like showers and ultra-clear glass adds luxury to a master bath by creating free-flowing light and an open, airy atmosphere.


Technology is not only evolving in our professional lives and our smartphones, but also in our bathrooms. Water-resistant music systems and streaming Bluetooth systems can be operated wirelessly, from smartphones and other various audio devices. New technology allows you to add a little fun to your morning routine!

And have you heard of this one, Optum VorMax, the new flush system technology developed for toilets? This new technology is being offered by American Standard. It not only gives a powerful flush to your toilet, but also scours and cleans the bowl at the same time! Why not let technology do the work for you!


There you have it, some of the leading bathroom trends of 2016. Take some of these ideas back to your bath and see what features you think might need a facelift. At the end of the day, it’s your home and your bath, so pick styles that suit you and your overall design. 

Subway Tile Back splash Ideas for Your Kitchen

Subway Tiles

Subway Tile Back splash Ideas for Your Kitchen – If you’re a homeowner, you are probably familiar with “subway tile”. If not, you could be missing out on this classic trend. Their long sleek rectangular shape, pencil thin grout lines, and shiny white color make them a very popular choice of most homeowners.  Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your kitchen and bath remodeling project.

7 Creative Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen - Sebring ServicesA Short History of Subway Tiles

Although subway tiles are very popular in bathrooms and kitchens today, the history of these tiles date back to the unveiling of the New York subway system during the early 1900’s. The 3×6 inch tiles in gleaming white covered the walls of the new subway platforms and blended well with the colorful tile mosaics. This beautiful art started greeting travelers’ decades ago.

We now see subway tiles used often in interior design. Despite the fact that they’re slightly different from how they used to be back in their beginning days, the clean and crisp appearance of today’s subway tiles still manage to give a glimpse of history, while feeling modernized at the same time.

Take a look at our article “10 Transitional Kitchen Elements for those Seeking a Different Style” for additional ideas.

With that, allow us to provide some of the basic options that you can consider with the use of a subway tile.

Idea #1: White Subway Tile

You can’t go wrong using the color that started the subway tile trend. These white tiles made from porcelain or ceramic that have a shiny finish, are a great way to achieve a vintage look. Believe it or not, a classic white subway tile backsplash is capable of transforming the feel of the kitchen almost instantly. Always clean and classic.

You may even choose to cover the rest of the walls; with the use of white or light colored tiles, you can easily brighten up the room without spending a lot. This can be very practical for those who are in a room with no or limited natural lighting. This is the main reason why white subway tile is very popular for bathrooms.

Take a look at these 5 Designer Trends for Kitchen Backsplashes if you need additional inspiration for your project.

Of course, aside from the traditional white-colored tile, there are plenty of finishes and shades to choose from. If you want something that’s less reflective, then the matte finish is ideal. Likewise, the off-white tile is always good for this. There are other materials available aside from porcelain and ceramic. There’s also natural stone and glass; let’s not forget mother of pearl as well. You’ll never run out of options! It’s also very trendy to use gray grout around the white tiles if your main purpose is to draw attention to them.

Idea #2: Beveled Subway Tile

Many people end up purchasing this type of subway tile–especially those who went to Paris and have seen these tiles on the Metro. The beveled subway tile is sometimes referred as the “three-dimensional subway tile” because it gives an illusion of being 3-dimensional. This effect is enhanced by lighting and shadows that occur because of the angles created in opposing edges.

Idea #3: Glass Subway Tile

This type of subway tile is best known for its ability to add a splash of color to areas that need it badly. Likewise, they also come in about every color and shade you can think of. In fact, there are even hand-painted options for you to choose from. Some glass subway tiles are solid colors, but more often than not, they can also be translucent with a white backing. This backing makes them shine, and have an almost gem-like luminosity.

Furthermore, glass is very durable and sturdy and it can handle high heat–that’s why it’s safe to use in the kitchen. It is also impervious to water, so it can also be used behind the sink, or even inside the bathroom.

Idea #4: Marble Subway Tile

The use of marble tiles is a great way to make a home look more elegant than it already is. Each marble subway tile is a unique creation because it has its own markings, vein patterns, and variations in color and shade. Thus, it spells out high class and beauty that only natural stone can deliver. Aside from that, marble subway tiles are also available in different finishes that easily blend with the home’s interior. For a shiny glow, polished ones should be used; but if you’d rather have a weathered look, then tumbled tiles would be better.

There’s also a nice range of color, since marble tiles can range from black to white. Just keep in mind, it’s important to properly seal them first before use. If purchasing tiles that differ in width and length, it’s advisable to install them in a stacked or vertical layout so that the flaws remain unnoticeable.

Idea #5: Gray Subway Tile

White tiles with gray grout looks remarkable, but so does gray tile with white grout. The white grout outlines these gray tiles beautifully, and installing this type of tile is usually a great move because it blends well with the dust and dirt.

Idea #6: Black Subway Tile

If you choose to use black tiles, you will want to pay special attention to “contrast” to ensure that it’ll look good. That means you should be using white grout instead of the usual black. Through this, the black subway tiles would be defined by the contrasting color, and it can portray a very clean look that many homeowners definitely love.

Idea #7: Green Subway Tile

Green tiles are often overlooked because many people are not aware that it looks good in a way that can provide a sense of relaxation and tranquility in a room. If made of glass, green tiles can be extra appealing; but there’s also a number of shades to choose from– ranging from mint, olive, sage, emerald green, and lime.

Take a look at this article from Freshome, where they show 30 Subway Tile Examples.

These are just some of the ideas that you can consider if you are thinking of using subway tiles in your home. Subway tiles can brighten up even the dimmest places, and it could instantly give your home an elegant look.  Give us a call to set up your appointment at our showroom if you are ready to move forward with your tile selections.

Insanely and Clever Remodeling Ideas

Insane Remodeling

31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home  Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your kitchen and bath remodeling project.

1. Lower your living room to create a conversation pit.

Lower your living room to create a conversation pit.

The bi-level living room will give your home an incredibly spacious yet cozy effect.

2. Turn an attic nook into a pillow room.

What is life but one long, perpetual movie-night slumber party

3. Display your book collection under the stairs.

4. Or use the space underneath for storage.

Or use the space underneath for storage.

Next-level wine collection not included, unfortunately.

5. Or use that space for a book nook.

So much cozy.

6. Dogs are people, too, which is why your dog should probably get his or her own little haven underneath the stairs.

7. Make space for two dishwashers instead of one

You can load one while the other washes. KitchenAid also makes a double drawer dishwasher.

8. If you’re doing a HUGE remodel, ask your contractor about tacking on a treehouse or guesthouse.

If you're doing a HUGE remodel, ask your contractor about tacking on a treehouse or guesthouse.

This add-on might cost less than you think.

9. Turn your shabby garden shed into a charming artist’s shed.

With big windows for lots of light and visual inspiration.

10. Install an in-wall pest control system.

Pest-tube installation means that all the exterminator has to do is inject some stuff into one end to keep insects and rodents away.

11. Maximize your space with baseboard drawers.

Maximize your space with baseboard drawers.

Especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

12. Consider a hidden room.

Consider a hidden room.

Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a bookcase to a door.

13. Make your walls MAGNETIC.

Make your walls MAGNETIC.

Magnektik makes large magnetic panels that are strong enough to hang anything, including shelves and TVs.

14. An S-shaped seat turns your shower or steam room into one you can LIE DOWN IN.

An S-shaped seat turns your shower or steam room into one you can LIE DOWN IN.

15. Have an extra-tall ceiling? Stretch a ceiling hammock across it.

Have an extra-tall ceiling? Stretch a ceiling hammock across it.

16. A walk-in shower means NO GLASS TO CLEAN.

And they even fit into small bathroom spaces.

17. Install chutes in your kitchen for your trash and recycling.

Install chutes in your kitchen for your trash and recycling.

Funnel them straight into the garage.

18. A platform in a storage/guestroom hides away all of your stuff while keeping the room usable.

A platform in a storage/guestroom hides away all of your stuff while keeping the room usable.

It’s also a great way to make a comfy nook room more functional.

19. Build a bar into your deck.

Build a bar into your deck.

20. Turn dead space above a staircase into a playroom.

21. Build a second mini-fridge in your kitchen island for BEER.

Build a second mini-fridge in your kitchen island for BEER..

22. Instead of typical cabinets, build a pull-out cabinet for instant counter space.

Instead of typical cabinets, build a pull-out cabinet for instant counter space.

23. Put a sink with jets in your laundry room so you have a convenient place to wash your delicates.

Put a sink with jets in your laundry room so you have a convenient place to wash your delicates.

24. Utilize dead space with a built-in wine rack.

Utilize dead space with a built-in wine rack.

Or build the wine rack directly into the kitchen island.

Or build the wine rack directly into the kitchen island.



This sorcery actually exists.

26. Kids will love having slumber parties in their bunkroom.

27. Bring the outdoors IN with these accordion glass windows and doors.

It’s an epic way to open up your kitchen while entertaining.

28. Swap out your boring old ceiling for a star-gazing sunroof.

Swap out your boring old ceiling for a star-gazing sunroof.

29. Install a two-sided fireplace between the bathroom and the bedroom.

Install a two-sided fireplace between the bathroom and the bedroom.

Who needs heated tiles when you have a bathroom fireplace?

30. Frame your living room fireplace with built-in seating.

Frame your living room fireplace with built-in seating.

Fireplaceseat is the new windowseat.

31. And finally, go ahead and add that master bedroom balcony.

And finally, go ahead and add that master bedroom balcony.

Home Improvement Trends for 2016

Winter Home Remodeling Projects

What are the top Home Improvement Trends for 2016? Looking to refresh or remodel your home? A lot of homeowners like to refresh their interior design, whether they look for companies that specialize in home remodeling in Chicago (or wherever they are based) to remodel their home, or if they enjoy DIY – they enjoy making changes to their interior space. Check this out before you make a move! We asked some of HomeAdvisor’s member pros to weigh in on the New Year’s hottest home trends. Here are seven you won’t want to miss. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your kitchen and bath remodeling project.

1. Tubs Are Out; Shower Stalls Are In
According to the pros, 2016 is the year of the bathroom remodel. Homeowners are shifting away from tub-centric, five-piece bathrooms and opting instead for walk-in shower stalls complete with seating, shelving and multiple showerheads. Leading stores that sell bathroom appliances uk have noted the trend and that homeowners are taking a more utilitarian approach to bathroom remodeling.

Home Improvement Trends

2. Ceramic is Out; Glass Tile is In
When it comes to 5 TIPS ON HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ROOF DURING WINTER, the pros predict that homeowners will scrap ceramics and indulge in glass. In fact, according to Howard Molen, president of HFM Builders in New York, subway tile is an increasingly popular choice for Manhattan remodels – and it shows fewer flaws than ceramic too.

3. Granite is Out; Engineered Quartz is In
According to our pros, engineered quartz (the Silestone brand, in particular) has officially ousted Granite as countertop supreme. Why? Because engineered quartz is tougher than granite – and it offers the beauty of stone without the maintenance too. Of course, as Travis Neff of Neff Enterprises in Phoenix, Ariz., points out, quartz generally costs about 20-30 percent more than granite. So, many homeowners opt to stick with granite – the still-worthy tried and true. Gutter installation and repair is important- learn more about gutter repair.

4. Lowboy Toilets Are Out; Comfort Height is In
The standard lowboy toilet is being dethroned. According to HFM Builders’ Howard Molen, homeowners are shifting toward comfort-height toilets that offer higher, more accessible seating (2 to 3 inches higher than standard)

Bonus points: Comfort-height toilets are great for people with joint and mobility issues!

5. Oak Cabinets Are Out; Paints & Dark Finishes Are In
One of the year’s hottest trends will be a shift from natural oak and cherry cabinets to more modern paints and stains, says Travis Neff of Neff Enterprises. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to update your cabinets without replacing them altogether. In fact, refinishing (painting or staining) or refacing (replacing the doors and drawer fronts) can save you thousands of dollars! Additionally, remodeling your cabinets could be another way to improve the appearance of your home. In modern times, many homeowners seem to take help of remodeling contractors like Tristate to upgrade their living space. Be it a cabinet or a shelf, if you are planning for a home remodeling in NJ, you might want to contact remodeling contractors like the ones mentioned above.

6. Engineered Flooring is Out; Oak is In
Laminate and engineered flooring enjoyed a good stint of popularity, says Howard Molen of HFM Builders, but homeowners quickly learned that changing weather and humidity caused unsightly separation and gapping in their floors. In 2016, Molen declares, homeowners will turn back to solid oak flooring. Solid wood won’t gap, he says, and it lasts longer when used with a strong timber floor adhesive, as well as looking better overall too.

7. High-end Appliances Are Out; Mid-range Appliances Are In
Today’s mid-range appliances look just as nice and perform just as well as higher-end appliances, explains Howard Molen of HFM Builders. So, there’s no reason for homeowners to spend top dollar on top-of-the-line machines.

Bonus points: Saving on appliances means you get to spend more on the fun stuff!