Garage Renovations

Garage Renovations

Garage Renovations – Remodel your Garage – Call the Garage Renovation Expert, Plano Texas Handyman
Garage Remodel – Garage Renovations Plano Texas and Dallas Texas. Plano Texas Handyman specializes in turning ordinary garages into sparkling clean spaces and magnificent man caves. Done right, a garage remodel can turn your garage into a safe, organized and awesome part of your home. Garage Remodel, Garage Renovations. You can also email me at [email protected].

Our offices are located in Plano Texas. We service Collin County, North Dallas, Plano, Frisco and Mckinney. If you are looking for the Ultimate man-cave or the World’s Cleanest Garage, or simply walls, floors or cabinets, give us a call at 214-507-3415. You can also email me at [email protected].

Did you know that garage man caves are therapeutic? I’m just kidding, but in all seriousness, a man cave garage is sure to be the talk of the town and your home within your home. Plano Texas Handyman specializes in great remodel packages at affordable prices, all you have to do is choose your design and new garage doors if yours are a bit worn out. Garage Renovations

Hi Tech Mancave

Man caves give us the freedom to express ourselves. It gives us the personal space we sometimes need in the middle of the weekly grind we go through 52 times a year. The benefits are endless, but converting a garage into a man cave is certainly easier said than done. That is why I have researched and gathered all the steps one must take to convert and remodel a garage into a dream man cave. Garage Remodel, Garage Renovation. If you need help along the way, we can connect you with the right garage contractors near you! 

Step one: Clean the space
To truly design and create the best garage remodel possible, you need a blank canvas. Many of us use the garage to store bikes, winter clothes, drinks, cleaning supplies, etc. Well, if you’re going to use this garage to the fullest, you need to get organized.

Rummage through all the junk you have in your garage and make sure each item is something you and family needs. If not, sell it on eBay or throw it out. For the items you do need, you better get smart at organizing. Move it to the basement, below the sink or in the laundry room. Do whatever you can to clear out the space before you turn it into the garage man cave everyone will be talking about.

Consideration two: Storage Solutions
The key to consider when you remodel your garage, is to add storage. Plano Texas Handyman only recommends Safe Rack storage. They manufacture the best ceiling and wall racks on the market.

The garages, basements and attics are all good candidates for fitting out with overhead garage racks and a variety of hooks to create more vertical space. In the garage, take a look above the garage door, above where the car is parked and above the furniture (such as workbenches) that you might have installed there. Often you will see that there is plenty of unused space in these places. It can be extremely easy to install storage racks or a safety net in any of these locations to put your garden furniture when you are not using it, to store your barbecue and other equipment you do not use all year round and generally to organize all of the things that homeowners need to keep in an easy to reach place in their garages. Garage Renovations

Step three: Painting and wall repair
The insides of garages are not built with design flair. Man caves, on the other hand, require some color and design. That is why your new garage man cave needs a new finish on all the walls which you can get by hiring a qualified contractor like Performance Drywall Services.

I don’t care if it’s red, blue, green or even white, if you’re converting a garage into man cave, it needs paint. If you need help deciding, make sure you read Popular House Paint Colors For 2014. Garage Remodel, Garage Renovation.

Step Four: Lighting
Most garages have one light installed, but when you’re hosting poker night or your next fantasy football draft, you need to illuminate the room.

Add LED strip lights of at least 5000k which daylight bright light. Garage lighting doesn’t have to cost a bundle, especially when you buy a budget multi-pack like the Barrina LED Integrated Light Fixtures. In this set, you’ll get six single bulb fixtures to place anywhere in the garage needs more light. 

Step 5 : Flooring
For obvious reasons, the standard garage floor can get cold and unwelcoming, two feelings you would never want for your garage man cave.

  1. Garage Floor Mats AKA Roll Out Flooring is a simple product typically constructed of PVC and available in various patterns and colors.  There are some newer products that are carpet-like and have a rubberized backing.
  2. Garage Floor Tiles are generally PVC or Polypropylene squares that interlock. Many customers will lock the product together in a pattern such as a checkerboard. Tiles range in size from 12″ to 18″ and there are a handful of 24″ products on the market. 
  3. Garage Floor Coatings encompass a wide variety of products from inexpensive paint to high end epoxy and specialty products.  The big thing to consider when using a coating product is are you able to do the testing and preparation necessary. More Info

You could add floorboards or even carpet in certain areas (very risky though). Alternatively, you could buy large area rugs, but if you really want your man cave to be the talk of the town, spend the extra cash on a comfortable flooring option. Garage Remodel, Garage Renovation.


These are valuable items and after you show off your unbelievable man cave, all your neighbors will be talking about it. Make sure you purchase special garage door locks. This way, friends and neighbors will need your code to open the garage. Garage Renovations

Likewise, make sure you put a deadbolt on the back door (if your garage has one). If the garage door spring is broken, look for garage door services near you to help you with your garage door repair task. You can also learn at Titan Garage Doors Coquitlam website how to fix it. For more protection, you could also extend your security system.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, it’s time to get into the fun stuff. As I noted in 10 Must-Have Items for the Ultimate Man Cave, a recliner is the No. 1 essential item all man caves need.

The age-old picture of a man drinking a beer on his recliner in his man cave has not died. However, the modern man cave has evolved and you need comfortable seating for all your friends. Whether you add a sectional, a huge leather couch, multiple recliners or even bar seats, make sure you have enough seating for you and all your guys.

Bar & Fridge
The man cave is supposed to be convenient and it surely won’t be if you have to run inside every time you want a drink or another sandwich. If you have space, try to build your own bar in the corner of your new man cave garage. Leave space and electrical outlets for a mini fridge or a larger one if you can fit it.

Believe me when I say that without a fridge, your friends will not enjoy this man cave. Garage Remodel, Garage Renovation.

No man cave can be complete without its fair share of sports memorabilia. If you have always wanted a place to show off that Derek Jeter ball or a wall to hang that Tom Brady jersey, your man cave is it.

If you’re not into sports, add movie posters, pictures of the kids or anything that makes you happy. It’s your man cave. Be sure to add all the personal flair you want!

Garages are the perfect location for a man cave. If separates the home and your home within your home. It gives you the freedom you demand after a long week. If you want some more ideas for extra rooms that can add more space to your home, Click Here. Now that you know what you need, go out and start building or designing your own garage man cave.

If you are looking for the Ultimate man-cave or the World’s Cleanest Garage, or simply walls, floors or cabinets, give us a call at 214-507-3415, Plano Texas Handyman. You can also email me at [email protected]m.