Kitchen Range Hood Replacement

Kitchen Range Hood Replacement

Kitchen Range Hood Replacement – If you have played host for Thanksgiving or any daily cooking event, you know exactly what a difference kitchen ventilation can make—or what it could have made, if only your range hood had been up to the task. The right range hood doesn’t just make cooking more pleasant, it also improves the air quality of your entire home. So now is a great time to replace yours, ahead of more holiday cooking and day-to-day time indoors.  Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 to discuss the installation of your New Kitchen Range Hood. Visit our website at for more information. New Kitchen Range Hood. Kitchen Range Hood Replacement

In addition to removing cooking odors, a range hood whisks away grease, moisture and such pollutants as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. And instead of filtering and recirculating air in the kitchen, it should duct to the outside in order to carry exhaust and odors completely out of your home for a healthier environment inside.

It’s also possible to find a hood that works quietly while you’re carrying on a kitchen conversation, learn about cabinet refacing at the link. Look for certified sound ratings and sone levels (one sone is equivalent to around 40 decibels). The lower the sone level, the quieter the range hood will be; just make sure to double-check sone levels for all fan settings before you commit.

In other range hood features, dishwasher-safe filters make maintenance easy, and sensor lighting provides safety when you’re prowling for a midnight snack. Whether your range hood update is a replacement or upgrade, the variety of designs on the market means you can accommodate both your kitchen’s style and your year-round cooking routine with healthy, effective results.  High Performance Kitchen Range Hoods, Kitchen Range Hood Replacement

Range Hood

The interesting thing about range hoods is that most all of them are completely ineffective, most all of them.  A GE under cabinet microwave oven/ventilation combo unit installed over most ranges have a maximum CFM (cubic foot per minute) air exchange at 190 CFM.  In comparison, an upper end stand-alone range hood can extract upwards of 300 CFM.  Reality check, this is not much of a difference.  Taking 190 CFM of air from a standard kitchen means you will have a complete air change every 15 to 25 minutes, not so good.  Under this scenario, you would practically cook one course of an entire meal and not clear the or of the associated odors.

SOLUTION:  The above investment in a microwave oven would be less than $300, the range hood would be $125.  Neither of these units actually remove negligible odor from the cooking event.

Consider investing $650 in a High performance (vented) range hood.  This hood will move 900 CFM.  Now consider the same 500 square foot kitchen with a 900 CFM range hood, you will make a complete are exchange every 4 minutes or so. An improvement of 600% to 800%.  Dramatic improvement!  New Kitchen Range Hood

This high end range hood unit features a 8 in. round duct vent exhaust, delayed power auto shut off, credit card size wireless remote control system and a 900 CFM motor. The range hood can be controlled via the remote control from 20 ft. away and the 900 CFM motor provides powerful air ventilation. Remove grease, smoke and odors from your kitchen with a beautiful Cavaliere under cabinet range hood.  High Performance Kitchen Range Hoods

Other benefits include:

  • Under cabinet range hood delivers superior ventilation above the cooking surface and ventilates air outside the home
  • Touch sensitive keypad with LCD display and credit card sized remote control allow them to user adjust the fan speed, the light setting and unique heat sensitive auto speed function
  • The 4 fan speeds with a timer function allow the user to customize the ventilation to fit their needs
  • 900-CFM motor is powerful for heavy duty cooking
  • Stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher-friendly for easy cleaning
  • Two 35-Watt GU10 halogen lights illuminate the cooking surface
  • For external ventilation, a 8 in. round duct is required to fit the 8 in. round duct vent exhaust
  • Stainless steel (brushed finish steel sheets) construction creates a beautiful aesthetic, is durable and is easy to clean

Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 to discuss the installation of your new kitchen range hood or Visit our website at for more information.  High Performance Kitchen Range Hoods, New Kitchen Range Hood, Kitchen Range Hood Replacement