Summer Outdoor Lighting Options

Summer Outdoor Lighting Options

Summer Outdoor Lighting Options – People like to spend more time outdoors during the evening when the weather gets a little warm. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your home’s exterior and offer you a perfect nighttime entertaining space. Outdoor lighting provides security by illuminating dark areas around your exterior and keeps walkways and steps safe for you and your guests. Summer Outdoor Lighting Options


By using lighting from Light Scapes as well as other companies alike, you can create a well-lit, stylish, outdoor space and put the right light in the right place. Mentioned below are some exciting outdoor lighting options that can give your home a significant design boost.

Plano Texas Handyman can suggest low cost options to light your backyard. Call us at 214-507-3415 or visit our website for all our capabilities. Summer Outdoor Lighting Options

String lighting

String lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to light up your backyard or garden. This soft, low-voltage, accent light evokes a warm ambiance. Synonymous with party lights, you can also wrap them around tree trunks and deck railings. Click here to get informed on the tree services near you for a landscape renovation.


Outdoor lanterns look lovely set against a green backdrop. They are easy to move and available in a range of styles and finishes. You can hang lanterns in strategic locations around your patios manchester or hang them from gazebos, patio covers, pergolas, or tree limbs for a unique look.

Path lights

They are low-sitting, downward-facing lights used to illuminate walkways, making them safe to navigate. Install path lights on the ground along both sides of the walkway from your driveway to the entryway. Choose a path light that coordinates with the rest of your landscaping and offers adequate brightness. Some of the options include flush lights, bollard lights, LEDs, or downlights. You could even opt for Solarfackel, which are energy-efficient solar lights.


They are the best when you want to highlight architectural features and landscaping. They offer an excellent visual impact and also considered as a good security measure. Also known as up-lighting, they cast a focused beam of light. By placing two spotlights on opposite sides, larger areas can be illuminated, making them meet on the center of a point of interest. This is espescially effective for illuminating flagpoles. Many people now use solar-powered lighting, similar to this solar light for residential flagpoles, due to its environmentally friendly credentials and ease of installation (no wiring needed).


Define the shape of your garden by placing up lights at the base of the tree trunk. They accentuate trees and create a fantastic visual impact, another thing you can do is to is to do some tree pruning to clear the view, here are some Reasons for Summer Pruning on Your Trees. Placing them along the sidewalls also creates a safe passage from the gate to the house. Plano Texas Handyman can suggest low cost options to light your backyard. Call us at 214-507-3415 or visit our website for all our capabilities.


They can be used to illuminate an entryway, garage, or a stairway. It helps to position lights at least nine feet from the ground to let them cast a wider beam of light. Floodlights keep your outdoors safe by discouraging intruders.


The warm orange glow of custom stone fire pits can really bring a garden to life at night. The dancing flames are mesmerising to watch, whilst they also provide much-needed heat to guests on chilly evenings. A firepit has the added advantage of not needing electricity for it to work, so if you don’t have an electrical supply outside, this could be perfect for you. For added interest, place candles around the garden – just make sure they’re positioned safely!

Recessed lights

They are installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling, wall, or other surfaces. They bring the right level of illumination to help you use your backyard during the night. It is crucial to choose the right type and light level according to your requirement. Summer Outdoor Lighting Options. Also, don’t forget to use cordless pruning shears to clean all the weeds and make the garden look more mesmerising.

Orbs and spheres

You can install them on your patio or throughout your backyard garden. You can use orbs individually or in clusters to set a mystical vibe.

Some other popular options are rope lights, pendant lights, under glow, cluster lights, and candles, and torches. You can mix different types of lights and experiment with styles and finishes.

Outdoor lighting plays an essential role in highlighting the overall look and feel of your front and backyard. Select your lighting options based on the space available and the ways you want to use your outdoors.

Plano Texas Handyman can suggest low cost options to light your backyard. Call us at 214-507-3415 or visit our website for all our capabilities. Summer Outdoor Lighting Options