Option for New Garbage Disposers

Option for New Garbage Disposers

Option for New Garbage Disposers

Having garbage bins in your kitchen is a convenient way to get rid of food waste. But whether you’re seeking your first-ever disposal unit or looking to replace an old one, you’re going to want the best of the best. That’s where we can help.

We’ve combed everything from customer forums to plumbers’ blogs to track down the roll off dumpsters and garbage disposals real people own and love. And after many hours of research, we’ve selected the best roll off dumpsters and garbage disposals for you and your family.

Read on for our top picks.

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Why Should You Buy a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals are just plain handy when it comes to handling, well, garbage. This includes food scraps, smelly leftovers you forgot in the back of the fridge, or even flowers kept a little past their prime. Sure, a good kitchen trash can serves a similar function just effective, but people are crazy about their disposals for other reasons. Option for New Garbage Disposers, but if you need a dumpster as well, there are services for this, and you can learn more about the company that offer this services here.

For starters, there’s the convenience factor. Prepping and cooking often produces a lot of food discards. And each time you have to reach for the trash can, it interferes with the flow of the cooking process. If you think about it, dropping your waste down the sink is actually much more intuitive—not to mention, cleaner. 

Furthermore, each food scrap you stick down the disposal is one less item you’re throwing in the trash. And with a smaller amount of waste to stink up or overflow the bin, you’ll find yourself taking out the trash a lot less frequently. In-sink garbage disposals may not eliminate the dreaded chore altogether, but it’s a step in the right direction. Plus, you may find that your bins are less appealing to pets and neighborhood critters in search of a snack. It’s another perk of putting your most edible garbage down the disposal. 

Finally, using a food waste disposer to grind up food waste can actually lead to enormous potentials in renewable energy, which we’ll go into more detail below.

Are Garbage Disposals Good for the Environment?

The environmental impact of garbage disposals has long been the subject of debate. Over the years, researchers have struggled to provide a definitive answer as to whether a grinder or a landfill is the more eco-friendly option. However, recent research has brought forth evidence in favor of garbage disposals.

According to a study about food waste published on Oregon.gov, food treatment with in-sink grinding (ISG) ranks above landfill, depositing in all accounts when considering climate impact, energy concerns, and effects on soil productivity. In fact, ISG is considered to have great potential for renewable energy production.  Option for New Garbage Disposers

Another study has suggested that home food waste deposited in municipal sewage systems via garbage disposals could be a very potent resource for biogas harvest. By applying biogas recovery technology to these treatment systems, organic waste by-products from anaerobic digestion could be controlled and exploited.

How to Choose the Best Garbage Disposal

What makes an in-sink garbage disposal system good or bad? There are a few basic aspects that consumers should consider prior to purchase.

How Noisy Are Garbage Disposals?

If you’re sensitive to noise, you should know that all garbage disposals produce it but some are louder offenders than others. When choosing a garbage disposal, you’ll want to carefully consider the noise levels that work best for you.

To make your choice a little easier, we’ve prepared a chart that compares some of the top models on the market at peak volume. If loud noises bother you, you might be a great candidate for the whisper-quiet InSinkErator Evolution Excel, while those with less sensitive ears might be happy with InSinkErator’s slightly louder Evolution XTR or even Badger 5 models.

How Noisy Are Garbage Disposal

However, a lower volume often requires a bigger budget. The machines with better sound insulation are often more advanced—and more expensive. The Evolution Excel is the optimal choice, but only if you have a little extra cash to spare. If you’re trying to spend as little as possible, the cheaper but noisier Waste King L-8000 or Badger 5 should suit your needs.  Option for New Garbage Disposers

It’s worth noting that apart from the disposal unit itself, other factors may also affect the noise level. If you value your peace and quiet, you may want to ensure your sink is sound-insulated so as to avoid amplifying the noise of the attached disposal. These days, all the best sinks have foam-coating and deadening pads. If your sink lacks these features, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

How Much Food Waste Do You Produce?

A large volume of rubbish requires a assistance to get rid of. If you visit bulkywaste.ie you’ll find pros with the right equipment to get the job done. So, before you buy a disposer, think about how much horsepower (HP) would be sufficient to deal with your daily load of garbage. 

Here’s what we infer after digging around:

  • ⅓ or ½ HP: for a small house or apartment with 1-3 people
  • ¾ HP: for families with 4-6 people
  • 1 HP: able to support a family of 7-9 people
  • 2 HP: powerful enough for more than 9 people, usually used for commercial ends.

We don’t think that ⅓ HP models are capable of meeting the average person’s garbage disposal needs and have therefore chosen to exclude them from our picks. On the flip side, 2 HP models provide more power than you’d need in an ordinary home. However, we think that ½ to 1 HP models are totally suitable for most families—just opt for the HP that matches the size of your household. Option for New Garbage Disposers

We’ve made the choice a little simpler by putting together a table that pairs each of our picks with its suggested household size, assuming a fairly ordinary family routine with three meals a day and no guests. Your North Dallas and Plano Home Improvement expert is Plano Texas Handyman. Call Ted at 214-507-3415 to discuss your home improvement project.

Suggested Disposals Based on Family Size

If your family is small but loves to throw dinner parties, feel free to go for a more powerful machine, like the InSinkErator Evolution Excel. But if you don’t cook at home that often, a lower-HP model such as the Badger 5 should do just fine. Just think about what’s right for your lifestyle.

How Strong Do You Want Your Motor?

Motor strength doesn’t simply dictate the amount of waste your disposal can tackle—it also determines how well it can actually grind everything up. Stronger motors can tackle tougher garbage, grinding it up more finely than weaker motors. This matters because the finer the grind, the less likely it will clog the drain.

That said, weaker models are quite popular among certain groups. ⅓ HP models are the weakest ones on the market, yet they sell relatively well. This might be because these models are more affordable, or simply because 45 percent of the US adult population is single and may live in small apartments or studios that do not have the space for bigger models. 

½ HP models are a bit stronger and are a more ideal choice for small homes. Both the ½ and ⅓ HP motors are recommended for regular light use only and should be treated gently.

If you want your disposal to tackle garbage that the ½ and ⅓ HP motors can’t handle, you’ll want a ¾ or 1-2 HP model. ¾ HP motors have the strength and technology to deal with bones and hard, fibrous vegetables that would stump weaker models. 1-2 HP motors can withstand heavy use and even tougher food waste.

If you’re curious how our picks compare to one another when it comes to grinding capabilities, we’ve prepared a chart to demonstrate.

Garbage Disposal Capability

Weaker models like the InSinkErator Badger 5 and Waste King L1001 can’t grind anything tougher than fibrous veggies, while the stronger Evolution Excel is able to handle all sorts of food scraps in the kitchen, including meat bones.. 

Reviews of the Best Garbage Disposals in 2020

Our list includes a wide range of models spanning from high-end options that offer top-of-the-line features to budget alternatives that can satisfy basic needs. 

Here’s our picks for the Best Garbage Disposals.

  1. InSinkErator Essential XTR 3/4HP Garbage DisposerBest To Buy in 2020
  2. Waste King L8000 Legend 1HP Garbage DisposalBest Value Garbage Disposal
  3. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1HP Garbage DisposalBest High-End Disposer
  4. InSinkErator Badger 5 1/2HP Food Waste DisposerBest for Small Home
  5. Moen GXS75C GX 3/4HP Garbage DisposalBest Moen Disposer
  6. Waste King L1001 Garbage DisposalBest Budget Food Disposal
  7. InSinkErator Septic Assist 3/4HP Garbage DisposalBest Septic System Safe Disposal

Your North Dallas and Plano Home Improvement expert is Plano Texas Handyman. Call Ted at 214-507-3415 to discuss your home improvement project.