Fall Home Renovations

Fall Home Renovations

Fall Home Renovations

The Capital Construction website has great ideas and examples of fall home renovations, because if you think about it, how did you spend the first day of fall this year? It probably was not one of the most productive days I’ve ever had. In fact, I spent most of it reading on my brand spankin’ new Dell Laptop promoting Plano Texas Handyman. That was last year, this year I watched college football all day and it was glorious, but also extremely lazy. So much for my “work out more” idea!

Having a lazy day once in a while isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re stuck indoors because of the cold, why not turn your snow day into a “go day”? The weather outside may be frightful, but custom homes by Buildrite Sydney can be oh so delightful. If you’re feeling the post-holiday blues, here are some simple home improvement projects to get your house moving in the right direction. 

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Do some painting
Did you know that cold weather is ideal for drying paint? The dryness of the winter months actually makes winter the perfect time to paint the interior, so we crack a window, grab our favorite brush and transform the old room into new! Select a bold color and paint an accent wall in your living room. Or add dimension to your bedroom by painting the ceiling. If you’ve really got the DIY bug, use painter’s tape to create stripes or patterns on a wall. Using a mural on a wall can also add a very modern take on an accent. Check out Murale design for high-quality murals. Whatever you choose, new colors are a sure way to add visual interest to your walls and bring a splash of sunshine into a drab winter home.

Change out your light bulbs
This one’s a bit of an investment, but you won’t regret replacing your bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulb. It’s a great way to go green and save money. On average, an Energy Star qualified light bulb will save more than $40 in electricity costs over its lifetime, so don’t let the upfront cost of these bulbs scare you away from making the purchase.  Winter Home Improvement Projects, Fall Home Renovations . Don’t hesitate on asking brisbane heritage home makeovers for extra help for a more professional and faster result.

Repair the roof
Getting your home prepared for winter storms is vital if you don’t want anything to go crash in the night. Get in touch with some Milwaukee roof repair services or another roofing repair service in your local area to ensure that no roof tiles are at risk of blowing down. Hopefully, there won’t be too many roof tiles to replace, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. It is worth checking out professional residential roofers when you’ve decided on having a roofing repair or a roofing replacement

Install a backsplash
Backsplashes are to kitchens, as spices are to spaghetti sauce; they’re essential for completing the flavor. If you’d like to kick your kitchen up a notch, a backsplash will help accessorize and emphasize your countertops, cabinets and appliances. For a kitchen that needs color and life, a flashy or textured tile, a subway tile can wake up a plain scheme. For a kitchen that already has personality, sleek, neutral tile can add elegance and unity to the room’s look. If you want your kitchen to exude charm, wow guests, and make every meal a luxurious escape, visit grancogranite.com today to install the countertop of your dreams. If you’re daring in your design, check out Krissy’s post for unique backsplash ideas. And when you’re ready to go, this guide from HGTV can help you figure out how to install your very own tile backsplash. Winter Home Improvement Projects, Fall Home Renovations .

Refurbish your doors
Interior doors can have a lot of visual impact on your home. The good news is you can virtually “replace” all of your doors without spending excessively. Here are some ways to make over your interior doors.

Paint them. Dark doors can make your home look more expensive. Colored doors can look much more modern and whimsical than traditional wood.
Change the doorknobs. Updated hardware is an instant fix for outdated doors.
Add molding to flat doors. Molding can create dimension and give an elegant, expensive feel to any run-of-the-mill doorway.  Winter Home Improvement Projects, Winter Home Renovations.

Give your closet a makeover
Is organization on your list of resolutions for 2017? Kick off your most-organized year by tackling your closet. If you create a place for everything, you’ll be a lot more likely to put things away. There are so many things you can do to customize a closet for your needs. To start, install shelving, purchase an over-the-door shoe rack and donate all the items that you no longer need, wear or fit into. Check out this post for more ideas to help you get your closet in order.  Winter Home Improvement Projects, Fall Home Renovations .

Install an Electric Fireplace
Nothing is more impressive than a well designed and installed electric fireplace for you home that will provide dramatic warmth and appeal to your home.  An electric heater that mimics the look and feel of a real gas or wood fire, an electric fireplace is becoming more and more the modern alternative to the mess and stress of a conventional fireplace, and they take reliable electricians to fit. But a lot of people are doubtful with how real they look and how easy they are to install so let us ease your mind with a little cost benefit analysis.  Read below for more benefits of an electric fireplace.

Organize your mudroom or Laundry Room
Make messy mudrooms and laundry rooms a thing of the past. If your family’s coats and boots are out of control, use the mess as motivation to rein in the chaos once and for all. Check out my suggestions for organizing your mudroom here, and by the time next winter rolls around, entranceway disarray will be a distant memory.  Winter Home Improvement Projects

Install a High Performance Range Hood
For a Healthy Home, Upgrade Your Kitchen Range Hood.  If you have played host for Thanksgiving or any daily cooking event, you know exactly what a difference kitchen ventilation can make-or what it could have made, if only your range hood had been up to the task. The right range hood doesn’t just make cooking more pleasant, it also improves the air quality of your entire home. So now is a great time to replace yours, ahead of more holiday cooking and day-to-day time indoors. 

By focusing on the inside of your home while the weather is cold, you’ll have a lot more time to tackle the warm-weather stuff when spring rolls around. What kind of home improvement tasks are you tackling this winter? Let us know in the comments!  Winter Home Improvement Projects, Fall Home Renovations .

Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 or visit our website to view all our capabilities.  Our company specializes in high technology, data, electrical, kitchen renovations and a host of other useful projects with specific attention to detail