Ready to Sell the Family Home?

Ready to Sell the Family Home?

This article was written by guest contributor, Kris Louis of regarding the process to sell your home.

Moving is a challenging process, even when you don’t have kids. Add a few extra bodies to the mix, and you can easily get overwhelmed. However, if you choose to use a waste clearance team such as Litta to help you in the moving process, you may find that the process is much less stressful. In most cases though, there will be some unnecessary frustration at some point while attempting to move home. From extra packing to exhaustive protests, you’ll have to proceed with caution. Here are a few practical tips to make the undertaking less of an aggravation.

Start with a home checkup

The condition of your property is a key factor in how long it takes to sell and for how much. Before you call an agent, spend some time giving your home the once-over to see where issues might arise that could delay the selling process. Put on your analytical hat and look at all of the things a home inspector might. The Mortgage Reports explains that this includes all of the home’s systems, roof, and its overall structure. If you see anything that looks suspect, reach out to a contractor in that field. A few loose shingles, for example, might not seem like much to you, but these types of issues can force you to postpone the sale if the buyer’s home inspector recommends repairs or replacement. Don’t blindly agree and, in the example above, contact a roofing contractor, from a reliable company like Lakeway Roofing, to determine the extent of the damage. Whilst some people might want to get a roof repair if the damage is only small, some other people might want to completely change their roofing materials. A lot of people have been switching their roofs to metal. This is believed to add longevity to your home and also make your home more energy-efficient. Perhaps some homeowners might want to learn more about metal roofing on, for example. That could add some value to your home before you try and sell it too. Ready to sell the family home?

Other things you might also consider are the appliances, driveway, pool and spa equipment, and other features that will be evident in your listing. Make sure the real-world condition of these matches your listing photos.

A thorough cleanout

Once you determine your home is in good shape, it’s time to clean things up so your home’s appearance matches its physical condition. This is the tricky part because kids don’t like to clean, and they dislike getting rid of their stuff even more. Explain what’s going on and then ask the kids to help you decide which of your furniture, seasonal decorations, and other non-essential belongings can go on vacation (aka storage) before the move, you’ll also want to keep in mind your other belongings as well such as your vehicles in which you can decide to drive to your new place of residence (if it’s within driving distance) or you could look into vehicle transport services such as these at as an example of just one company that can cater to any state in the US of A. Keep in mind that storage units in and around Dallas can be pricey, so shop around for a decent rate. For example, places like CubeSmart Self-Storage on Maple Avenue offer introductory rates and discounts when signing a lease. As you pack up the clutter, label each tote or box so you know where they belong. These moving box labels from Olympia Moving will help you stay organized. Ready to sell the family home?

Your next goal is to get things clean. Really clean! In addition to your standard spring cleaning, you will need to attack the dirt and grime hiding in places like heating vents and in light fixtures. At this point, your best option is to bring in professionals. Maid services in Plano charge an average of $157 for a cleaning, but it’s worth the price to have a sparkling-clean home. It is a good idea to also check for any pests that are hiding in your home. It is the time to hire pest control services to get rid of them! Hire a professional pest control expert that has taken Online Pest Control CEU Courses for the best results.

Don’t forget that you still have to live in your home while it is on the market. Keep the things you must have, and give the kids a bit of leeway when it comes to holding onto their important stuffed animals, toys, etc. They will need something to help them feel secure as they watch their world change in front of them. With that in mind, look for ways to keep their bedrooms and play areas tidy (as well as the rest of the house!). Organize their bookcases, add a stuffed-animal hammock (available for less than $10) to the bedroom, and give them a few chores to take the cleaning burden off of you. Ready to sell the family home?

Finally, remember that this is all only temporary. It’s a hassle, yes, but getting your home in shape and keeping it clean are the best ways to ensure a smooth sale. Don’t forget to let the kids check out the new house before moving day, and reward their cooperation with lots of hugs and permission to decorate their new bedroom however they want it.

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