New Home Quality Inspection

New Home Quality Inspection

New Home Quality Inspection – Your new home is a giant jigsaw puzzle, made of thousands of components, then meticulously assembled on your lot by teams of other contractors, commonly known as sub-contractors.

Each team of sub-contractors completes a portion of your home’s construction, then hands off your home and the next phase to the next team of sub-contractors . A New Home Quality Inspection is crucial to make sure the builder did their job, this is whether you’ve just had a brand new home built locally or you’ve bought one on somewhere like

To organize all of this, your builder will typically act as a general contractor and coordinate all of the specialized trade contractors who construct your home. The problem with all this mess is that very few production home builders in this market have virtually no quality control measures or standards. You are therefore at the mercy of the builder with a huge asset. New Home Quality Inspection

Scheduling each step in your home’s construction is an art and a science — and each crew depends on contractors prior to their work. Your builder will set a timeline in place and monitor construction throughout.

In addition to scheduling and monitoring each team of specialized trade contractors, many builders provide home-buyers with one or more interim inspection during the building process. Unfortunately, most home buyers have no idea what to look for, period. That is where Plano Texas Handyman can give you some piece of mind. Plano Texas Handyman provides a 265 point quality control inspection. Call us at 214-507-3415 or visit our website for all our capabilities. New Home Quality Inspection

No matter how skilled each crew is, how diligent the builder, or how thorough the interim inspections are, anything with so many components made by hand by human beings will have items that need attention at the end. That’s why your New Home Quality Inspection is so important. Typically scheduled after a specific construction phase is complete — before you close and take ownership of your home — this inspection is an important opportunity.

How does our service work:
We offer three (3) primary inspection:

  1. Framing Inspection – After the home is framed, dried in, rough electrical and plumbing, doors and windows, before insulation and drywall. We do a thorough 50 point walk through checking the stairs, framing members, building structure, electrical compliance, for the plumbing you can hire a local plumber to do the inspection. We even check the drains for any blockages or weak points so you will be able to contact Drain Masters Plumbing to fix the issue before the sale is made.
  2. Insulation Inspection – Before drywall installation to insure that all gaps and penetrations affecting the envelope are addressed and closed for a tight weather-tight seal.
  3. Final Inspection – This is where the rubber meets the road. This is an extensive 225 point inspection. We inspect a vast array of items that will save both you and the builder a lot of time and money.
    • Exterior quality inspection, paint, doors, windows and roofing, continue reading this on this article
    • Room by room inspection report
    • Cabinetry, countertops, fastening, adjustment, alignment
    • Walls, texture, paint, tile, grout
    • Interior trim, baseboard, casing, crown mold
    • Floors, grouting, sealing, quality
    • Sinks, drain, valve operation, laundry rooms
    • Hardware operation, towel bars, hinges, bathrooms
    • Interior plumbing, toilets, tubs, drains, laundry
    • Window operations
    • Doors and weatherstripping
    • Technology, media rooms, Cat5/6 wiring, video
    • Lights, ventilation, outlets and switches, GFCI’s
    • Panel board, Smoke and Carbon monoxide
    • Plus any other item you want inspected

As a buyer, you and your builder will typically walk your new home together and mark items needing attention. To deliver as problem-free a house as possible, some builders perform their own final inspection before the customer walk through, so blemishes, scratches and dents can be repaired before the buyer ever lays eyes on them. New Home Quality Inspection

Plano Texas Handyman offers a comprehensive New Home Quality Inspection. Call us at 214-507-3415 or visit our website for all our capabilities. Please Note: We DO NOT offer TREC home inspections. This is a quality control inspection to make sure your home is complete to specifications. New Home Quality Inspection

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