Immediate Steps to Take When You Have A Water Leak.

Ceiling Leak

Immediate steps have to be taken when you have a water leak. Water leaks can be caused by a number of things. It’s important to know what solution is needed for each circumstance. For example, not many people think their roof could be the source of the leak but after a storm or strong winds, the WDR Roofing Company may be needed to repair any issues with the roof. But, today we will be focussing on what to do if you have the most common water leak; from your water pipes. Everyone at some point in their lives will experience and/or have to deal with a water leak in their home. It is one of those inevitable things that is bound to happen at least once for a home owner or renter. In fact, water damage due to water leaks is quite common and can be found in many homes and apartments that is why you need to immediately contact an emergency water damage restoration for a Drainfield Restoration service once you’ve noticed this. In addition, since they are so common, it might be useful for you to learn how to find water leaks so that you can immediately prepare for a water damage restoration and water damage drying. This article covers the critical steps necessary when dealing with a water leak, we’ll cover water damage restoration methods in a different post.

Act Quickly – When you discover a leak you’ll want to act quickly in order to avoid any costly damage and repairs. In some cases, that will be unavoidable. However, most leaks discovered early will have caused minimal damage. Remember one important fact: the quicker you react the less the resulting damage to you home we are a local service. We are the best water damage restoration company in the northern Virginia and Washington DC area . Immediate steps to take when you have a water leak:

  1. Shut off the Source – The first thing you will want to do when you discover a water leak is to shut off the water to whatever appliance or source it is leaking from. Remember, a water leak can come from things as simple as a sink with water left running or a water heater that has a faulty vacuum relief valve. You may also want to check your water heater if it functions properly or it needs residential water heater repair. If there are any electronics nearby you will want to immediately unplug and or remove them. In some instances, shutting off the circuit breaker may be necessary. Immediate steps to take when you have a water leak
  2. Relieve and drain the water pressure – We all live in two story homes in Plano and Dallas Texas. If water is leaking from an upstairs source, relieve the pressure. The water has to make its way downstairs, to help the flow and mitigate damage, drill holes in the ceiling to allow water to flow to the lower level floor. To hire an expert you can trust in to your home,
  3. Water is destructive – Water left in wall cavities, above ceilings, in insulation, under cabinets, etc, for any length of time is extremely damaging. GET RID of the water immediately. Examining the state of your gutters regularly is more important than what you might think, especially when it concerns leftover water. Many people may not be aware that a clogged gutter can prevent any water from being able to drain away efficiently, and if it has been there for a long time, you may start seeing the effects of water damage. Companies similar to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Birmingham will be able to professionally remove any debris that is unable to clear by itself to ensure that the water can have a safe passage through the system, instead of staying in your pipes. It might be useful to check out water extraction Lakeway to get some help and advice on the water damage in your building. A. Drilling holes in the ceiling to let it drain. B. Vacuum water from the holes with a wet/dry vac. C. Vacuum water from the floor with a wet/dry vac. In most cases, if water is removed quickly and promptly, you will have reduced your loss by $1000’s of dollars. Immediate steps to take when you have a water leak.
  4. Call a Professional – If you feel the damage is extensive, you need to call a professional water remediation, water damage restoration, and underground leak repair company, but if your plumbing is the one that’s causing the problem you may want to contact Toilet Backup Repair Services to get your drains unclogged as soon as possible. In addition, if your roof has also been damaged, we recommend calling a commercial roofing company as they handle these situations better.
  5. Shut Off Water Source – Please note, you may also have to turn your main water valve off at the source. Keep in mind that this could be located in your garage, your yard, and most always at the water meter . You will need a water meter lid key and water meter shut-off valve key. Immediate steps to take when you have a water leak.

If the water damage is severe and it caused flooding into your home, we can assist you with our water damage restoration and flood damage clean up service. Please call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 for a home water damage restoration and flood damage cleaning service or visit our website for more information.

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