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Ultimate Fireplace

Ultimate Fireplace

Ultimate Fireplace

Ultimate Fireplace

Ultimate Fireplace – Electric fireplace inserts are a safe, energy efficient, low cost alternative to gas and traditional wood fireplaces. These electric units are available in three types and offer remarkably realistic flame effects. With multiple styles to choose from, here are some of the various things you need to know when considering an electric fireplace insert.  Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 or visit our website for more information on a Wall Mount Fireplace.  Ultimate Fireplace.

Wall Mount FireplaceWall Mount Electric Fireplaces
Clean lines in brushed stainless steel, chrome, gun metal, stone, wood, or mirrored glass finishes will add drama and warmth to any room in your home. While our superior selection includes wall-mounted fireplaces with traditional looking logs, many boast unique flamebeds of glass, rocks or a choice of decorative fill. Each wall-mount model operates with or without the thermostat controlled fan-forced heater so you can take pleasure in the dancing flames year-round. All units plug into a standard 120V outlet making installation a breeze.

Modern & contemporary styling
Supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft.
Thermostat controlled fan-forced heater
Included remote control for convenience

Choosing a Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

A wall mount fireplace is an attractive addition to any home or office. Because it provides a mesmerizing bed of glowing embers with a realistic flame effect. Nearly all models include a gentle source of supplemental heat that can be operated independently of the flame. Because it is electric, it can simply be plugged into an electrical outlet and is ready for use. All of these types of fireplaces are safe to use because they are tested to make sure they meet UL standards and are thermostatically controlled.

Making the right choice for an electrical alternative to a traditional fireplace is of great importance when customers are deciding which model to select for their homes. A wall mount fireplace or a small electric fireplace can be the best choice for individuals who have limited space or want to add a modern touch to their home or office. Not only do they provide eye-catching designs, but they can also provide supplemental or zone heat when the weather turns cold.  Ultimate Fireplace.

Accommodation For All Space And Budget Requirements

Electric FireplaceWhether an individual’s living space or business is small or large, homeowners always want to make wise use of their available square footage. These units are especially ideal additions to condominiums, lofts, apartments, single family homes or offices. A wall mount electric fireplace is a space saving device that can add the instant character of a traditional fireplace experience with a more modern twist. Customers can choose from polished or brushed stainless steel, chrome, gun metal, stone, wood or mirrored glass finishes. Also, color options are available in red, black and white. These designs will complement many décor styles. Whether you choose a wall hanging electric fireplace, a freestanding corner fireplace or a recessed built-in electric fireplace design, they will provide four season capabilities and can be operated with or without the quiet heater turned on.  Ultimate Fireplace.

A wall mount electric fireplace is not only a great space saving accompaniment to any décor, but it is economical, too. The patented flame technology allows an individual to enjoy the ambience of a real fire for 3 cents per hour without the heater on and about 8-12 cents per hour with the flame and heating element operating. It is an attractive, space saving supplemental heat source that is great for heating the rooms that are constantly used by the entire family rather than heating the entire house. Each unit provides approximately 5000 BTUs per hour of heat by using a quiet fan to force the heat generated by the alternative fireplace into the room.

Adding A Modern Touch To A Traditional Medium

Fireplaces have been a staple of homes for thousands of years. They have cooked our food, provided heat during colder seasons and have added a cozy touch to our lives. The design of traditional fireplaces hasn’t changed a great deal for centuries. However, applying new technology and modernizing an old medium is of great importance to many people. A wall mount electric fireplace is on par with wall-mounted televisions and digital picture frames. They are inexpensive to operate and easy to install, because there are no ventilation requirements. They provide a low-cost focal point to any room.  Ultimate Fireplace.

A Small Electric Fireplace For Tight Spaces

Electric FireplaceWhile a wall mount fireplace is a modern way to introduce a focal point that is also a small electric fireplace is another great choice if you prefer a more traditional look. It is the perfect solution for tight spaces, yet homeowners do not have to compromise on the heat output. Each unit produces the same amount of heat as their larger counterparts, and they come in a small, space saving designs. They can also be operated with or without the heater. A small electric fireplace can be plugged into any 120 volt electrical outlet, and most units come with remote control capabilities.

Choosing the best alternative of fireplace model for your unique lifestyle is an important decision. A wall mount electric fireplace is the ideal solution for individuals who have little floor space and who want to add a modern touch to their home or office. In the technological world in which we live, they provide eye-catching designs that supply zone heating when necessary. For individuals who want to add the cozy touch of a traditional fireplace but live in tight quarters, a small electric fireplace is the perfect solution without compromising on the heat output.  Ultimate Fireplace.

Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 or visit our website for more information on a Wall Mount Fireplace.  Ultimate Fireplace.


Center of a Room. Center of a Home.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Fireplaces are a natural gathering place, and are often not just the focal point of a room, but often the focal point of the entire home, proving a respite of warmth, conversation, and meditation from the outside world. Experts agree that renovating a tired, worn out, and outdated fireplace has the same return on investment as updating a kitchen or bathroom, but with a much smaller price tag. Natural stone veneer panels are an excellent choice for such a renovation because they are cost effective and incredibly easy to install.  Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 or visit our website for more information on a stacked stone fireplace for your home.  Stacked Stone Fireplaces.  Ultimate Fireplace.

The World’s Finest Corner Detail
Corners are one of the single most important details to choosing any stacked stone veneer for a fireplace. So we poured over every detail and concept for making the perfect corner. After carefully manufacturing and testing one iteration after another, we eventually concluded that – for a thin natural stacked stone veneer to “turn a corner” properly – it had to be crafted using “fingers” that seamlessly interlock…as if they were made that way in nature. There are other ways to finish a corner, such as using trim options, but after renovating tens of thousands of fireplaces we recommend you don’t settle for less than the finger joint system when it comes to this detail.

Color and Design Matter
Whether you’re envisioning a rustic, colonial, contemporary, modern, or Old World space, color and design add up to making your project look just right. Natural Stone Colors vary naturally, which is what makes it an authentic material to incorporate into projects. Our four colors, Ochre, Charcoal, White, and Ivory can be easily adapted into all color schemes and the clean lines of the product are equally well suited to all different types of design.  Stacked Stone Fireplaces.  Ultimate Fireplace.

Build it Right

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Whether you’re renovating an old brick fireplace, or building one anew, our world-class customer service team will walk you through the right process for you. During a fireplace renovation, you tend to encounter more obstacles than if you are building new. For example, is your existing fireplace built from brick? Is it flat drywall? There are different ways to handle each of these conditions.

Hearth or No Hearth
One of the most common questions about fireplaces is whether or not to have a hearth. Many modern gas fireplaces that use Norstone do not have hearths, but many rustic fireplaces that we work on do. Be sure to peruse our galleries for projects that look like yours to get a better idea of whether or not this is right for you.  Stacked Stone Fireplaces.  Ultimate Fireplace.

Stone Veneer Fireplaces The Easy Way
Fireplace stone veneer allows you to achieve the look of a traditional stack stone fireplace without the thickness and weight of traditional full bed masonry veneer. Whether you just need a stacked stone fireplace surround or want the look to go floor to ceiling, our panel system is a cost and labor effective solution for fireplace stacked stone.  Stacked Stone Fireplaces.

A Timeless Look. An Investment in your Home.
Stacked stone fireplaces when done well offer a timeless look and are proven to hold value making it an ideal home improvement project. Norstone Rock Panels are the choice of many top designers and installers as a premium stone for fireplace renovations and new builds.  Stacked Stone Fireplaces.

Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 or visit our website for more information on a stacked stone fireplace for your home.  Stacked Stone Fireplaces.  Ultimate Fireplace.


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