Security Cameras for your Business

Security Cameras for your Business – If you are a business owner, you have probably thought about getting Las Vegas surveillance systems installed to add cameras to your property. There are numerous benefits that can come from installing a surveillance system in your business, and some of them might be a bit unexpected. However, all of the are well worth the investment. We have installed hundreds of cameras in business’s alike and they have proven to invaluable to the business owners.

There are many systems available, all of them have features and benefits that every business owner should consider:

  • How many cameras do I need to effectively monitor the activity of the business?
  • Should I consider cloud storage in addition to my NVR system?
  • What size of hard drive do I need?
  • What resolution of cameras do I need to view the activity of the business?
  • PoE vs. Video Balun connections, which are best for my business?

Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 to discuss the installation of your business security automation and surveillance system and get an complete answer to the questions. Visit our website at for more information. Security Camera Benefits for a Business

Scare Off Or Catch Burglars
One thing that you should be concerned about is burglary after business hours. An empty business often looks like an open invitation for thieves, especially if other businesses in the area are closed as well. Having plenty of surveillance cameras on your property will be spotted by potential burglars who are scoping out your business, and they are often enough to send someone with bad intentions in their tracks because of their fear of getting caught in the act. If a brave thief decides to break in regardless of your cameras, you will have surveillance footage that you can take to the police. This can help the police to find the person who has burglarized your business, and they may even be able to reclaim your stolen items after this person is caught. Security Camera Benefits for a Business.

Protect Yourself From Employee Theft
Employees are sometimes more likely to steal from you than others are, so it is important to keep an eye on the activity of those who work for you. Fortunately, having security cameras installed in your business is a good way to deter employee theft since most employees will be too scared to try anything if they know that they are on camera. In the event that an employee is acting suspiciously or if your money or inventory isn’t coming up right, simply viewing your surveillance footage will help you to get to the root of the problem and to act accordingly.

Cut Down On Shoplifting
Shoplifting is more common than you probably think, and crafty shoplifters are coming up with more and more creative ways to steal your goods. Having surveillance cameras displayed prominently from your walls or ceiling is a good way to scare these thieves into taking their sticky fingers elsewhere, and keeping an eye on your security footage during business hours can help you to catch thieves in the act. Security Camera Benefits for a Business

Make Your Customers Feel More Comfortable
The comfort of your customers should be a top priority, and security cameras can help to provide this. With all of the mugging, robbing, kidnapping and other bad things that are going on in the world today, many people are terrified of what could happen to them when they are out in public, but a store that has plenty of security cameras will make this people feel much more at ease. Along with having security cameras inside your store, you should also consider having them in your parking lot. This can help to solve hit-and-run accidents, break-ins, vehicle thefts, vehicle vandalism and other crimes that might occur on your property.

Watch Your Employees
Many business owners are concerned about whether their employees actually work or if they play when management is not around to watch them, but surveillance cameras can help you to find out what really goes on at your business when you aren’t there. Along with spotting out employees who do not do their job or who do things incorrectly when they think they aren’t being watched, video surveillance can also give you a clue of who your hardest workers are. Security Camera Benefits for a Business

Keep An Eye On Things When You Are Away
Nowadays, surveillance cameras are much more advanced than the simple video recorders of the past. Along with recording digital video, your surveillance system can often be set up so that you can watch live footage of your business when you are not around. This allows you to check on things when you aren’t able to get to your business, and it allows you to see what is going on when you are away on vacation.

Learn More About Your Customers
Security cameras are not only useful for watching out for crime. By taking a look at your surveillance footage, you can learn more about your customers and what they like. Surveillance footage allows you to notice which displays catch your customers’ eyes and which ones don’t seem to work. Security Camera Benefits for a Business

Save On Insurance
One unexpected benefit of installing surveillance cameras inside your business and on your property is the potential to save on your business insurance. Make sure that you ask your insurance agent if you can get a discount for installing a security system. If you do find that you have been burglarized or you just want to cover yourself and any of your commercial vehicles, you might want to try something like a company van insurance so you can sure you are covered.

Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 to discuss the installation of your business security automation and surveillance system. Visit our website at for more information. Security Camera Benefits for a Business

Professional Handyman Difference

Park Cities Dallas Handyman

Professional Handyman Difference

Professional Handyman Difference – A handyman is a skilled “jack of all trades” who can complete a wide range of repairs or home improvement jobs. Plano Texas Handyman is truly a jack of all trades with an engineering background and master fix-ologist. Call Plano Texas Handyman today at 214-507-3415 for more information ar visit our website to get a full perspective on our capabilities. Professional Handyman Difference

A handyman, or handyman service, usually charges clients an hourly rate, plus material costs, regardless of the task. Many homeowners compile a list of repairs and hire a handyman to complete the list in a single visit.

The term “handyman” is loosely defined. Some are self-trained, while others have formal training in various aspects of construction and home repair. A home handyman might specialize in a few types of home maintenance, such as painting, carpentry, or tiling, while others may have additional skills such as plumbing and electrical expertise.

There’s no national standard or regulation for handymen. Licensing and regulation vary by state. New Jersey, for example, requires handymen who work for a profit to register with the state and carry insurance. California requires handymen to carry a license from the State Contractors License Board to work on any project that exceeds $500 in labor and material costs. Find out before you hire the handyman if he or she has the skills needed to complete your project.

Do you need a handyman or contractor?
The scope of the job and level of skill required to complete it should determine whether you hire a handyman or contractor.

“When trying to determine who you should hire for a particular job, consider the task,” says Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List. “If it’s a specialized trade, be sure you hire that tradesperson like someone from plumbers Townsville or an electrician, for example. If it’s little things that you can do yourself, a handyman is probably the right way to go.” Professional Handyman Difference

A handyman is not the best option for a large or complicated project that could take a long time to complete and requires the help of multiple workers. You shouldn’t turn to a handyman either if you need an emergency service for plumbing, electrical, or appliance work unless the handyman is licensed in that trade. If you want to find tradesmen that are reliable, make sure you do plenty of research beforehand. If an unlicensed person does plumbing or electrical work, you have no guarantee that the work has been done to code, which could affect your homeowner’s insurance policy or any claim related to the work. Use a contractor or specialist for remodeling work, room additions and projects that require heavy-duty equipment or licensed professionals like electricians.

Why hire a handyman?
You’ve got an ever increasing to-do list of home improvements like changing out a bathroom faucet, replacing missing shingles on the roof and painting a kitchen wall. You could hire a plumber, roofer and painter who have conflicting schedules and their own service charges, or you could hire a handyman to complete all three projects in one day for one hourly rate. Professional Handyman Difference

Because many handymen charge by the hour, a homeowner can save time and money on home improvement projects by hiring one to complete a wide range of projects at an hourly rate. A service charge from a plumber or roofer to come to your home could equal or even surpass the cost of hiring a handyman for a few hours.

You’re also less likely to be overcharged if your hire a handyman. Unlike a general contractor or specialist who is more likely to price a job based on the estimated amount of time it will take to complete, you only have to pay a handyman for the hours he works, unless you agree on a flat rate. Handymen can keep their rates low because they don’t have to pay additional workers, so they have lower overhead costs than contractors or large companies.

Although handymen have less overhead, they do supply their own tools, so there’s no need to invest in extra equipment you won’t use often or at all. However, you will need to supply the materials.

When you hire a contractor or specialist, they usually supply the materials, and often at a markup. If they don’t provide the materials, they may not guarantee a repair, or your choices are limited to what they have in stock. When you choose your own materials, you know how much the product costs, and you can stay within your budget. You also get to choose the manufacturer, finish and register any warranty agreement.

Handymen have been known to do all types of work, from setting up playground equipment and gas grills to hanging holiday lights and decorations.

Ideal jobs for a handyman
Handymen are best utilized for small, “honey-do” types of home repair work. The following projects are ideal for most handymen:

Minor plumbing work: Many handymen are capable of completing small plumbing jobs like installing new fixtures or repairing a leaky faucet. However, complex projects that require relocating plumbing within the home should be left to a licensed plumber such as You can visit website here to get all the details.

Caulking: Adding a fresh application of caulk to gaps between windows, doors and siding is a great way to improve energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

Decks and porches: Over time, weather can take a toll on wooden decks and porches. A handyman can replace broken boards, apply a finish or sealant and improve or upgrade your deck or porch’s safety and appearance.

Home Automation: We can fully integrate your home into a “smart home”. We have extensive electrical engineering experience and can automate your home easily.

Home exterior repairs: If you have minor damage to your home’s exterior, such as a loose piece of siding or a missing shingle, hiring a handyman to repair those items may prove to be more cost-effective than hiring a specialist. Professional Handyman Difference

Painting and touch-ups: If you have a small painting job, like a wall, garage door, touch-ups of scuff marks or the repair of small holes with spackle, consider a handyman. But remember, a handyman typically charges by the hour, so larger jobs are better suited for a professional painting crew.

Hanging window treatments, pictures and mirrors and installing light fixtures: These small tasks can be easily accomplished by a homeowner. But if you hire a handyman with the right tools and experience, these wall-mounted items will likely be hung correctly and without damage.

Tips to hire a handyman
Interview several candidates before hiring a candidate. A handyman works closely with you in your home, so you want to pick one that you feel comfortable being around. Use the following tips to help you choose the best one:

1. Define the project. Start by compiling a list of the home repairs you want completed. Remember, a handyman is best used for small jobs such as installing light fixtures, patching drywall and interior painting. If the job requires pulling a permit, or moving plumbing or electrical wiring, consider hiring a licensed contractor.

2. Shop around. Check Angie’s List reviews and interview at least three handymen. Ask how many years of experience they have and their areas of specialization. Request references from homeowners who have hired them. Make sure the potential handyman has the skills and experience to complete your project.

3. Watch out for scams. Avoid handymen who contact you with unsolicited phone calls or visits to your home. You should also avoid any handyman who refuses to guarantee the price of the job or asks for payment upfront. Reputable handymen don’t expect to get paid before the project is completed.

4. Get it in writing. Insist on a written agreement laying out the job details, costs and payment schedule. Be clear about the times you expect the work to be started and completed. It’s extremely important to get all guarantees in writing.

5. Ask for a guarantee. Many handymen will guarantee their work for up to one year. Ask about guarantees before you make a hiring decision, and of course, make sure the guarantee is in writing.

6. Inspect the work. Inspect the completed work before paying the handyman. Make sure that everything has been done to your satisfaction and at the agreed upon price. Most handymen will be happy to explain the finished work because they want you to be satisfied.

Plano Texas Handyman is truly a jack of all trades with an engineering background and master fix-ologist. Call Planoi Texas Handyman today at 214-507-3415 for more information ar visit our website to get a full perspective on our capabilities. Professional Handyman Difference

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades – If there’s one place the worlds of form and function seamlessly meet it’s in the kitchen. And upgrading the lighting is an way to add a fresh dose of style and substance to the space. Adding kitchen lighting is relatively easy in most cases and we can find creative ways to conceal all wiring and connections, for some ideas of what lighting works best in a kitchen have a look at Nordlux Lighting.

Even if you don’t have a major kitchen remodel in your future, a simple lighting swap — from adding some architectural track lighting, installing a dramatic chandelier, adding a unique ceiling fan, and placing some high quality LED lighting to dramatize your kitchen — this might be all it takes to upgrade the entire kitchen. Check out Traditions of Hilton Head / lamps for lighting options. Lighting is a lot like painting in that way: it can be an inexpensive, but impressive way to transform the room in a single afternoon. Call Ted with Plano Texas Handyman to discuss your kitchen lighting upgrades: 214-507-3415, Kitchen Lighting Upgrades. Visit our website, Plano Texas Handyman for ideas on your kitchen lighting.

If your kitchen lighting needs an upgrade, consider these 9 easy ideas:

Under-Cabinet LED Light Bars
These long, narrow lights are installed directly onto the underside of your cabinetry, making them ideal for illuminating countertops and prep areas. LED light bars come in a wide variety of lengths and they’re linkable, so even long countertops can be fully and evenly illuminated. They can be either hardwired into the wall for a seamless look, or plugged in for easy installation.

Under-Cabinet Rope Lights
Like LED light bars, rope lights are best used for countertop task lighting. Rope lights are also easy to install: they can be discreetly hung underneath a row of cabinets with a set of rope mounts that screw directly into the cabinetry.

Decorative Flush Mount
One of the fastest ways to give a spec kitchen new style is to swap out the standard ceiling fixture for something with a little more personality. A flush-mount fixture with decorative details — like this drum light with geometric cutouts — is a dramatic addition that only requires a few twists of a screwdriver.

Pendant Lights
If you kitchen has an island or breakfast bar, consider hanging pendant lights above it. Pendant lighting not only adds style to the space, it can also help anchor a kitchen island so it feels more deliberate in an open-concept home. Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Puck Lights
Small, disc-like puck lights are easy to install almost anywhere you need added illumination, from under cabinets to inside deep drawers or in dark corners of the pantry. There are hardwired and plug in puck lights, but for the simplest installation opt for battery-operated LED pucks, which can last up to 30,000 hours and can be hung with Velcro. Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

In-cabinet lighting
Cabinet lighting can be extremely practical for deep or dark cabinets, but added to glass-front cabinetry it adds a cozy, romantic vibe and highlights your best cake stands and wine glasses. Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Cabinet Uplighting
While installing rope or bar lights underneath your cabinetry can be a practical choice, installing them on top of your cabinets can create an ethereal, uplift effect on the ceiling that’s purely aesthetic. Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Track Lighting
If a single ceiling light isn’t cutting it in your kitchen, track lighting is an excellent solution. With a single ceiling junction box, you can install a track light system that will allow you to direct light wherever you need it most. Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Dramatic Chandelier
There are few lighting options that have a more dramatic, unexpected impact on your kitchen than swapping out a simple ceiling lamp for a chandelier. Don’t be afraid to go with something fancy, even in the kitchen. The simple, functional elements of your kitchen will easily balance out an elaborate chandelier. Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Call Ted with Plano Texas Handyman to discuss your kitchen lighting upgrades: 214-507-3415, Kitchen Lighting Upgrades. Visit our website, Plano Texas Handyman for ideas on your kitchen lighting.

Electrical Safety for your Home

Home Electric Codes

Electrical Safety for your Home – Learn how to identify the electrical safety hazards you can’t see before problems arise. Please Visit Plano Texas Handyman website to view and read about all of our capabilities.

Electrical Safety Tips Homeowners Should Know. I often wonder what they would have thought of microwaves, entertainment centers, dishwashers and the armies of other gadgets we take for granted on a daily basis. But your home’s electrical system may have a few things going on that might shock you too. Enlighten yourself with these tips that can help you be a more aware homeowner and may alert you to dangerous electrical problems that need to be fixed. If this is the case then you need to learn how to choose an electrician that will be able to get the job done at a reasonable price.

1. Throw your home a birthday party
For electrical safety reasons, it’s good to know how old your home is and to celebrate its birthday with an electrical safety inspection. Older homes weren’t built to handle the electrical load our contemporary lives carry. Knowing whether your home’s electrical system has been updated to safely handle all the electrical current your family uses is imperative. Replacing an old circuit breaker box merits the expense – for a number of reasons. Electrical Safety for your Home

2. Know your electric panel
Even as recently as the 1990s, faulty electrical panels were being installed in many new homes. Certain brands, including Federal Pacific, ITE, Pushmatic, Zinsco, and GTE/Sylvania, are no longer manufactured and pose electrical hazards that could lead to a fire. Your electric panel should never feel hot to the touch. A hot electric panel points to a big problems. Electrical Safety for your Home
Your circuit breaker panel ensures your home’s electrical safety, but is the panel itself safe?
If your home was built between 1950 and 1990 and is equipped with a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) circuit breaker panel with Stab-Lok circuit breakers, you run a significant risk of breaker malfunction and fire. In this case, it’d be better for you to get a panel upgrade. You can get more info on the panel upgrades here. 

The breakers inside the panel are designed to guard your home against serious electrical problems by preventing circuit overload, short circuits and outside power surges coming into the panel. When an overload occurs, a breaker protects you by tripping, thus shutting down the power to the circuit. However, if a breaker is defective or not operating properly, the risk of fire to the panel and consequently to your home becomes imminent.

Why are Federal Pacific breaker boxes dangerous?
Multiple tests done on the breakers since the 1980s have proven that one in four Stab-Lok breakers are defective and will not properly trip off. Unfortunately, when the testing began in the early 1980s, a New Jersey court later ruled that FPE committed testing fraud and a cover-up, labeling the breakers as meeting the standards set by the UL when in reality, they were defective. If these defective breakers injure homeowners, they could be entitled to starting a defective product case by looking into attorneys such as Clayton Hasbrook J.D. or others available for hire. Electrical Safety for your Home, Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415

In 1983, the Consumer Product Safety Commission closed its two-year investigation and felt it impossible to create a product recall at the time because of budget issues, even as Federal Pacific panels and breakers continued to be installed in millions of homes that to this day still run the risk of an electrical fire. An estimated 2,800 fires each year directly result from Federal Pacific panel breaker malfunction. Federal Pacific Electric has been out of business for many years, but the danger and damage caused by their negligence continues. Electrical Safety for your Home

3. Understand the breakers
These guys are your friends, even though you may find their interference irritating when they trip. They’re trying to tell you something, and it’s usually that you have too many appliances or gadgets connected to the same circuit. Reconfigure your appliances, and if the breakers keep tripping, get help from an electrician

4. Make friends with your fire extinguisher
The only safe way to extinguish an electrical fire is with a fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher. Never use water; it conducts electricity. Keep fire extinguishers on each level of your home, and know how to use them and when to replace them. Electrical Safety Tips Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415

5. Feel your outlets
Place your hand on the outlets in your home. Warm or hot outlets point to trouble. Electrical Safety for your Home

A warm outlet could mean one of several dangerous situations is brewing: an electrical load on this circuit is too high, wiring is melting, wiring isn’t up to code or is loose. Also, note if the outlets don’t hold plugs, or if the outlet itself seems loose on the wall.

Replace any two-pronged outlets with newer, grounded three-pronged outlets. Any outlet near water should be switched to code-correct GFCI outlets. Call an electrician in Point Cook (or an electrician local to your home) to handle these requests. Don’t attempt to fix this yourself.

6. Keep an eye on the lights
Flickering lights could mean you need to repair or replace your electrical panel, or you have too many appliances plugged into one circuit. Don’t ignore this issue. Electrical Safety Tips
What Do Electrical Wire Color Codes Mean?
All home electrical wires made in the U.S. follow standard color codes that identify each wire’s function in a circuit.

7. Ground older appliances
Older appliances could have grounding issues that might put you at risk for a shock. Ensure all of your appliances have three-pronged plugs that can properly connect to a grounded outlet. Any kitchen appliances with just two-pronged plugs should be replaced. If the outlets aren’t grounded, they should be replaced, and a new circuit should be installed. When replacing electrical installations, it’s important to contact a professional electrician as this can be dangerous for someone who isn’t experienced with electricals. Perhaps it might be worth contacting Asbury Electric (, or another company similar, to see if they could install a new electrical circuit for you.

Electrical work is inherently dangerous. Professional electricians receive years of training and on-the-job experience before the state grants them a license. Use discretion when attempting your own electrical work. To make sure all the electrical systems in your home are safe, up to code and working as they should, hire a trusted electrician to handle the job. Electrical Safety for your Home. Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415