8 Home projects you shouldn’t ignore

8 Home projects you shouldn’t ignore

Certain home improvement projects can cost you in the long run if they go unaddressed.

It can be tempting to put off home improvement projects because of financial restrictions or a busy schedules. However, there are some issues that can lead to thousands of dollars in replacement and repair costs if ignored. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 to discuss an estimate of essential home repairs. You can also visit our website at www.planotexashandyman.com for more information. 8 Home projects you shouldn’t ignore

1. Roofing problems
It’s important to address minor roofing issues before they become significant. Calling a professional like Water Damage and Roofing Austin doesn’t mean you have to replace your roof; it simply allows you to make an informed decision. If you’re noticing leaking, loose shingles, discolored spots or bald-faced patches, connect with a pro like this team as soon as possible and have a roof repair service come out. Usually a leak can be corrected by simply adding flashing, repairing flashing or adding roof caulk and/or roof cement from a ready mix cement suppliers company. 

2. Energy killers
If you have energy issues related to poorly installed equipment, and air infiltration from items as simple as door weatherstripping, window caulking, and drafty light and plug switches, these are easy and inexpensive changes and can save you a lot of Money in the long run. 8 Home projects you shouldn’t ignore

3. Install energy Efficient Lighting
Assuming you have a 2500 square foot home, with a total of 25 – 60W incandescent bulbs (lamps, fans and bath fixtures), 15 – 65W BR40 spot lights (can lights), and 4 – 4? 40W t40 fluorescent bulbs (closets and laundry).

The total out of pocket cost to replace these bulbs with LED lighting would be approximately $485.00, including professional installation. Installing Energy-Efficient Indoor Lighting Systems. 8 Home projects you shouldn’t ignore

The total annual savings realized based on .11c/kwh would come to $240.00 annually in energy usage, up-front, the payback seems to be 2 years! However, you must consider the longevity and useful life of the asset, LED bulbs last on average 14.7 years compared to 2.1 years for standard incandescent. Essentially, you will have to replace incandescent bulbs 7 times. The bottom line is that over the life of the LED product (14 to 15 years), you will save over $3200.00 in energy usage and bulb replacement.

4. Runaway rainwater
An aluminum gutter installation controls the flow of rainwater from your roof to the ground and away from your home. Not controlling rainwater can damage your home’s exterior, lead to soil erosion and affect the integrity of your landscaping, you’re able to keep your gutter debris-free for longer with products like gutter guards from companies such as mastershield.

However, if you haven’t installed a gutter guard and have found that your gutter is clogged, there’s no need to panic. A clog can be caused by a variety of different materials, but a lot of the time a clog is caused by a build-up of leaves that have fallen from trees, particularly in the fall, the solutions is to hire JAGG Premium Roof Systems serve all of Indianapolis to help you cleaning the gutters.

In this case, the issue can be fixed with a leaf blower with special accessories that make it easy to clean hard to reach places, such as your gutter; find them at https://thebestleafblowers.com/leaf-blower-gutter-attachment-kits/. If utilizing this tool still leaves you with a clog in your gutters, with subsequential damage to your roof, it’s best to employ the help of a professional. An additional benefit of gutters: They can ward off insects in your basement or crawl spaces.

5. Poor insulation
Insulation helps regulate temperature by controlling the amount of heat lost and gained. This allows your home to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Without insulation, half of the energy used to regulate your home’s temperature is lost. Upgraded insulation in your home will add to its comfort level while allowing you to save on energy bills.

6. Leaky faucets and toilets
The longer you allow a leak to continue, the worse the situation is going to be. Monitor your water bill each month – if you notice a significant jump but haven’t increased the amount of water you’re using, it’s time to a call a plumber because you may have a hidden leak. I have seen instances where a leaky faucet cost a home owner over $5000 in repairs by ignoring the damage that can be done by leaking water. 8 Home projects you shouldn’t ignore

7. Electrical issues
If the culprit isn’t a light bulb nearing the end of its life span, it’s important to connect with a professional. Flickering lights can imply your current wiring was improperly done or is wearing out in some spots. Ignoring this issue can lead to a house fire.

8. Exterior water penetration and damage
If you notice wet drywall, damp floors or any sign of water penetrating the home from the exterior, fix it immediately. If you have any exterior wood rotting especially door jambs, have them replaced, it will only cause further damage. 8 Home projects you shouldn’t ignore

WATER is the single most damaging element you can introduce into the home, even in small quantities. NEVER let is go unnoticed and UN-repaired.

Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman 214-507-3415 to discuss an estimate of essential home repairs. You can also visit our website at www.planotexashandyman.com for more information. 8 Home projects you shouldn’t ignore

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