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Garage Organization In 7 Steps
Garage Organization- The Most dreaded project that many homeowners face is garage organization. It always seems that people consistently stuff tons and tons of things in the garage only to find that there is no longer space for their vehicles. The main reason people buy homes with a garage is to keep their vehicles inside away from the elements, vandals and thieves. It’s silly that after a short time in their new homes people just fill their garages with clutter. If you fit that description, you need to wake up and reclaim your garage. These easy garage organization tips will help you to clean up your act and keep your garage in perfect order!

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1. Gather the Troops
You’ll need to set a date for the garage organization project. Be sure that each and every family member that is old enough to be helpful plans nothing else for that weekend. A group effort will help the project get completed faster, improve the bonds between all of the family members and could actually prove to be a fun project.

2. Prepare for the Project
It is essential that you are well prepared prior to your weekend project. You’ll need plenty of trash bags and plastic storage bins. Additionally, a recycling bin might just save the day. Good quality recycling bins (which by the way, could be purchased from and similar web portals) can make cleaning easy and recycling simple.

Therefore, all the trash that would be produced from the project could be simply recycled and reused., if you have some old tires you will like to turn in to furniture or something else, check out this tire recycling line .Also, it would be wise to pick up a good supply of cold cuts from deli counter and a fair amount of rolls or bread too. You simply won’t want to stop working to cook lunch and dinner. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps. Garage Organization.

Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

3. Get Everyone Moving
The first item on the agenda is to get every single thing out of the garage. Picture the garage on the day that you moved in, clean and clear of all items and debris. This is what it must look like first and foremost. As soon as everything is outside, break out the cleaning products and scrub it down until it sparkles. Your garage will only sparkle when you know that you have picked up the tiniest bits of debris. So, don’t forget to run the best garage vacuum that you have over the floor first to pick up any bits of rubbish and dust that you can’t see before continuing with the cleaning. You’ll feel good about yourself afterwards and you’ll be ready to face your next challenge.

Turn on the music and crank it up. Be sure to include music selections that will please everyone. The only rule is nothing slow because people tend to get more accomplished when they listen to fast paced music. This will help to get everybody moving, having fun and the job completed quickly. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps. Garage Organization.

4. Sort and Select
Now that all of the items that had formerly lived in the garage are out, you’ll need to decide which will return to their abode, which will need to find new homes and which should simply be retired to the trash dump. This process tends to be the most difficult for homeowners. Getting rid of old items can be tough sometimes but truly necessary. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

You’ll need to really think about whether or not you need each item. You should ask yourself if it helps you to make money, if you use it regularly and if it is still able to do the job it was meant to do. For example, if you have a rake in the garage that is missing tines, it needs to go. The job that it was meant to perform can no longer happen as half of the leaves would still be on the lawn. Toss it and replace it with a working one. Items that are still usable but not needed in your household should be donated to charity. The items that you want to keep must be cleaned and stored safely in bins. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps. Garage Organization.

5. Make Your Mark
It’s really important that all of the bins are marked with their contents. Your garage organization project will be all for naught if you don’t have a comprehensive list of the contents of the bins. A label maker is the best tool for the job. They are inexpensive and do a great job. They’re also easy to remove from the plastic in the event you need to discard one of the items within. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

6. Stow Your Stuff
All of the bins will need to be stored in the overhead garage racks. You should dedicate specific areas for each group of bins. This will help you to find just what you need quickly and efficiently. Garage organization is all about neatness and the ability of the homeowner to find the right item when he or she needs it. Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

Bicycles are other items can also get up off of the ground and be attached to the garage overhead storage racks with the use of deck hooks, rail hooks, and or sport utility hooks. Your goal should be to have minimal items on the floor space. Once you feel that you have completed the project, step back and look at what you have accomplished. As soon as you’re finished admiring your work, get in the cars and pull them into their new home. They will surely be safer there and your investment will be much better protected than it would be parked in the driveway! Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps, Garage Organization.

7. The Right Stuff
If you didn’t take the advice and buy quality overhead storage racks, you will be sorely disappointed. The clutter will begin to build again. SafeRacks provides all sorts of garage storage equipment that will last you a lifetime. Check out the product pages and order today.

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