Winter Remodeling Trends

Winter Home Remodeling Projects

Winter Remodeling Trends

Winter Remodeling Trends – Project requests decline precipitously during the holiday season. This decline is easily explained, as every dollar spent on retail is another dollar that can’t be spent on home improvement contractors. While kitchen and bathroom remodeling and other major renovations tend to get hit hardest, there are a small handful of home improvement contractors that can be truly invaluable during the holiday season.  Plano Texas Handyman has always experienced a spike in business during the holidays and winter months.

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Despite the explosion of DIY culture in home improvement, winter (and the holiday season, in particular) does not motivate most homeowners to work on their homes. Even needed repairs may be passed on to the professionals. When appliances break down, staircase railings become loose, or the dog finally manages to dig its way under the fence, many homeowners opt for the convenience of local professional handymen. In fact, some homeowners even opt to hire a handyman for the quintessential holiday project—hanging lights.

One of the most popular single handyman tasks during the holidays is assistance with basic energy efficiency and stopping air leakage. Help with the installation of weatherstripping and caulking jumps 10.9 percent in December over the rest of the winter months. Along the same lines, basic heating system repairs jump in December, while a spike in heating system installation, which requires a significant investment in the home—doesn’t occur until after the holidays.  Winter Remodeling Trends

Fall/Winter Home Remodeling Trends
Soon enough it will be time for the fun and chaos of the holiday season, now is the time to think about those Fall/Winter home projects you might want to get taken care of before the family visits for the holidays.

We asked our design team for some hot Fall/Winter remodeling trends to consider during the downtime here is their list of the top things on remodeling wish lists:

Open Kitchens 

With a lot of homes being built several decades ago in Florida we find a lot of people trapped in a closed kitchen floor plan that really dates the home.  An open floor plan that knocks down walls is perfect for entertaining and will really open up the flow and energy of your home.  Winter Remodeling Trends

Kitchen Tech

With all the gadgets we are connected to these days kitchens are evolving to include things like built in charging stations, places to hold your iPad/tablet, cookbook holders, under counter led lighting and so much more to make your time in the kitchen more convenient and enjoyable.

Lifestyle Appliances 

Kitchen design has evolved beyond stainless steel dishwashers and refrigerators-high end appliances are becoming commonplace in kitchens.  Built in beverage stations and coffee makers are a must have for those who entertain frequently!

A Pop of Color

White kitchens are all the rage right now…clean, contemporary and open.  Homeowners are using these kitchens as the perfect backdrop for a bold choice of color to really bring the design to life.

Elaborate Bathrooms

For all the simplicity we find in the kitchen, bathrooms have been trending to go large and heavily decorated. Homeowners rally seem to be having fun with these spaces from decor to tile to lighting which really seems to help make good impression with buyers as well!  Winter Remodeling Trends

Kitchen Islands

Hardly a new trend, however with kitchens going wall-less the kitchen island has become an even more important staple to today’s kitchen design to help house a second sink, built in appliances, wine storage and more!

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