Selling Your Home Making Repairs

Selling Your Home Making Repairs

Selling Your Home Making Repairs

When you are preparing your home for sale, there are many inexpensive improvements you can do to your home that will bring you greater value and help sell your home faster. If you know anything about the property valuation process, you’ll know that it’s important to do any improvements before you get a property valuation as these improvements will increase the valuation. If you want an idea of the value of your property before you start any improvements, a market appraisal will provide the market value after comparing with other, similar properties in the area.

With the improvements, you might want to start by looking into something like plumber fontana ca if you are in need of any plumbing repairs that you need doing within the home. You want to make sure everything is in its place and ready before the home inspections begin. We have all heard that you should de-clutter, de-personalize and have chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven when it is shown. We also know that if you have unlimited funds that granite, hardwood, and stainless steel appliances are all the rage, but expensive. There are also basic improvements, such as new carpet, but this can still cost thousands of dollars. We Buy Houses and offer to pay cash for houses in any condition. You could also read up this post by the real estate firm known as Cristal Cellar to know more about how to increase the value of your home by doing minor repairs.

Call Ted with Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to arrange for a Home sale consultation on repairs. Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities. Selling Your Home Making Repairs. Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream. Call Ted today to discuss your project.

Nonetheless, here are some of the repairs that you could do to improve the value of your house and sell it faster :

1. Replace Front Door

The national association of realtors does a study every year of “Remodeling Cost Vs. Value Report”* where they rate home projects with the highest and lowers return on investment. Last year the highest return on investment went to replacing your front door (85.6% R.O.I). The first impression is a lasting impression so make it count. A dated front door makes a house look cheap, and a worn front door makes a house uncared for or old. You want to make sure that the people viewing your home get the best out of viewing your home and you also want to make a good first impression too, which your home will reflect. Check out commercial door repair specialists in your area, who can help repair any broken doors or even install a new replacement, leaving you with the best results for your home.

If you cannot afford to replace your front door consider painting it a bold color, maybe using high-gloss paint. If your front door is in disrepair, consider replacing it with a new, stylish door. For a few hundred dollars you can buy a nice door. It is also a nice touch to put a flower pot on each side of the front door with flowers in bloom. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

2. Interior Doors

This is also true for interior doors. If you have old dated brown flat panel wood doors, consider replacing them with nice raised panel white doors or paint the existing door to make them look clean and fresh. The basic raised panel hollow-core doors are about $20 to $30 and they come pre-primed. If you want to make an extra good impression, replace the trim the with and an updated style. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

3. New Electrical Switch Plates
This is such an easy improvement, but can really stand out. We have seen freshly painted rooms with old yellowed ugly switch plates. Even worse, some even paint over them. New switch plates cost about 50 cents each. You can replace the entire house with new switch plates for about $20. For the entry, living room and other obvious areas, spring for nice bronze or brass plates. They run about $5 each – but make a difference. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

4. New Door Handles

In addition to changing doors, consider changing the handles. An old door handle, especially worn gold ones look bad. For about $20, you can replace them with new bronze finished handles. For an added touch you can also replace bathrooms and bedroom door handles with the fancy lever handles (about $20 each). Selling Your Home Making Repairs

5. Paint/Replace Trim

If the entire interior of the house does not need a paint job, consider painting the trim. Newer, modern custom homes typically come with beige or light brown walls and bright-white trim. Use a semi-gloss bright white on all the trim in your houses. If the floor trim is worn, cracked or just plain ugly, replace it! Lowes and Home Depot carry a new foam trim that is pre-painted in several finishes and costs less than 50 cents per linear foot. If you really want to create a great first impression, add crown molding in the entry way and living room. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

6. The Entry

After the front door, your next first impression is the foyer area; make sure it is inviting. Find a plant, decorative piece of furniture or art that sets the tone for the home. Many older homes have linoleum entry floors. Consider 12? ceramic tiles, which for a 8ft x 8ft area should cost about $100 in materials, or use travertine. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

7. In the Bath

It is amazing how many older homes that have an ugly old shower curtain. An old used shower curtain can be a turnoff and make the home feel dirty. If your shower/tub is nice, buy a curtain that ties back so you can show off your tub and display decorative soaps and candles. If you have shower doors and they are worn and beyond reviving, consider removing and hanging a curtain. If you need to replace a shower door, consider clear glass to make the bath look larger (unless the shower is unsightly then use obscure glass). A new shower door cost about $500. Shower Doors and More will measure and install for about the same price as the door alone. If you need a new vanity they are a couple hundred dollars. Make sure the bathroom is clean, put up decorative towels and soap. So make a trip to Ross, Tuesday Mornings, Fred Meyer or Target and buy some fresh towels, decorative soaps a nice new rod, curtain hooks and a fancy curtain. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

8. In the Kitchen

Replacing kitchen cabinets is expensive, but painting them can save you money. If you have old 1970?s style wooden cabinets in a lovely dark brown shade, paint them. Use a semi-gloss white and finish them with colorful knobs. There is no need to paint the inside just organize them well so if they are opened it, is not scary in there! For a considerably more you can replace the cabinet doors and paint them to match the cabinets. Americans spend a major amount of their time in the kitchen so a nice bronze modern faucet looks great as well. They cost around $150 from Lowes or Home Depot but you can shop sales or go to Amazon or eBay for better deals. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

9. Window Shutters and Trim

If the front of you home is plain or you have old looking windows, consider adding shutters. You can purchase them in a few colors at Lowes and are easy to install. For a custom color you can purchase them pre-primed. Paint them a color that sets off your house. They do not necessarily need to be the trim color – (if the house is dark, paint the shutters white. If the house is light, paint them dark). You can enhance your curb appeal by just painting the trim of your house. We actually replaced our outside trim and added crown and dental molding and now our standard 80’s home looks more like a craftsman home and the trim really pops. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

10. Add a Nice Mailbox and House Numbers

Everyone on the block has the same black mailbox. Be different and for about $35 you can buy a nice mailbox. For about $60 more, you can buy a nice wooden post for it. People notice these little details and buyers love them! Also buy new house numbers or paint the existing ones make them stand out. Be creative. Selling Your Home Making Repairs

Crested Butte Colorado Ultimate Destination

Crested Butte

Crested Butte Colorado Ultimate Destination and is one of the Best mountain real estate options. So you are probably wondering “why” and most importantly “what” has the town of Crested Butte Colorado have in common with a Handyman home improvement Blog…

Nothing, really nothing.

Our company, Plano Texas Handyman, was founded on the principal of family and fun. Every family should experience the “most beautiful and charming mountain town in America”. Over the last 40 years, I have had the enviable pleasure of visiting and recreating in this incredible mountain town dozens of times. Growing up a 3 hour drive, it was a family tradition to ski, fly fish, raft, hike, bike and explore one of the most breath-taking and inviting places in the country, Crested Butte, Colorado, The Ultimate Destination.

Fortunately, my wife and I took a trip recently and had, as expected, a spectacular time! We would like to share a spectacular way to experience this destination.

Everything was perfect and this is one of the most awesome vacations you will ever experience if you follow this little itinerary taking every breath-taking detail into account that will dazzle your senses, and satisfy your most adventurous side creating a truly unforgettable experience. And the most compelling feature of the trip was that it is very dog friendly and our little girl had as much fun as we did. Crested Butte Colorado, The Ultimate Destination

Lets go on this incredible adventure… Keep in mind that unless you like to move your body and have fun, this trip is not for you.

First, I recommend you travel 50 miles through the Arkansas River canyon, from Canon City past the Royal Gorge suspension bridge, then through the San Isabel National Forest, this is a precursor or warm-up of what is about to dazzle the senses off the chart. This trek follows the Arkansas River canyon through a winding and scenic journey of steep cliffs, white-water, and spectacular views. This is a river rafters and fly fisjing paradise along with a multitude of other outdoor activities you can imagine.

Monarch PassNext, lets travel through Salida and up over Monarch Pass and over the continental divide into the Gunnison National Forest. As you traverse this knuckle biting mountain pass at an altitude over over 11,300′, you will quickly realize the danger and beauty are equally alluring. Take your time, this is not for the faint of hearts. At the summit, you are at the continental divide, the dividing line where the run-off basin separates the Atlantic from the Pacific.

The pass is widely considered by many tourists as one of the most scenic in Colorado, offering a panoramic view of the southern end of the Sawatch Range from the summit. Monarch Mountain Lodge is located about 5 miles from the summit of the pass. During the summer, an aerial tram from the parking lot at the summit carries visitors to the top of Monarch Ridge above the pass (at approximately 12,000 feet (3,700 m) above sea level), allowing a wider view of the surrounding peaks. During the winter, visitors enjoy skiing at Monarch ski area, or in the famous destination of Vail, with ski locker rental to keep your things safe whilst you sail along the slopes. Crested Butte Colorado, The Ultimate Destination

The Gunnison Valley is your next stop. The Gunnison area holds bragging rights to what many consider to be the country’s best fly-fishing and big game hunting. Snowsports are the hot ticket during winter, while warm summer months provide some of the most scenic hiking and camping in the Rockies. Bird watchers will enjoy sighting an American Bald Eagle or Red-Tailed Hawk, while botanists will delight at the bloom of summer wildflowers throughout the local mountains. To the west, you will find Blue Mesa Reservoir and the incredible Black Canyon and to the North, the mountain town of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte. You may even compare it to the hiking trails you would find in Iceland, the beautiful scenery matched with the coldness and crispness of the air. Iceland may be your next stop after being here, and if it is, it may be wise to check out websites such as to see what you could do there.

The 25-mile road from Gunnison to Crested Butte is an outdoor enthusiast dream come true. The town of Almont is where the conflux of the East River and the Taylor River create the Gunnison River. This area is arguably some of the finest fly fishing waters in the region. Up and down this immaculate and gold medal stretch of water you will find a serene and beautiful backdrop for catching rainbow trout and if your lucky, you will see Bighorn sheep and herds of Elk roam the mountainside. When you arrive in Almont, take an immediate right turn on road 742 which heads North and follows the Taylor River. There are several turnouts to enjoy this majestic high mountain river scenery. Select any one and enjoy some awesome fly fishing or and truly amazing views.

Crested ButteContinue traveling North on Highway 135 to Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte. Crested Butte was once described as a surf town in the mountains. The descriptor couldn’t be more perfect. It’s one of those places where you can go and just relax. You’ll be greeted like an old friend the second you step onto Elk Avenue, even if it’s your first visit. Stroll up and down Elk, the town’s main drag, and check out the shopping, galleries, and more good restaurants and bars than a town this size really deserves to have. Crested Butte Colorado, The Ultimate Destination. The picture to the right was taken as we walked to dinner and rainbows are a regular sight over the mountain.

Downhill ski and mountain-bike trails crisscross the slopes of Crested Butte Mountain Resort. There are Nordic ski routes around town. The West Elk Loop Scenic and Historic Byway takes in wilderness areas like Kebler Pass, to the west, known for colorful Quaking aspen trees in fall. Shops and restaurants in wooden buildings line downtown’s Elk Avenue.

The town of Crested Butte is 2 miles from the Mountain which is where most all lodging will be found. There are shuttle buses that take you from the mountain to the town year round.

Must do: Stay at the Nordic Inn on Treaury St. on the mountain. The Nordic Inn is the longest operating lodge in the county. The first and only remaining hotel in Mt. Crested Butte from the first year the ski area opened in 1963. Beautifully renovated only a few years ago, the owners kept the charm of the original hotel while adding touches of luxury. Just steps away from the base and Crested Butte Mountain Resort, the Nordic Inn is the perfect respite that provides both comfort and character. Crested Butte Colorado, The Ultimate Destination

Mount Crested Butte is home to one of the most premier ski areas in the country and seldom has long lift lines. Behind the mountain are the Maroon Peaks, Snowmass Peak and a short hike to the town of Aspen. The mountain has miles of hiking trails, mountain biking trails and simply beautiful scenery.

Set aside an entire day to drive back down to the town of Gunnison and West to Blue Mesa Reservoir and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Blue Mesa Reservoir is the largest lake in the state of Colorado. It’s 20 miles long and features 96 miles of shoreline to explore.

Blue Mesa is a recreationalist’s dream. Options for play include sailing, power boating, fishing, and water skiing. Windsurfing is popular among those looking to get a workout on the water. Swimming for any extended period of time is not really recommended. The reservoir is fed by snowmelt streams and rivers so it can be pretty chilly. If you are looking to swim, waiting until later in the summer after it has had time to warm up is advised. No matter what, you’ll probably want to bring a wet suit.

Boaters of all types on Blue Mesa should be aware that strong afternoon winds, sometimes accompanied by storms, can cause hazardous conditions. Be weather-wise. Watch for threatening cloud build ups. As soon as strong winds begin to blow, head for shore.

Black CanyonThe Black Canyon is one of the most spectacular feats of Mother Nature you will ever experience. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is certainly less famous than that other National Park featuring a canyon. But what it lacks in notoriety, it makes up for with drama. It is not the steepest nor the narrowest canyon in the western United States, but when you combine those two traits, it certainly wins out.

Hikers can experience the canyon from a variety of perspectives by hiking along the North Rim, the South Rim, and on inner-canyon routes that descend deep into the chasm. Be aware though, that many of the routes into the Canyon are primitive and not maintained. They require climbing skills and the ability to self-rescue, as well as a free backcountry permit you can get at a ranger station. Trad climbing routes are difficult as well, but offer tremendous routes for advanced and expert climbers on the walls of the Black Canyon. Be sure to book a guide or research your routes in advance as these can be challenging. Crested Butte Colorado, The Ultimate DestinationCrested Butte Colorado, The Ultimate Destination

If you’d like a little less adventure, the wildlife viewing on the rim of the Black is great. Grab your binoculars to snoop on park denizens like the yellow-bellied marmot, a fat rodent that likes to sunbathe on rocky ledges and outcrops. If you want to catch a glimpse of the Peregrine Falcon, you’d better be quick on the draw – it’s the fastest bird in the world. Eagles, coyotes, elk, and more make the park their home.

Fishing enthusiasts should add the Black Canyon to the list of great fishing in the Gunnison Valley. With gold medal waters stretching for 12 miles within the park, this is one of the best stretches of trout fishing in the state of Colorado. Local Fishing Guides can guide you through the Black.

This is one of the most spectacular trips you can experience.

Plano Workforce

Plano Workforce

Plano Workforce

Plano Workforce – Plano, with a 2017 population of 275,645, is a prosperous place.  In 2016, the City was named the 3rd ‘Best Place to Live in America,’ by Money Magazine. TOYOTA, J.C. Penney, Pizza Hut, Frito-Lay, LIBERTY MUTUAL and Rent-A-Center afe just a small sampling of the companies that are all headquartered in Plano. Several technology giants have major R&D operations here including Ericsson, Intel Security, CA, Intuit and Nokia. These companies attract highly skilled workers from throughout the US and abroad.

Plano, unlike other affluent locations, is affordable. It has low taxes, housing prices and unemployment compared to most metros in the U.S. The Plano Independent School District is nationally regarded and provides an education comparable in quality to many top private schools.

In the early 1980’s, EDS founder Ross Perot sought a new home for his company. He purchased 2,700 acres in Plano and created Legacy business park. In 1985, EDS moved to Legacy. That same year, after discussions with EDS customer and potato chip mogul Herman Lay, Frito-Lay located its headquarters there. In 1987, JCPenney announced that it would move its corporate headquarters from New York to Plano. The announcement brought considerable national attention to Plano and signaled that Plano was a prime business location.

Educated Workforce – Plano Texas along with their neighboring cities, Richardson, Allen, Addison, Murphy, Parker and Hebron, have some of the most educated people in any metro area.  55% of the workforce in Plano has attained a Bachelors degree or better, 52% in Richardson, 53% in Allen, 54% in Addison, 56% in Murphy, 58% in Parker and 61% in Hebron, a bedroom community of Plano.

In comparison, the U.S. average of residents in the workforce who have attained a bachelors degree or better is 30% and the Dallas Fort Worth area comes in at 32%.  Clearly one of the reasons so many companies have reloced to Plano, Cost of living, clean city, and highly educated workforce.

This workforce has a highly technical field of study.  26% have a business degree, 15% engineering, 9% mathematics/computers/statistics, 8% science related, and 8% education being the top positions within this demographic.

Fireplace Renovation

Fireplace Renovation

Fireplace Renovation – Remodel Your Fireplace Before Summer Ends

Fireplace RenovationFireplace Renovation – Are you tired of looking at an unattractive fireplace? As the natural focal point of a room, the fireplace has a big impact on the style and mood of the space it is in. If your home has an outdated fireplace or a fireplace design that clashes with your décor, you don’t have to settle for it. Updating the fireplace surround is a simple and affordable solution that will revitalize the look of your fireplace without the cost and hassle of a complete fireplace remodel.

Call Ted with Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to arrange for a consultation on a Fireplace Renovation.  Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities.  Fireplace Renovation.  Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream.  Call Ted today to discuss your project.  Fireplace Renovation.

Simple changes to the exterior of your fireplace can completely change the look of a room. You can make your home feel more like a rustic cabin or a Manhattan apartment simply by changing the exterior face of your fireplace. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, this small investment can give you a big return on your investment.

Popular Ways to Update the Look of Your Fireplace

Replace or Extend the Fireplace Mantle

The mantle is the decorative framework around the fireplace. Mantles are easy to remove and install. A mantle can be as simple as a shelf over the hearth or as elaborate as a carved framework that surrounds the fireplace and extends to the ceiling. You can find mantels in every style from rustic to traditional and classic to modern.

Resurface the Face of the Fireplace with Tile, Stone or Marble

If you don’t like the look of the brick or stone that your fireplace was built with, you can have it resurfaced with tile, stone or marble. Resurfacing your fireplace is far less expensive than a complete remodel because the new materials are laid on top of the old materials (with an appropriate layer in between, such as a metal lath, which the new material adheres to). It can make your fireplace look brand new.

Raise the Hearth Platform

If you are unhappy with your fireplace because it doesn’t make enough of an architectural statement, raising the hearth platform might be the right solution. A simple, corner fireplace that seems to blend into the wall will stand out more with a raised hearth platform. Painting the wall a contrasting color or choosing contrasting tiles or bricks to resurface the face of the fireplace can make it pop even more.

It is good to keep in mind that tackling a fireplace renovation can be a headache and a safety risk if you aren’t a professional contractor. Even a fireplace surround must meet local codes. Installing materials improperly or accidentally choosing the wrong materials could result in a future house fire. That is why it’s smart to call in professionals. You can enjoy our beautiful summer in Colorado while they can transform your outdated fireplace into the fireplace of your dreams. Now is the best time to schedule an appointment before the cold weather sets in.

If you are looking for inspiration, stop by our showroom in Conifer, CO! You can see a wide variety of mantles, surround and resurfacing materials. Our fireplace experts can answer all of your questions and walk you through the remodeling process.

Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities.  Fireplace Renovation.  Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream.  Call Ted today to discuss your project.  Fireplace Renovation.

Garage Cabinet Storage

Garage storage cabinets

Garage Cabinet Storage

Garage Cabinet Storage – Cabinets are certainly not required in the garage. According to, open shelving is less expensive, extremely strong, easy to install and reconfigure, and it also keeps stored items visible.  Call Ted with Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to arrange for a consultation on organizing your garage.  Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities.  Garage Cabinet Storage.  Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream.  Call Ted today to discuss your project.

But cabinets do offer a more finished look, and being able to store potentially dangerous items behind closed and locked doors is a safety feature appreciated by parents of young children. If you’ve never looked into garage cabinets before, you might be surprised at the range of products available.

The garage is one of the most versatile spaces in the home. It can serve as a self storage area, a workshop or studio, or even a living area (plus, you can park your car in it). Unfortunately, most garages are not initially designed to cater to all the different uses a household puts it to; this is one of the primary reasons why, eventually, many people decide to install garage cabinetry.

Garage spaces don’t just get used–they get overused! According to MonsterRax Storage Solutions, about 25% of people who own two-car garages are storing too many things in that space to fit even a single car inside. Even more can only fit one. What this boils down to: We love our garages, but keeping them organized is a task that many of us have difficulty with. This is one area where the right cabinetry can make an enormous difference.

1.Opt for Quality Materials

Since garages are often limited when it comes to floor space, the popularity of overhead storage units continues to rise. There are a number of things to consider before you actually begin installing new garage cabinets. The use you will put your cabinets to, the space you want them to occupy, and the general conditions in your garage will all play a significant role in choosing the perfect cabinet. Plus there’s the price to consider. Cheap garage cabinets–much like cheap cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms–may be cost-effective in the short term, but are more likely to wear out prematurely. This garage door repair vancouver tells us how they see a lot of damaged garage cabinets especially when there is a lot of moisture and temperature change, and cabinets of lower quality become an even riskier choice.

When you pick a cabinet, opt for a model that is designed to withstand the unique conditions of your garage. Many manufacturers make cabinets specifically for garage settings that are resistant to moisture, less-likely to rust, and are tough enough to handle a few dents and dings, as well.

2.Cabinet Placement

The area you install your cabinet is almost as important as the style of cabinet you buy and the material it is made from, too. Garage cabinets are often raised off the floor to keep them dry in case of flooding. Additionally, cabinets should be positioned in a manner that doesn’t leave small crevices for birds and other animals to nest in.

Since garages are often limited when it comes to floor space, the popularity of overhead storage units continues to rise. A few made to measure wooden gates have even been designed with opening mechanisms that are situated on the side of the tracks rather than being fixed to the ceiling of the garage in order to provide more overhead storage room.

3.Cabinet Security

Though keeping entry doors locked is never a bad idea, those who plan on keeping expensive tools (or those with small children) should consider purchasing garage cabinets that lock securely. A desperate thief may be tempted to take just about anything of value–including items in the garage–but just the sight of a securely locked cabinet that cannot be easily broken into may deter a would-be-robber. Take a look at this chrome wire shelving and other options on this website.

4.Hire a Professional

Installing garage cabinets is far from the most difficult job in the home improvement world. Just about any DIY with a fair amount of experience can successfully mount his or her cabinets with relative ease. Even for those with the knowledge of how this job should be done, however, may benefit from the guidance of a professional in other aspects of the task.

Those who deal with garages and garage components on a daily basis have an excellent understanding of what works and what falls short. This means that they will be able to give you extremely sound (and typically unbiased) information on which brands and models of cabinets work best under the specific conditions in your garage. For example, if you have a lot of dangerous goods placed in your garage, you might want to opt for a dangerous goods cabinet from places like BIG Safety or other similar companies. They’ve seen these units in action, and they know which ones are way over-priced and which gives you great value for less. Asking a professional for his or her advice in purchasing and installing garage cabinets might not be an absolute necessity for an experienced do-it-yourselfer, but it definitely has its perks!

Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities.  Garage Cabinet Storage.  Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream.  Call Ted today to discuss your project.  Garage Cabinet Storage

Motion Sensitive Switches

Motion Sensitive Switches

When you think of switches, you usually think about walking in your home and reaching out to flip a toggle switch in order to turn on the light. But there is an easier way and it is called a motion detector switch. It is a specialized switch that detects movement in your home by using infrared or ultrasonic sensors. I know it sounds space-age, but it really works. The very fact that it senses motion is a great selling point but add the fact that it can also sense sound makes this switch a must-have in my book. Call Ted with Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to arrange for a your motion sensitive switches. Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities. Motion Sensitive Switches. Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream. Call Ted today to discuss your project. Motion Sensitive Switches

Motion Sensitive Switches can bring a whole new meaning to energy efficiency for a surprisingly affordable installation. Call Ted with Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415

When someone enters a room equipped with a motion detector switch that is armed with this technology, it turns on the light connected to it and remains on until there is no motion or sound in the room. If you’ve ever left your home and forgot to turn off the lights or got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or downstairs, only to stub your toe before you got to the light switch, you’ll really appreciate the motion detector light switch!

There are many variations of these switches that are determined by the manufacturer. Some of the motion detector switches have a neutral wire connection to power the LED, while others do not. Be sure to check the wiring schematic that comes with your specific model of the switch to ensure you wire it correctly. Normally, the motion detector switch will have three wires. The black wire connects to the incoming “hot” wire which supplies the power to the switch. Motion Sensitive Switches

The blue wire is connected to the outgoing wire connected to the light that is called the switch leg. The green wire is always used only for a ground wire.

The motion detector switch is composed of these wires, connected to a large eye that protrudes from the front of the switch, usually located on the top of the switch.

It scans 180 ° from its position on the wall. It is a solid-state electronic switch that can be damaged by incorrect wiring or handling of the product.

There are two variations of this type switch, the active sensor switch and the passive sensor switch. Active sensors, often referred to as radar-based, send out sound waves into the room like your garage door opener does and waits for the signal to return. You may have had a garage door that always opens when it thunders. That’s because a frequency was generated that matched the one that tells your garage door opener to open the door. Motion Sensitive Switches

Passive sensors, on the other hand, have their own unique way of detecting movement. Called passive infrared sensors (PIR) and sometimes called pyroelectric detectors, they are used frequently in homes and businesses alike. They detect heat from the body of humans and animals alike. The sensor uses a photodetector, which converts light in the wavelengths into electrical current that triggers an alarm in the mini computer housed in the detector. It triggers the switch to turn on. The exception is, the computer ignores slow changes in room temperature due to sunlight.

These type of switches are not limited to the interior of the home.

There are also outdoor versions that detect movement from traffic driving up your driveway. These driveway alarms are used to notify someone in your home that you have company, giving you a heads-up before they reach the door. They are also used in things like deer cams and door entry alarms.

The one I have is placed across the room from the door and detects customers as they come in the front door. It then sends a signal to a remote unit upstairs that sounds an alarm. That way, I don’t have to sit and watch the video monitor while I eat lunch. That allows me to be aware of customers, eat lunch and watch TV for a few minutes without worrying about missing someone and causing them to wait impatiently. However, for the installation I had to call for a professional electrician who did the job in no time. Some of my friends from the Midwestern U.S. state, Iowa , (who have similar motion sensitive switches installed in their homes) told me that they contacted a technician from Mitchell Electric (and its likes) beforehand to check whether their current electric system is suitable for installing these switches. Even I recommend doing that. It is always better to examine the wirings and upgrade them if necessary. At the least, it can help prevent any future mishap.

To be honest, these switches are one of the best things I’ve bought and was relatively inexpensive. Maybe, you need a sensor for your home too?

Call Ted with Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to arrange for a your motion sensitive switches. Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities. Motion Sensitive Switches. Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream. Call Ted today to discuss your project. Motion Sensitive Switches

Clever Remodeling Ideas


Clever Remodeling Ideas – Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your kitchen and bath remodeling project and clever remodeling ideas. 

Call Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to arrange for a home automation review.  Visit our website to get a complete picture of all our capabilities.  Clever Remodeling Ideas.  Plano Texas Handyman can suggest and design any project you can dream.  Call Ted today to discuss your project and clever remodeling ideas.

1. Lower your living room to create a conversation pit.


The bi-level living room will give your home an incredibly spacious yet cozy effect.  Clever Remodeling Ideas

2. Turn an attic nook into a pillow room.



What is life but one long, perpetual movie-night slumber party, 

3. Display your book collection under the stairs.


4. Or use the space underneath for storage.

Next-level wine collection not included, unfortunately.

5. Or use that space for a book nook.

6. Dogs are people, too, which is why your dog should probably get his or her own little haven underneath the stairs.



7. Make space for two dishwashers instead of one


You can load one while the other washes. KitchenAid also makes a double drawer dishwasher. 

8. If you’re doing a HUGE remodel, ask your contractor about tacking on a treehouse or guesthouse.

This add-on might cost less than you think. 

9. Turn your shabby garden shed into a charming artist’s shed.


With big windows for lots of light and visual inspiration. 

10. Install an in-wall pest control system.

Pest-tube installation by Pest Control Wilmington means that all the exterminator has to do is inject some stuff into one end to keep insects and rodents away.

11. Maximize your space with baseboard drawers.

Especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

12. Consider a hidden room.

Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a bookcase to a door. 

13. Make your walls MAGNETIC.

Magnektik makes large magnetic panels that are strong enough to hang anything, including shelves and TVs.

14. An S-shaped seat turns your shower or steam room into one you can LIE DOWN IN.

15. Have an extra-tall ceiling? Stretch a ceiling hammock across it.

16. A walk-in shower means NO GLASS TO CLEAN.



And they even fit into small bathroom spaces.  Clever Remodeling Ideas

17. Install chutes in your kitchen for your trash and recycling.


Funnel them straight into the garage.

18. A platform in a storage/guestroom hides away all of your stuff while keeping the room usable.

It’s also a great way to make a comfy nook room more functional.

19. Build a bar into your deck.

20. Turn dead space above a staircase into a playroom.


21. Build a second mini-fridge in your kitchen island for BEER.

22. Instead of typical cabinets, build a pull-out cabinet for instant counter space.


23. Put a sink with jets in your laundry room so you have a convenient place to wash your delicates.

24. Utilize dead space with a built-in wine rack.

Or build the wine rack directly into the kitchen island.


26. Kids will love having slumber parties in their bunkroom.


27. Bring the outdoors IN with these accordion glass windows and doors.

It’s an epic way to open up your kitchen while entertaining.

28. Swap out your boring old ceiling for a star-gazing sunroof.

29. Install a two-sided fireplace between the bathroom and the bedroom.


Who needs heated tiles when you have a bathroom fireplace?

30. Frame your living room fireplace with built-in seating.

Fireplaceseat is the new windowseat.

31. And finally, go ahead and add that master bedroom balcony.