Pet Friendly Kitchens

Pet Friendly Kitchens

Make Your Kitchen Pet-Friendly with a Few Simple Remodeling Tricks – Pet Friendly Kitchens

Pet Friendly Kitchens – According to the National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the APPA around 68% or 85 million families in the US own a pet. While 60.2 million households prefer dogs, 47.1 million own a cat. If you are one of them you know that having a pet is similar to having a child in many ways. While they bring a lot of joy into our lives, they have their own special needs. That is why if you are planning a kitchen remodel you have to take their needs into consideration as well. Please Visit Plano Texas Handyman website to view and read about all of our capabilities.

Your pet feeding options also depends on the types of kitchen in which the food is prepared. Most pets can benefit from some design ideas made specifically to make their and your life easier. And while it might take them some time to adapt and master the new space, they are bound to be grateful and show it. Here are some ideas that can make your kitchen remodeling project work to both your and your pets advantage. Pet Friendly Kitchens

Plan for Catastrophes
Open shelves are a huge kitchen remodeling trend these days. But if you have a cat you know that our feline friends wont rest until theyve explored every available and barely available corner of your home. Therefore open shelves are a disaster just waiting to happen. If you are not at home, this disaster might even be dangerous for your kitty.

Glass door cabinets are a good alternative to open shelves. They offer the visual appeal but can keep your cat away from your precious glassware or other items. If you still want to have open shelves just make sure your cat cannot reach them by placing them high. Pet Friendly Kitchens

Design a Space for Your Dog
On the other hand, if you have a dog you know how they love to keep you company at all times. They enjoy spending time with you as you tackle your daily chores. More than anything, dogs enjoy spending time with their owners as they cook, hoping for a treat as an award for their company. But maneuvering in the kitchen, especially a narrow one, with your dog wrapped around your legs can be dangerous. Pet Friendly Kitchens

To avoid this, when planning a new kitchen layout think about creating enough space to safely move around. You might even need to think about blowing out the room wall to create a big enough space. Even better, why not design an area in the kitchen just for your dog? You could add an open cabinet with a bed where your dog can keep an eye on you while you cook and not get in the way. Be sure to check out reviews for dog beds as you want to ensure you get a bed that is easy to clean, and sturdy enough that your dog won’t chew it up, Pupster Passion did a review here which is really useful.

Have a Designated Spot for Dishes
A great addition for any home with a pet is a fixed spot for their food and water bowls. A fixed spot for their dishes means no more accidental spills and messes to clean. Consider smart storage ideas like having a pullout drawer you can easily open when they get hungry and tuck it away when they play or rest. Pet Friendly Kitchens

However, some pets and cats, in particular, are used to an occasional snack throughout the day. In this case consider placing the food and water bowls on a low, open-cabinet shelf. Pet Friendly Kitchens

Flooring Choices
One thing that pet owners need to pay attention to the most when remodeling is flooring. If you have a pet you know that getting Soleil Floors Round Rock to install a stain-resistant floor can save you a lot of trouble. The same goes for scratch resistant floors, an absolutely necessary trait if you want your floor to last.

Best flooring options for a pet-friendly home remodel are by far hardwood, tiles and linoleum. Hardwood is a slightly more expensive option but by far the most durable and easiest to clean.

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