Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work

Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work

Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work – Do you want to water that lawn and landscape with less work and conserve water, too? Learn what drip irrigation costs, and whether a system is right for you.
Those picture-perfect lawns and yards you see on TV or in magazines represent a great deal of effort. Creating and maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscaping means frequent weeding, trimming, pruning – and, of course, meticulous watering. None many people realise that a firm lawn is also necessary if you want garden accessories like teak furniture, so it’s crucial to maintain just the right amount or irrigation.  Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman: 214-507-3415 on how to make your landscape more efficient.

If you water too much, you can flood your less hardy plants … but water too little and they can burn up in the sun.

On top of this, if you’re in an area that suffers from drought, you can’t afford to waste water so finding ways to cut down on usage is vital. For example, a lot of people install a Synthetic Lawn so they don’t need to water their grass, only their flowers and shrubs.

Watering can also be a workout (ask anyone who has hauled a 100-foot garden hose around to their shrubs). And those who opt to use a sprinkler rather than water by hand know that it’s easy to forget to turn it off, which can lead to accidental over watering. Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work

An easier and more reliable (not to mention water-saving) alternative can be to install a drip irrigation system to aid in the care of your landscaping. Learn more about these systems, their costs and whether to opt for a DIY version or hire an irrigation professional. 

What is a drip irrigation system?
This special watering system is designed to save you time, water and money, all while keeping your yard looking fantastic. Drip irrigation systems can be installed in vegetable or flower gardens. They are especially well suited to watering heavily landscaped yards, because a drip irrigation system can be customized to your specific yard’s needs, delivering the right amount of water for each plant.

Drip systems use a network of flexible tubing and can be designed in a variety of patterns. A specially chosen emitter is placed at each plant. This allows a specific quantity of water to be released; a small plant, for instance, would receive less water than a large shrub. Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work

Additionally, you can opt for “smart” irrigation. A drip irrigation system can be placed on an automatic timer, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water. And to avoid overwatering, the system can be outfitted with an automatic sensor, which lets your drip irrigation system know when your yard is at the proper saturation level.

This saves water, because you won’t be running your irrigation system when it’s not needed.
What are advantages of drip irrigation installation?
Drip irrigation is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a low-maintenance and efficient system to water your landscaping. Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work

Water is administered right at the root system, which means less runoff.

According to the information stated by this garden center, drip irrigation is not used for the entire yard, typically, but it can be used in conjunction with a lawn sprinkler system. There can be zones of the yard watered with the sprinkler system, and other areas that rely on drip irrigation. Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, it’s possible to put together your own cost-efficient drip irrigation system. Popular options include a tubing system made from PVC pipe or flexible plastic tubing.

An expert gardener who is aware of the specific watering needs of various plants – and is rather handy – probably can whip up a drip irrigation system for $100 to $300, depending on the size of the garden or landscape. Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work

On the other hand, there are advantages to having a drip irrigation system professionally installed.
How much does drip irrigation cost?
A large, single-zone irrigation system, installed by a professional, may cost from $650 to $750. If there is more than one garden or landscaping area, it may cost more to install multiple zones. A small zone with relatively few plants may cost as little as $300, however consulting with your contractor, whether it be one from Waukesha Landscaping Services or one closer to your location, you will be able to talk through all the options available and all the prices to match.

While it can be tempting to save a few bucks and DIY, a professional may be worth the extra cost. Your expert installer will ensure the proper amount of water is released at each individual root system, can connect it to a pre-existing automatic sprinkler system and lay out a plan for your garden so your tubing is taking the proper path.

Also, if you opt for an underground drip irrigation system, a professional can ensure it is properly installed. One of the most common problems with amateur installation is frequent plugging of the drippers, or emitters, due to improper installation. Drip Irrigation Cuts Down Water Usage Yard Work

This ends up costing time and money in the long run, as you have to search out and replace the defective emitters. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman: 214-507-3415 on how to make your landscape more efficient.

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