Drain, Flush your Water Heater

Drain, Flush your Water Heater

Drain, Flush your Water Heater

Draining a water heater is a do-it-yourself job. Drain, Flush your Water Heater
Project time: 60 minutes, Drain, Flush your Water Heater. Please Visit Plano Texas Handyman website to view and read about all of our capabilities.

Tools needed to drain a water heater:

• Protective gloves
• Garden hose
• Flathead screwdriver
• Adjustable pliers (optional)
• 5-gallon bucket (optional)

Drain, Flush your Water Heater, Like a fading romance, are those long, hot showers getting shorter and less steamy? Chances are, your water heater is losing some of its potency. Before you work yourself into a lather, you may be able to restore at least some of its vigor with a DIY drain and flush. Contact Ted at Plano Texas Handyman to perform water heater repair services at 214-507-3415. 

Minerals like magnesium and calcium build up over time in your water heater, especially if you have hard water, and it can reduce its heating effectiveness. Drain and flush it at least once a year – fall is a good time – and you can extend the length of your water heater’s useful life to avoid the cost of replacement. We recommend contacting euro fire heaters for replacement or repairing.

Safety note: The water in your heater, and many of the pipes connected to your water heater, will be very HOT. Proceed with caution and protect yourself when inspecting your water heater or if possible hire a Hot Water Heater Repair expert to assist you. f your problem is with a clogged drain, check this expert gutter cleaning near me, they will help you drain your tank properly.

1. Turn off gas or electricity

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If it’s a gas heater, turn the gas control knob to the “Pilot” position. If it’s electric, turn off the circuit breaker at the main breaker panel and disconnect the electrical power supply.

2. Shut off water supply

Close the cold water supply valve to the water heater. This usually involves manually turning the valve 90 degrees.

3. Turn on the hot water

Turn on the hot water from a nearby faucet inside the house to prevent a vacuum from forming in the lines and flow air into the water heater, allowing it to drain easier. Leave the faucet on while draining the heater. 

4. Hook up the hose

Put on your protective gloves. Attach a hose to the drain valve and run the hose to a drain, driveway or empty bucket. If you notice leaks at the connection, use adjustable pliers to tighten the hose. If the water heater is in the basement, it will likely require a manual pump connected to the hose – with a separate hose running from the pump to the drain or bucket. You might want to consider a heat pump installation for convenience. 

5. Drain the water heater tank

Open the drain valve (which may require loosening the valve with a flathead screwdriver) and allow the water to flow until it stops. If using a 5-gallon bucket, be prepared to empty it frequently.

Caution! Unless you allow your water heater to sufficiently cool down, the water can be very hot. 

6. Flush the tank

Next, flush any remaining sediment from the tank by reopening the cold water supply valve. Opening and closing it several times can help stir up lingering sediment. Drain, Flush your Water Heater

Caution! Water will flow out at a rapid rate when you reopen the water supply. Be prepared!

7. Close the water heater tank drain valve

Once the water runs clear and you no longer see sediment coming from hose, disconnect the hose and close (tighten) the tank drain valve. Drain, Flush your Water Heater

8. Fill the water heater tank

Open the cold water supply valve. Turn on hot water faucets on all fixtures and run to remove air bubbles. Turn off each hot water spigot once the water resumes normal flow. Drain, Flush your Water Heater

9. Power up the water heater

Follow the manufacturer’s lighting instructions to relight your heater. These are often found both in the owner’s manual and on the heater itself. Be sure to fill the heater with water before turning back on the electrical and gas connections, or risk damaging the heating element. Drain, Flush your Water Heater

When in doubt, contact a professional licensed plumber. Contact Ted at Plano Texas Handyman to perform this service at 214-507-3415. If they’re not located in your area, you may wish to visit express plumbing heating & cooling, or whichever plumbing service is local to you.

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