Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

Creative Kitchen Storage

Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas – No matter the size of your kitchen, it always seems like there’s never enough space.
Maybe once upon a time you thought it was the perfect size, but after years of purchasing kitchen gadgets and new dishes, along with a growing family, the thrill is gone. You may decide to put your kitchen items in keepsafe storage, or you can call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your options.

But there’s no need to fret. We’ve got you covered with seven space-saving, creative storage solutions to make your kitchen feel brand new, and hopefully you’ll fall in love with it all over again.

1. Go high: above cabinets
Step back and look at your kitchen as a whole. Notice anything? You may see there’s prime real estate up high, such as on top of the refrigerator and above cabinets and doors. Take advantage of these spaces to store cookbooks, canisters or even wine bottles.

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2. Get low: toe-kick drawers
Get low. Make existing features in your kitchen functional with toe-kick drawers. Most cabinets sit off the floor with toe kicks, and now there are kits available to create drawers that open with a tap of your toes. A toe-kick drawer is a great place to house pet feeding dishes.

A wall shelf can do double duty — store spices on top and hang pot holders below.

3. Hanging on: pegboards and hanging baskets
Sure, you can hang pots and pans from the ceiling or add a rack on the wall, but you might try hanging baskets to store dishcloths and towels. Use hooks to hang pot holders or utensils. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your options.

Pegboards aren’t just for tools in the garage. Use them to create a cool place to hang pots and pans, mugs or utensils.

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4. Slide and glide: sliding drawers
Install sliding drawers on the side of your range to add functionality. The drawers don’t take up much room but are deep enough to provide plenty of storage. A sliding storage tower (on wheels!) is another option to make use of narrow spaces, such as between your oven and fridge.

A simple upgrade to maximize space in your kitchen, this extra drawer installed at the base of the cabinetry is ideal for storing towels, paper plates and napkins. Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas, Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your options.

5. Rack it up: door racks and wine racks
Door racks on the inside of cabinet or pantry doors provide instant space-saving storage.

While you’re in the mood, add racks to the wall near the stove to store spices, olive oil or other often-used items for easy accessibility, or create a wine rack with everything you need — bottles, glasses and a corkscrew.

Wine racks are another option for opening and freeing space in your kitchen. Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

6. Island living: cabinets and shelves
The options for using your island are endless. Add cabinets underneath for additional storage, shelves on one side to store kitchen gadgets, or install a built-in trash can to preserve floor space.

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7. Cubby it up: bakeware storage
Take it back to elementary school by creating cubbyholes for cookie sheets, cake pans or other bakeware. Think high again, and build cubbies in the space between the cabinet and ceiling to store wine bottles. Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas. Call Ted at Plano Texas Handyman at 214-507-3415 to discuss your options.

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