Best Paint Colors For Your Front Door

Best Paint Colors For Your Front Door

Best Paint Colors For Your Front Door – Your entrance is the first thing people see when they come by, so why not make your home stand out from the rest? Although painting your entire exterior would be a big to-do, giving just your door a new look is a doable DIY – and it packs a lot of punch. We’ve chosen six paint colors for front doors that will give your house some major curb appeal. Painting your door can be an easy way of increasing curb appeal, however, some doors may be too old to be painted nicely. When doors get old, they can become scratched and dented. A coat of paint might not hide these imperfections, so it might be worth considering secure door replacements instead. Eventually, we will all need a new front door, so check the quality of your door before painting it. If your door is fine to be painted, these are some of the colors that you might want to consider.

1. Red: You can’t go wrong with a classic fire engine shade, and this bold hue looks great with homes clad in white, blue and grey. Try it in a high-gloss finish, like this one below, to make it extra eye-catching.


2. Indigo: We especially love how this color will change shades and look totally different from morning to night. It’s dramatic and dark, but also crisp paired with bright white trim. Best Paint Colors For Your Front Door

3. Orange: Go bold or go home. Nothing makes a statement quite like orange, and this not-to-be-missed hue will draw people right inside. We especially love it on a dark charcoal backdrop, which makes the color really vibrate. Best Paint Colors For Your Front Door

4. Black: While you may argue that this is the opposite of a stand-out color, a freshly-painted black door commands attention and looks great with just about every exterior and style. Best Paint Colors For Your Front Door

5. Lime Green: We have to look twice when we pass homes with an entrance painted in this show-stopper. While we know it won’t work for every abode, it looks especially smashing with brown, grey or a raisin-colored exterior. Best Paint Colors For Your Front Door

6. Yellow: For an unexpected pop that can rejuvenate the most tired-looking facade, go for a bright marigold. If you ask us, there’s no other color that will make you happier after getting home from a long day. Best Paint Colors For Your Front Door

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