Handyman Holiday Gift Guide


Handyman Holiday Gift Guide – A handyman’s work is never done. He is forever being called upon to deal with the many trivialities that face ordinary life. He tweaks cars, stops dripping faucets, and gets refrigerators to stop doing that thing that makes them sound like a frog in a blender. The handyman is an everyday hero. He’s the one who saves you after storms and has all the tools that actually make that thing from Ikea look like a bookshelf and not a modern art sculpture. For all the times he’s been there for us, we’re celebrating his endless stream of know-how with gifts sure to brighten his existence. Handyman Holiday Gift Guide

You can’t just give a handyman any old thing. First off, he has so many tools that finding a unique one that is useful is tough. He also needs something practical that eases his burden. We’ve got 20 gifts for the handyman that have been curated by our own fix-it crew for their ingenuity and pragmatism.

PIG Form-A-Funnel

The PIG is a one size fits all funnel that is made from moldable plastic. With just a twist it will take on the perfect shape for draining or pouring any amount of liquid. Made of soft rubber to form a leak-proof seal, it’s as easy to clean as it is to use. Handyman Holiday Gift Guide

Purchase: $8

Field Notes

A notebook that allows for jotting down information, sketching out new ideas, graphing progress, making simple measurements, and helping to design a blueprint is as necessary as a hammer for anyone who wants to measure twice and cut once. Accept no substitutions for the rugged Field Notes: they’re made for jobbing.

Purchase: $10 3-Pack

Crescent Flip and Grip Wrench Multi-Tool

Pliers on a multitool are a dime a dozen, but a full wrench that can instantly snap on to hex, spline, square, and even Torx bolts is something entirely different. Able to handle more than 40 fasteners, this will cut down on toolbox trips significantly. Handyman Holiday Gift Guide

Purchase: $20

Stanley BarFlex Work Light

Able to hang wherever you need it or stand on its own, the BarFlex is the evolution of the standard bug light. With long-lasting 3.6 Volt 1.3Ah NiMh battery packs, it will go from dim job to dim job without fail and twist, pivot, and bend in whatever direction your handyman needs to finish work, even after the sun has gone.

Purchase: $28

Wilton BASH Ball Pein Hammer

A hammer is just a hammer unless it’s a BASH. A reduced vibration handle along with no-slip head that is sure to stay in place and a rubberized grip that will keep it from ever leaving your hand, this is the pounder of the future.

Purchase: $30

Stanley FUBAR Demolition Bar

Cut, pry, dig, and lever, if you’re in need of a serious piece of equipment that is no stranger to destruction but also provides a comfortable grip for using ergonomically, then the FUBAR is a dream given form. Ground to exact specifications, it’s surprisingly precise for a tool meant for serious damage.

Purchase: $31

Dremel Versa Flame Butane Torch

Using a built-in ignition trigger, this butane torch from Dremel doesn’t require a separate ignition tool and makes starting the fire for quick melting and welding completely straightforward, which will be perfect for your welding services. With a basic adjustment, it will go from the flame to torch without a fumble. Letting the recipient know that butane is safe to store but must be disposed of properly is important too, just so there is no contamination or accidents from inadequate disposal after use.

Purchase: $33

Craftsman Mach Series Adjustable Wrench

Tough is important, but with many tools, that also means they aren’t easy or convenient. The standard adjustable wrench is a perfect example. Sure, it’s hardy, but twisting to open and close it wastes time. With the speed slide system, Craftsman has broken the mold for a wrench that works 5 times faster than its counterparts.

Purchase: $40

Bondic 12 Piece DIY Kit

Super Glue and JB Weld are fine for some, but when you have a project that requires getting plastic to hold a bond under stress, you want to have Bondic on hand. It’s perfect for fixing up any new holiday toys that prove less than durable during playtime. Handyman Holiday Gift Guide

Purchase: $40

Matador Surface

More than just a drop cloth, the Surface is a waterproof, oil proof, leak proof work surface complete with tool trap that will ensure you never have to hunt down another bolt or socket again. It will protect your floors and even has a bottle opener for cracking a cold one after the work is done.

Purchase: $60

Leatherman Wave Multi-tool

Almost every handyman has a multitool, but if they don’t have a Wave, they’re doing it wrong. With a lanyard attachment, a 420HC stainless steel body, and 17 tools that file, cut, snip, measure, drive, and strip, this is all that is needed for most small jobs. Handyman Holiday Gift Guide

Purchase: $78

Bosch Laser Distance Measurer

A millimeter is the difference between doing a job right, and failing completely. Make sure that your fixer never again has to guess with a tape measure by giving him a measuring tool with deadly exactness. Simple to read and easy to use, you’ll only need to measure once with Bosch.

Purchase: $80

Bosse Ergonomic Shovels

Even if you’re using an ergonomic shovel, it’s tough on your legs and back to dig a hole or clear your driveway. Using a fully rotating handle, Bosse shovels try to take some of the strain out of the shoveling game by giving you more angles of attack for improved productivity with less trips to the chiropractor.

Purchase: $80+

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Jobsite Fan

A lot of gifts focus on helping a guy work, but what about keeping him cool? Crawling under sinks and squeezing into utility rooms is hot, sweaty work. With the M18 from one of the most trusted names in tools, you’ll be giving the gift of comfort. Handyman Holiday Gift Guide

Purchase: $100

WORX Electric JawSaw

Never again will your handyman have to climb a ladder while juggling a chainsaw. With an extendable handle and tight gripping end to reduce kickback and prevent injury, the JawSaw is the way to hack off branches up to 4 inches. Though if you hear it running in the basement, don’t go down to check.

Purchase: $104

Filson Utility Apron

Quick release buckles provide a fully customized fit for a workshop apron that will conform to any body type and offer protection from the many sparks and flung grit that kicks around a working garage or shed. Plenty of oil finish pockets offer quick access to tools, with a flapped repository for guarding precious cargo. Handyman Holiday Gift Guide

Purchase: $105

Rockwell Sonicrafter F50 Kit

Using a full 1 ton clamping force along with a constant blade speed that will cut evenly even when working against pressure, the F50 kit gives the serious cutter everything they could want to hack and slash like a professional.

Purchase: $119

Makita 18-Volt Compact Driver-Drill

Among professionals, Makita is the brand of power tool that is chosen over almost any other. Odds are good that your handyman already has a drill, but upgrade him to a Makita, and you’ll be his new favorite person.

Purchase: $210

Red Wing Heritage Classic Work Boot

Call them timeless or tried-and-true, the Red Wing boot is the choice of serious workmen who want something that’s as stylish as it is functional. They have a tough leather insole that takes a while to break in, but once they’ve conformed to a foot, they’re as comfortable as worn gloves. Handyman Holiday Gift Guide

Purchase: $260

Stihl TSA 230 Cordless Cut-off Machine

It might be a little pricey, but since it’s the only portable cut-off tool with a 230 mm circumference, it can afford to be. At just 8.5 lbs without the battery, the TSA 230 is light as a feather and it works clean, with no emissions, making it better for indoor jobs.

Purchase: $500

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