5 Trends Home Improvement

5 Trends in Home Improvement and Home Enjoyment

5 Trends Home Improvement

Caring for your home is important to maintain its appearance and value, but improving your home is important for your own personal frame of mind and enjoyment. If you plan on living in your home for a long time, why not get the most enjoyment possible? Here are five trends in home improvement that we hope bring you enjoyment and increases long term value of your home.

1)Remodel or upgrade your kitchen!

open floor plansWe spend a great deal of time in our kitchens. This is the center of family gatherings, morning risings and a great place to meet and talk. We eat there, cook there and congregate there. It really should be a special place. It should be up to date and easy to work in. Have nice lighting and plenty of seating. Surveys suggest that 80% of homeowners say their newly rehabbed kitchen makes them want to be at home more! It will not bring you the biggest return on your investment dollars but may be one of the most satisfying projects you could accomplish. 5 Trends Home Improvement

Things like new appliances, new countertops, new flooring all enhance your kitchen. A simple water damage can be devastating, make sure that you contact water damage restoration Spring Hill to ensure that you have a healthy kitchen. Neutral colors and natural materials will create a traditional feel for your kitchen. Rustic and modern styles can be mixed in your kitchen with tile and natural stone. Wood brings home warmth so don’t overlook using a lot of it all over. Give your kitchen fun and different splashes with large chalk boards or fun work zones. Put yourself in the space and add what makes you happy. Open the space up if possible by removing walls or rearranging cabinets. This is an important place that will certainly increase your enjoyment of your home. 5 Trends Home Improvement

2)Create better storage, everywhere!

Closet RenovationWe all need more space! Houses are getting smaller and personal storage is becoming more of an issue. So finding or creating storage has become increasingly more important for home owners. Just one hanging rod and shelf in a closet is no longer sufficient. Adding shelves, storage boxes, hanging storage, etc. in your closets can increase your storage space as well as increase your useable space in your home. Don’t let the “clutter creeps” take over needed living space. Next, start to look at furniture that doubles as storage like coffee tables that are storage units. This is one of the features of this year’s Miami furniture trends and is super useful in decluttering your home. Get all the stuff off the floors like books and magazines and you will be amazed at how much larger your home feels. 5 Trends Home Improvement

3)Paint everything!

Paint ColorYes, the exterior of your home should be appealing. Many exterior materials require regular painting as part of your maintenance plans, but don’t just stop there. Paint can be an inexpensive way to change the look of almost anything. Painting is not difficult and you can find paint to cover anything. Metal, wood, plastic, brick, stone even tile. Prime everything before painting. Discuss the project with your paint specialist as they will know what paints will cover which materials the best. Get color wheels to find accent colors for trim or furniture so that your work of art is pleasing instead of shocking, unless that is what you love. If you are staying in your home for a long time, you should enjoy the colors around you, so paint, paint, paint, inside and out! Easy to do and easy to change if you don’t like it!
4)How about new hardware everywhere? 5 Trends Home Improvement

We touch handles in our homes every day multiple times. Why not give your hands and eyes a new experience? Adding some fun drawer pulls in the kitchen or bathroom like leaves or twisted metal braids can really make a unique look. Changing door knobs from old silver to oil rubbed bronze can enhance how you feel opening every door in your home. Installing a new front and back door lock, that is linked to your smart phone app and unlocks it in an instant, can make your home feel modern and you more secure. Sometimes the things we touch everyday get overlooked! 5 Trends Home Improvement

5)Create outdoor living space!

ouitdoor-spaceDo you stay indoors because your outdoor spaces are not pretty or alluring? Working on your landscaping can start with hiring a fence staining service to make your exterior more aesthetically pleasing. And also creating unique spaces will make you feel like spending time in the fresh air more often and make your home feel larger. So, begin by just cleaning everything up. Trim bushes and trees way back so you can see what you are working with. Install decorative edging between lawns and walks or flower gardens. Just defining space can visually make things more appealing. Don’t have a fence, no problem, find some old tall shutters and set them up as a privacy wall, or perhaps you’d like to look at modern fencing options as well as use supports for longer lasting fencing to increase the durability your new fence has. Add lighting all over the yard, on walks, in gardens and on top of fences. Solar lights are inexpensive and when the night comes they enhance your outdoor spaces. Add color to your patio by painting that old lawn furniture with bright colors like yellow or blue. Cover flower beds with pine straw, mulch or small stones of fun colors. Make your outdoors a fun place to visit with statues, artwork, or flowers. Anything that you love will get you outside to enjoy your home more. 5 Trends Home Improvement

If you do some or all of the improvements listed above, not only will your home’s value increase but so will your pleasure and enjoyment of living there. Taking time to make your surroundings brighter, modern, efficient or just a little unique with your personal touches. Ultimately, you can enjoy your home more and increase its long term value by keeping it in good shape.

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