6 Great Reasons To Power Wash House


6 Great Reasons To Power Wash House

You’re probably fully aware that the outside of your home is constantly exposed to harsh elements. On a daily basis not just natural elements but also man-made ones attack the surfaces causing them to degrade, discolor, oxidize, or chalk overtime. As a result, your property will lose value and it won’t look as good as it did when you first got it.

Some of the worst natural elements include ultraviolet light rays, wind, rain, dirt, and grime. Nature also takes a toll with insects, birds, spiders, wild winds, mold, mildew, and tree sap also leaving their mark on your house. Power Wash House

But wait, there’s more! There are man-made marks such as pollutions, car exhaust, acid rain, and even smoke from your barbeque can cause the outside of your home to need a little t-l-c.

You will notice over time, if you haven’t had the Columbia Brothers to power wash your house, then these natural and man-made materials will accumulate and make your house look like a down right mess. Worse yet, if you leave it too long, you’ll destroy the long-term beauty of your property dramatically, resulting in the loss of value on your home.

Let’s go into the benefits of power washing your house:

It will help uphold the value of your property.

High pressure cleaning is considered one of the most affordable ways to maintain or increase the value of your property. According to the National Association of Realtors, a pressure washed house will increase your property value by $10,000-$15,000. That’s not bad! Power Wash House

It will maintain the beauty of your home.

If you’re looking at selling your home in the near future then increasing the curb appeal by power washing it will definitely increase interest. You could use a power washer as a driveway cleaner or on the sidewalk to make great first impressions. Your house will look very attractive without any mildew and mold which would possibly increase the number of people putting in offers. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer or industrial pumps for this job, it might be worth trying to find a company local to you who could complete this job for you. For example, those who are looking for a company to clean their concrete sealing melbourne area, it might be worth contacting Diamond Shine Pressure Cleaning for example. That way, you’ll know that your home will maintain its beauty.

Remove spiders and cobwebs around the house.

You might notice cobwebs accumulating around windows, under eaves, and any other corner where it is likely to catch some juicy bugs. A good pressure washing service will remove all spiders and cobwebs from the exterior of your home. Even if your spiders are not a hazard to humans such as the Redback spider in Australia, it is never a nice feeling to walk through a cobweb that sticks to your face and hair. Power Wash House

You will feel good and more proud about your house.

Feeling great about the house you live in will make you overall feel happier about your life and what you’ve achieved. Having a cleaned, well-maintained house dramatically increases your mood and the way you feel about yourself.

Prevent your house from losing value and aging.

If you leave your house go too long without getting power washed, it could require a lot of elbow grease and extra money to bring it back to its glory days. Alternatively, you could regularly power wash and save money long term. It will be easier to maintain the property value plus you get to reap the benefits of having a clean home exterior. Power Wash House

Depending on where you live will determine how often you should power wash your home’s exterior. If you live in a humid environment, you will want to, at minimum, power wash yearly. If you live in a colder environment where you experience little to no snow, then you can afford to have it done biannually. There are many other factors to consider how regularly you should get it done. Power Wash House

Protect your family’s health.

If you let power washing go undone too long, then the exposure to mildew, mold, dirt, and algae can affect your family’s good health. The longer it sits there, the more potential life threatening it is for your family. It’s not a bad idea to regularly pressure wash your driveway, porch, patio, roof, and walkway for these reasons. If your home is in need of a new lease of life then you’ll require something like a jet washing service Birmingham.

Pressure washing your home is only one element to cleaning your house. Arozon cleaning service in Brisbane provides soft pressure washing for areas that require extra loving care, such as painted timber or other fragile parts.

So whether you’re thinking of selling a property or cleaning your house for preventative measures it is worth giving your home a thorough clean externally to maximize the sale price or the longevity and personal enjoyment of your home. Power Wash House

Livable Garage


Livable garage – Simple Solutions for a More Livable Garage
Transform this formerly utilitarian space into a comfortable, stylish, and eminently livable part of your home. Livable Garage

7 Steps to Making Your Garage More Livable

In many homes, the garage is nothing more than a place to park the car, store the Christmas decorations and hang up a few rakes. However, with a little ingenuity (and these quick tips), a garage can be transformed into an awesome space that’s as comfortable as—and a lot more fun than—all the other rooms in the house. Livable Garage can be created at ease by metalbuildingsclt.com who are very professional & experienced in this field.

To create a livable garage space, your first step should be to create zones: one for your car, one for your workshop (if it’s located in the garage), and one for kicking back and enjoying a space of your own. In each zone, use smart storage to hide tools and other “garage items” away. Metallic tool chests can create an industrial feel for the space, while wooden cabinets can be stained for a more upscale look, or painted to keep things casual and visually interesting. Livable Garage.  Click here to know about Chicago Garage Door offering quality repair services

Your different zones can work fine in an open plan concept; once you get the areas organized, they’ll naturally stand apart from each other. For a more formal division of space, get creative with partitions. You can build a unique screen by hinging together a collection of mismatched vintage doors, create an industrial look by using chain-link or other metallic fencing or suspend corrugated steel panels from chains connected to the ceiling.

After you’ve created a space for your car, maximized storage and zoned off your work or play space, it’s time to make it your own.

If the primary use of your new man cave will be as a workshop or for use as a hobby area, make sure to create a workbench that’s large enough to get your jobs done. Install adequate lighting, run enough outlets to handle your power tools, and consider on-wall open storage to make your tools visible but neat. A shop vac or wall-mounted vacuum system provides quick and easy clean up after projects are done. Livable Garage

If the new space will be primarily for relaxing, use as much imagination as you would for a room inside the house but try to stick to a theme like upscale sports, sci-fi, vintage automotive, hunting lodge, gentleman’s lounge or modern minimalism. Consider putting in a leather sofa, comfy chairs, a coffee table that reflects your style and, of course, a big flat-screen TV mounted on the wall. An area rug goes a long way in holding space together and saves you money by not necessarily having to redo the floor. It can also help hide cords from table lamps, which will warm the space up and make it feel less like a garage and more like a real room.

Other accouterments (i.e. toys) you might want to put in your new “garagement” could include a video game system, beer fridge, bar, dartboard or—for a really big space—a basketball hoop or golf simulators

If your garage is uninsulated, you might want to take care of that to keep the space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most uninsulated garages have exposed beams so you can roll your insulation in easily and cover it up with sheetrock. If the space is already finished but uninsulated, you could use an installer like Retrofoam who can spray the insulation behind the walls.

For warming the garage in the cold months, a simple space heater might do the trick if the square footage isn’t too big. Otherwise, a hanging gas-powered forced-hot-air unit is your best bet. In the summer, you can get airconditioned comfort by installing an individual unit in the wall or a window or by using a free-standing evaporative cooling system.

Let’s face it, when you’re in your man cave you’re going to want to go on the Internet to check global affairs, research philosophical conundrums and maybe do some, er, extracurricular surfing. Hopefully, your home’s WiFi signal is already strong enough to reach out to the garage. If not, you can install a signal booster like this one from NetGear.

Chances are, your garage already has a water line running through it for a hose bib. If so, it’s easy to splice off it to create a utility or bar sink. Even if you can only get a cold water line, that should be fine for rinsing beer mugs or martini glasses. If you want hot water without having to run the lines from the water heater, you can install an on-demand “tankless” unit under the sink.

If your garage floor is in decent shape, you can probably get away with simply painting it. Give it a good power washing beforehand and fill any cracks with a mortar repair compound. Next check to see if the floor needs to be etched so that the paint will stick by dripping some water on it. If the water gets absorbed, there’s no need to etch, but if it beads on the surface, then you’ll need to treat the floor with an etching product first. After etching, let the floor dry overnight, then prime, paint with a floor-grade epoxy paint. Follow with a second coat if needed.

If the floor seems too far gone for a paint job, consider using gym-style rubber floor tiles. They hide a lot of sins, are comfortable to walk on, insulate for sound and make cleaning up spills a breeze—whether they be beer or motor oil!

Laundry Room Remodel

laundrey room

What’s funny about laundry rooms is that we’re in them a lot, yet we approach these spaces as an afterthought,” designer AJ Margulis says.   Laundry Room Remodel

It’s true. There’s no standard laundry room size, shape or layout. Often these utility spaces are created in awkward leftover areas after every other room in the home has been planned out. Or they’re banished to dark corners of basements and garages which are often damp and cold. And yet you’ve probably noticed you’re spending a lot of time in that confined area. Shouldn’t that space warrant extra attention? If your laundry room is in your basement, for example, you’re going to want to fix any damp issues as soon as possible. Milwaukee home foundation repair services are available to fix any issues with damp in your basement, along with other services closer to where you live. The sooner you start to pay attention to the state your laundry room is in, the better. After all, clothes aren’t going to dry in a cold, damp room!

This step-by-step workbook will help you think through your options and plan some ways to make your laundry room function better and look nicer.

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Laundry Room

Why have you decided to remodel your laundry room? And what’s important to you? The answers to these questions will inevitably affect your decisions and, above all, your budget. Are you simply after more function? Or are you hoping to make the space look nice too?

Do you plan on working with the space you have? Or are you relocating your laundry room to another part of your house? Buying new appliances and adding some paint or wallpaper is one thing; knocking down walls, rerouting plumbing and building an entirely new room is another.

Another question you should ask is, “Why now?” It’s good to think about why this is the right time to remodel or redecorate your laundry room. Is this a one-off project or part of a larger remodel? If you plan on eventually tackling a larger project, such as a kitchen or master bathroom, it could be more cost-effective to wait and do everything at once, when you’ll probably already have a contractor, tile installer and other professionals on site doing work.

How Do You Want the Space to Function?

Laundry rooms aren’t always just about washing and drying clothes. “People tend to store all kinds of things in their laundry rooms, from batteries to flashlights to dog food,” says designer Margaret Donaldson.

So while you’re planning, think about the other functions you want your laundry room to serve and make sure you create room for those things. Many people also make their laundry room function as mudrooms; storage rooms for vacuum cleaners, brooms and sports gear; butler pantries; command centers for organizing family calendars and mail; home offices; craft rooms; pet rooms; and more.

The laundry room shown here was part of a new home and features custom cabinets, granite countertops and blue and green tile laid in a chevron pattern.

How Do You Do Laundry?

The way you wash, dry and fold clothes will dictate how your new space functions.

How often do you do laundry? Once a week or every day? If you have a large family with multiple hampers, maybe you want to set up a system of individual baskets that better organizes laundry for each member of your family.

Where do you fold clothes? Do you prefer to fold everything in the laundry room and then carry it to the bedrooms? If so, adequate counter space will be important. Maybe you want to consider a large island if your budget permits.

Or maybe you like dumping clothes onto the sofa so you can watch TV while you fold. If that’s the case, maybe counters aren’t vital for you and you’d rather use the space for something else, such as more storage cabinets.

Also, if you like to hang up clothes right away, maybe you’ll want to make sure you get a hanging rod in your space. Have lots of delicates? Perhaps drying racks are in order. Do you iron often or prefer to use a steam setting on your appliances?

When do you do laundry? If it’s during the day, does your space have natural light? If not, could you consider adding a window? If you prefer to do laundry at night, maybe adequate artificial lighting is more important to you.

If you’re worried that your laundry habits might not be the most efficient way of doing things and you’re unsure of how you can make them better, it’s probably a good idea to bring a professional onboard for help. He or she can help you think through the way your space should function and even offer up solutions you might not have considered.

What Kind of Appliances Do You Want?

The selection of your appliances, or your existing appliances, will greatly affect other decisions for your space. For example, do you have or want side-by-side or stacked appliances? Stacked appliances can save space, but shorter people might need a step stool to reach the top controls.

Do you want or have front-loading or top-loading appliances? Front loaders give you the option of adding a countertop for folding and sorting, but some people say front loaders often don’t drain sufficiently, leading to mildew inside the machine. Designer Donaldson says that may be the case with older models but that many manufacturers have sorted out the issue with newer models.

As for boldly colored appliances, make sure you’re absolutely in love with the hue and that you’ll be able to coordinate it with the rest of your decor. Bright-colored, hulking appliances may not be the thing you want to draw attention to. Designer Ryan Williams of Artisan Design Studio advises against colored appliances, in fact.”Neutral colors that sort of recede allow more eye-catching decor to draw the eye,” she says.

Special Features

Once you have the basic function of your laundry room pinned down, it’s time to look at your budget again to see how you can make your space more comfortable and stylish.

Counter space for folding is perhaps the most popular special feature. If you’ve got front-loading machines, consider adding a countertop above them. Or if you’ve got the space and budget, consider a large island on which you can spread out all your laundry.

As for countertop material, stick with something durable, such as quartz. You want a material that can stand up to spilled detergents and bleach.

The second-most requested special feature is probably a deep sink for soaking or hand-washing delicates and a spray attachment for the faucet for doing spot treatments. There are even sinks that do the handwashing for you, such as MTI’s Jentle Jet laundry sink.

You could also incorporate some fragrances in your laundry room to get rid of the damp smell that often could a part and parcel of most laundrettes and in-house laundry rooms. Highly Scented wax melts or diffusers could do the trick for you, keeping your laundry room fresh!

Step 2: Research and Budget

Before beginning any home project, you need to know how much you can spend. A new washer and dryer can set you back a couple of thousand dollars right off the bat. Moving plumbing around, adding a sink or window and building custom cabinets are also significant costs. Part of the reason for this is that you will likely need an expert to help you change the plumbing. While you can visit company website to find a plumber who will do this, be prepared to pay for their labor as well as materials.

On the other hand, laundry rooms are typically small spaces, and if you already have good appliances and adequate storage, the cost of making over your space could be as low as the price of paint or wallpaper. It all depends on the level of design you’re striving for. Some people just want their laundry room to function.

Decide if this is a space where you want to invest or if that money could be put to better use elsewhere. Laundry Room Remodel

When creating your budget, start with the big expenses: cabinets, flooring and appliances. These will provide the function. After all, laundry rooms are utilitarian spaces first and foremost. Once you tackle that, you can move on to spiffing things up if your budget permits. “You can always bring in other stuff down the road as you can afford it,” Krason says. You can always put in a new countertop later. Start with the basics first.

To save money, decide what you can keep and what you need to replace. Can you get by with painting or refacing the existing cabinets rather than replacing them? Can you make do with the flooring? Buying appliances during holiday sales or buying floor models can also help keep costs down. Laundry Room Remodel

If you’re moving your laundry room to a new location in your home, you’ll have to think about venting, plumbing, draining, knocking down walls and more, all of which add significantly to the cost.

Step 3: Find a Professional

After determining the general scope of your project, you’ll probably have an idea of whether you need to hire a professional for help. If you’re doing a major renovation, you’ll want to assemble a knowledgeable team to make sure things run smoothly. A professional can help you think through problems and offer solutions you might not have thought of, such as adding a window for natural lighting. “If your laundry room is on the back of the house, it’s especially easy to add a window,” says designer AJ Margulis. Of course, we have to Get More Info while choosing who will be the professionals to scope our project.

Step 4: Think About Style

Once you’ve tackled the functionality of your space, consider spiffing things up a bit with paint, wallpaper, tile and accessories. If your laundry room is tucked out of the sight of guests, you might want to consider experimenting with some fun, energetic colors or prints.

The more visible your space, the more you’ll probably want it to look nice. A laundry area in a side-entry mudroom that guests and family members often pass through might warrant some extra attention. On the other hand, if your laundry area is in an unfinished basement where few people ever venture, then looks might not be as important to you. Laundry Room Remodel

Step 5: Construction Documents, Estimates, Demo, Installation and More

At this stage, the process for remodeling or making over a laundry room is similar to any other renovation project. You’ll be perusing floor plans, elevations and other relevant drawings. You’ll iron out the finer details and get a grip on what permits need to be pulled.

If you’re working with a designer, he or she will probably help you interview contractors and get estimates on the cost of your project. Once you have that settled, you’ll begin preparing for installation by making sure you have all the materials on hand, as well as getting your space ready for demolition.

Before starting the demolition process though, you may want to make sure that you have a garbage collection service, similar to Dumpster Rental San Diego Pros (click here for more information) are on hand to help clear away any of the leftover construction debris that may be hindering the continuation of your renovation project. Also, this will help to make your space look tidier.

Make sure you save all receipts, construction documents, warranties and product information so you can properly maintain and care for your appliances and other features.

After your project is finished, walk through the space and make note of anything that’s cracked, chipped, broken or installed incorrectly. Get this list to the person who’s in charge of fixing these mistakes and include information about how and when the work should be completed.

Step 6: Decorate and Enjoy

Now that yor space is complete, personalize it with rugs, hampers, soap holders, art and more. Just remember that detergents and bleach can wreak havoc on materials. “You don’t want anything too precious in there,” Margulis says.

5 Trends Home Improvement

5 Trends in Home Improvement and Home Enjoyment

5 Trends Home Improvement

Caring for your home is important to maintain its appearance and value, but improving your home is important for your own personal frame of mind and enjoyment. If you plan on living in your home for a long time, why not get the most enjoyment possible? Here are five trends in home improvement that we hope bring you enjoyment and increases long term value of your home.

1)Remodel or upgrade your kitchen!

open floor plansWe spend a great deal of time in our kitchens. This is the center of family gatherings, morning risings and a great place to meet and talk. We eat there, cook there and congregate there. It really should be a special place. It should be up to date and easy to work in. Have nice lighting and plenty of seating. Surveys suggest that 80% of homeowners say their newly rehabbed kitchen makes them want to be at home more! It will not bring you the biggest return on your investment dollars but may be one of the most satisfying projects you could accomplish. 5 Trends Home Improvement

Things like new appliances, new countertops, new flooring all enhance your kitchen. A simple water damage can be devastating, make sure that you contact water damage restoration Spring Hill to ensure that you have a healthy kitchen. Neutral colors and natural materials will create a traditional feel for your kitchen. Rustic and modern styles can be mixed in your kitchen with tile and natural stone. Wood brings home warmth so don’t overlook using a lot of it all over. Give your kitchen fun and different splashes with large chalk boards or fun work zones. Put yourself in the space and add what makes you happy. Open the space up if possible by removing walls or rearranging cabinets. This is an important place that will certainly increase your enjoyment of your home. 5 Trends Home Improvement

2)Create better storage, everywhere!

Closet RenovationWe all need more space! Houses are getting smaller and personal storage is becoming more of an issue. So finding or creating storage has become increasingly more important for home owners. Just one hanging rod and shelf in a closet is no longer sufficient. Adding shelves, storage boxes, hanging storage, etc. in your closets can increase your storage space as well as increase your useable space in your home. Don’t let the “clutter creeps” take over needed living space. Next, start to look at furniture that doubles as storage like coffee tables that are storage units. This is one of the features of this year’s Miami furniture trends and is super useful in decluttering your home. Get all the stuff off the floors like books and magazines and you will be amazed at how much larger your home feels. 5 Trends Home Improvement

3)Paint everything!

Paint ColorYes, the exterior of your home should be appealing. Many exterior materials require regular painting as part of your maintenance plans, but don’t just stop there. Paint can be an inexpensive way to change the look of almost anything. Painting is not difficult and you can find paint to cover anything. Metal, wood, plastic, brick, stone even tile. Prime everything before painting. Discuss the project with your paint specialist as they will know what paints will cover which materials the best. Get color wheels to find accent colors for trim or furniture so that your work of art is pleasing instead of shocking, unless that is what you love. If you are staying in your home for a long time, you should enjoy the colors around you, so paint, paint, paint, inside and out! Easy to do and easy to change if you don’t like it!
4)How about new hardware everywhere? 5 Trends Home Improvement

We touch handles in our homes every day multiple times. Why not give your hands and eyes a new experience? Adding some fun drawer pulls in the kitchen or bathroom like leaves or twisted metal braids can really make a unique look. Changing door knobs from old silver to oil rubbed bronze can enhance how you feel opening every door in your home. Installing a new front and back door lock, that is linked to your smart phone app and unlocks it in an instant, can make your home feel modern and you more secure. Sometimes the things we touch everyday get overlooked! 5 Trends Home Improvement

5)Create outdoor living space!

ouitdoor-spaceDo you stay indoors because your outdoor spaces are not pretty or alluring? Working on your landscaping can start with hiring a fence staining service to make your exterior more aesthetically pleasing. And also creating unique spaces will make you feel like spending time in the fresh air more often and make your home feel larger. So, begin by just cleaning everything up. Trim bushes and trees way back so you can see what you are working with. Install decorative edging between lawns and walks or flower gardens. Just defining space can visually make things more appealing. Don’t have a fence, no problem, find some old tall shutters and set them up as a privacy wall, or perhaps you’d like to look at modern fencing options as well as use supports for longer lasting fencing to increase the durability your new fence has. Add lighting all over the yard, on walks, in gardens and on top of fences. Solar lights are inexpensive and when the night comes they enhance your outdoor spaces. Add color to your patio by painting that old lawn furniture with bright colors like yellow or blue. Cover flower beds with pine straw, mulch or small stones of fun colors. Make your outdoors a fun place to visit with statues, artwork, or flowers. Anything that you love will get you outside to enjoy your home more. 5 Trends Home Improvement

If you do some or all of the improvements listed above, not only will your home’s value increase but so will your pleasure and enjoyment of living there. Taking time to make your surroundings brighter, modern, efficient or just a little unique with your personal touches. Ultimately, you can enjoy your home more and increase its long term value by keeping it in good shape.

Holiday Cookbook

Holiday Cookbook

Holiday Cookbook

Preparing a holiday meal takes time, patience, and planning.  I love to share excerpts from my cookbook to all my customers and clients.  This cookbook will provide you with a collection of classic recipes to make your holiday dinner a special occasion for family and friends.   Holiday Cookbook

My family emigrated from Sicily and Northern Europe at the turn of the 20th century.  Growing up I had 20 great aunts and uncles, and literally hundreds of cousins, so the holidays were packed with people and good food.  Holiday Cookbook

All of the recipes in this book were handed down from generation to generation.  Additionally, many of the recipes have been adapted from my own culinary skills.  As a gourmet cook, I have prepared them all and they are delicious.  This book contains a collection of traditional holiday favorites and a few Italian delicacies.  Below is a collection of recipes and you can download the full cook be here  Holiday Cookbook

Traditional Holiday Cooking

Roast Turkey
Herb Dressing
Oyster dressing
Herb Oyster Dressing
Giblet Gravy
Roasted Potatoes with Parsnips

Beef, Game & Lamb

Prime Rib
Osso Bucco
Polenta with Tomatoes and Mozzarella
Cornish Game Hens

Elegant Salads and Sides

Molded Cranberries
Christmas Salad
Candied Apples
Eight layer Jell-O
Mom’s Famous Egg Noodles
Stewed Tomatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole
Roasted Red Potatoes

Appetizers & Starters

Stilton Cheese Mushroom Caps
Chili Con Queso
Lupini Beans
Party Mix

Hearty Soups and Stews

Green Chili Stew
Minestrone Soup
Crabmeat Bisque
Shrimp Etouffee

Breakfast and Starters

Chili Relleno Egg Casserole
Blueberry French Toast
Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rolls

Holiday Desert Time

Pizzelle Cookies
Chocolate Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
Walnut Potica Bread

Italian Favorites:

Pork Sugo Sauce
Cheese Lasagna
Pumpkin Lasagna
Spicy clam marinara linguine

Everyday Favorites, Appetizers, Vegetables, and Entrees

Tomato and Basil Bruschetta
Sugar and Walnut Glazed Baked Brie
Creamy Corn and Clam chowder
Napolitano Marinara Sauce
Napolitano Manicotti Filling
Napolitano Crepes
Mafalde Florentine Sauce (Michelangelo)
Eggplant Parmesan
Parmesan Wheels
Roasted Asparagus and Prosciutto ham
Potato Gnocchi
Napa Style Sole Veronique
Parmesan crusted Tilapia
Roasted Barley and Mushroom Risotto
Spinach with Raisins and Pine Nuts
Red Wine Reduction Sauce
Sautéed Beets
Brisket Tacos with Mango Salsa
Gourmet Chili
Chili Pie
Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese with caramelized onions
Black Bean Tostados with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

More Deserts

Easy Blackberry Cobbler
Coconut Caramel Pecan Cream Cheese Pie
Tiramisu (Lidia’s Italy)

This book is dedicated to my family who has made the holidays a special time of the year.  Holiday Cookbook


Ted and Kelly Vinci

Home Technology

home automation
Home Technology – Using video balun & CAT5 cable CCTV Cameras – Balun is the abbreviation of balance+unbalance. A video balun is an one of important accessories that converts between a balanced signal and an unbalanced signal. Home Technology.

The reason why use video baluns? Video baluns, also known as CAT5 baluns, enable security installers to utilize CAT5 cable running video (and optionally power) for CCTV video cameras. A video balun is positioned on both ends of the CAT5 cable run and uses one of the twisted pairs from the CAT5 cable to transfer the video from the camera to a DVR or monitor. This is often the go-to procedure that Commercial CCTV Camera Systems experts will use when planning the installation of CCTV cameras. There are also multi-camera baluns that could use the four twisted pairs in CAT5 to transfer the video for up to 4 cameras. The majority of security camera installers are familiar with using RG59 Siamese coax cable for CCTV, as this is actually the industry-standard cable and also permits installers to run both the video from the camera and power to the camera by using a single cable run. There are versions of video baluns that also support running power to CCTV video cameras in addition to the video. These are some of the most common reasons that a security installer (read here) would choose to use CAT-5 cable rather than RG59 for a CCTV application.  Home Technology

Majority of locations has CAT5 cable pre-run for network infrastructure and installer can use existing cable network. An article based on security cameras and more about Force 5, Inc., suggest to go for the longer range cameras, which also have zoom options. 

Solving the short range maximum video transmission distance via RG59 (coaxial cable), It can offer much more long range distance for video transmission, exceeds 700ft.

Cost-effective solution, and RG59 coaxial cable is more expensive than Cat5 cable. Home Technology

Video Balun Connectors

Video balun connectors;RJ45,Terminal, Screw

Active Video Balun

Active video baluns include a power supply and function also as an amplifier so that cable distances can be increased beyond 1200 ft (the limit for passive baluns). An active balun receiver can be utilized on the DVR or monitor end of the cable with a passive balun on the video camera end to enhance maximum effective distance to 2000 feet. When an active transmitter balun and active receiver balun are utilized with each other, the effective range of the cable will increase to 4000 ft for color cameras and also 5000 feet for monochrome. The below diagram illustrates the wiring used when installing active video baluns. Please note that power is needed for both the transmitting and receiving unit. Using video balun & CAT5 cable CCTV Cameras. Home Technology

Active video baluns connection

Passive video baluns

Passive video baluns are not powered and support cable distances up to 1200 ft. These baluns use only one of the twisted pairs in the Cat5 cable. The CAT5 is attached to the baluns on each end using screw terminals or some other connection types. The balun has a BNC connector that gets linked to the video camera on one end and a DVR or monitor on the other. Please see the below wiring diagram, which illustrates this. Home Technology

Passive video balun connection

Video baluns with power

Video baluns with power support running low voltage power to CCTV video cameras along with transferring the video signal. For baluns which also supply power to video cameras, one of the twisted pairs from the CAT5 cable is used for video and 2 pairs are used for power. Installers attach one pair for the positive and one pair for the negative power leads. Additionally, there are video + power baluns that implement RJ-45 connectors instead of the cable terminals, and even several versions which support audio too. Some installers prefer this, especially when using pre-made network cables with the RJ-45 ends already attached. An essential note is that the distance that power is not able to be run is much less than video and is still restricted to the voltage and also guage of cable being used. 12V DC usually begins to drop after 200 feet. The below video demonstrates how to use passive video baluns with power.

Video Baluns with power

Multi-camera baluns

Multi-camera video baluns can work with several cameras and it allows each twisted pair of a Cat5 to be used for one camera, effectively allowing users to run video for up to four cctv cameras over a single Cat5 cable. Check below diagram and it illustrates how multiple camera video balun is wired. Using video balun & CAT5 cable CCTV Cameras. Home Technology

Multiple video balun connection