Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

Exterior Christmas Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends – Christmas is here and we have to prepare our homes for welcoming this happy occasion. Decorating your home for celebrating Christmas is a necessity without which you will not feel that Christmas is around you and celebrated by many people all over the world. There are many things that are required for making your home sparkle at Christmas as you have to purchase a Christmas tree which is the most important thing for celebrating Christmas, ornaments for decorating Christmas tree, custom face stickers to stick your families faces around your house, and other parts of your home and there are also lights which are essential for making your home inviting. Decorating homes for Christmas is not limited to indoor decoration as the area that is located outside our homes especially the front yard is very important to be decorated especially with lights. Lights are the best things to be used for outdoor decoration as they illuminate the front yard and make your home inviting for all of those who are going to celebrate Christmas at your home. There are countless outdoor Christmas lighting ideas that are presented every year to make your home sparkle during the holiday. Here are the top 10 outdoor Christmas light ideas that are presented for 2015 to decorate your home and make it inviting. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

1. Geometric lights for trees


It is not enough to just add lights to your front yard for illuminating it. You also have to choose those shapes and designs that allow you to make the outdoor decoration of your home inviting. Using geometric lights is the best way to achieve what you want as they add a modern touch to the look of the area outside your home. Geometric lights are available in different shapes and colors making it easy for you to choose what you like for your outdoor decoration. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

2. Dark Walkways

Lighting walkways is essential especially during the holidays as there are many guests who come to your home and need lights to be able to easily find their way to the door of your home. You can use strings of lights for this purpose and hanging them is not difficult as you can easily make use of the trees and shrubs that you have along the walkway or around it to hang your strings of lights. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends
3. Empty branches

empty-branchesMost of the branches lose their leaves during the winter season which makes them unsuitable for welcoming Christmas and decorating the front yard. You can easily overcome this problem through decorating branches using lights. Wrap strings of lights around the branches of the trees and make them approximately at the same height to make them look fascinating. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

4. Left without lights

There are different structures that you can leave outside your home without being lit. These unlit structures can be illuminated by the surrounding lights if it is not necessary to add lights to these structures. This can save your money and effort but you have to make sure that the unlit structures are located at well-lit areas in the yard. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

5. Net lights

If you find that it is difficult for you to use fairy lights or strings of lights because you do not know where to start or stop wrapping the strings that you have, use net lights. It is known that net lights are more expensive than the strings of lights, but in fact they will save your time and effort unlike the strings of lights that are tiring for many people while being installed. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

6. Decorating hedges

There are several methods that can help you to decorate hedges in your yard since you can use the traditional strings of lights or net lights. String lights are cheaper than the net lights, but they require exerting more effort and time while installing them unlike net lights which are more expensive but less tiring. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

7. The exterior entry of your home

Decorating the exterior entry of your home can be done though using wreaths and ornaments and to make these decorative items sparkle especially in darkness at night, add strings of lights to them. Make sure that the decorative items that you use for decorating the exterior entry are large enough to be seen from the street to make it easy for the guests to find your home. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

8. Using a mixture of lights

It is a perfect idea to use different sources of lights for decorating your front yard. You can use strings of lights, net lights, sensory-activated motion lights and other sources of lights that you use throughout the year. Mixing lights can help you to save energy, money and effort as depending on just one source of lights can cost you a lot of money and can also be more tiring while installing the light sources that you want to use. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

9. Using LED lights

Led lights are known to be cheaper than the other Christmas lights that we usually use. In addition to being cheap, LED lights do not consume a large amount of power and energy like the traditional Christmas lights and they also last for a longer time. All of these reasons make the LED lights a perfect choice for you to get your yard decorated without spending a lot of money. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

10. Christmas wishes with lights

It is one of the most fascinating ideas to use lights for creating Christmas wishes in your front yard. You can make whatever you want such as MERRY CHRISTMAS and other wishes that you may like to display during the holidays in front of your home. Using different types of lights such as LED lights can help you to do this. Outdoor Christmas Decorating Trends

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