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Luxurious Super Showers – What’s a super shower, you might ask? Imagine an oversized walk-in shower that’s tiled from floor to ceiling on all sides. Some might have multiple showerheads and offer a specialized lighting scheme. The showerheads are so advanced, it’s almost as if they’re the best dual shower heads in 2020! Much more advanced than the common showerhead. They’re pretty super, and they’re becoming more sought-after in master bathrooms. The trend is to remove the oversized tub and replace it with a slimmer freestanding tub,” Payson says. “The newer freestanding tubs are almost pieces of art themselves. Their style is very elegant and romantic, almost like a glass slipper.

In the 1980s, a decade known for excess and impracticality, homeowners installed — though rarely used — oversized soaking tubs. Today, homeowners are choosing more practical bathroom features. Vertical spa systems — larger showers with rain showerheads, multiple body jets and handshowers — have become de rigueur in bathroom renovations. Some have argued that this new trend is for a more modern home, while others believe it’s to make the bathroom more accessible to older homeowners. Whichever is the case, the trend continues to grow, and with the help of plumbing services similar to Dependable Rooter & Plumbing (, homeowners can get the best out of this new trend.

“The enclosures showers systems continue to outperform other areas in the bath in terms of where people are putting their money,” says Mark Knurek, senior project manager at Moen. “Everyone wants a good shower.”
Here are the latest trends in showers:

No Doors
A standalone shower no longer means a glass door on a track. Now it means a frameless, glass shower that virtually disappears into the room and keeps a small bathroom from looking cramped. A walk-in, doorless shower, sometimes called a wet room, showcases tile work and can accommodate an elaborate, spa-like shower system, but if you do decide to install a glass shower door, look for a custom glass door for a more luxurious look.

A doorless, curbless shower with a Custom walk-in shower base is practical as well as luxurious. “A lot more people are requesting showers they can walk right into,” says Beverley Binns, of Binns kitchen + bath design in Ontario, Canada. “It’s a visual design thing, but I think people are also making greater investments in their home and planning on staying in their homes longer.” Showers without doors create a universal design that will allow a homeowner to continue to use the fixture as they get older and their mobility is limited.

Water Temperature and Setting Controls
Thermostatic, programmable shower technology is the ultimate in shower luxury. Systems like Moen’s Iodigital system monitor a shower’s water temperature and automatically adjust water flow when the dishwasher, washing machine and toilet are in use.
The Iodigital has four presets that give the user the exact water temperature and pressure desired, ranging from warm, gentle morning shower to cool, high-pressure, post-workout shower. This could benefit a lot of people. Of course, contacting a company similar to TDT Plumbing will ensure that you achieve optimum hot water levels throughout your home if you wanted to experience the same sort of temperatures as what this shower can provide you with. It also features a remote control that operates from a distance of up to 30 feet. You can turn on the shower from the bedroom, and get the desired water temperature by the time you reach the bathroom. Love a long, hot shower? The unit’s LED lights will flash when the hot water tank nears empty.

New Take on Rain Showerheads
Hans Grohe’s Raindance Rainfall takes rain showerhead technology to a new level. The flat rectangular panel mounts flush against the wall and projects water into the shower area. The unit features three settings: the Rain AIR mode mixes air with water to create big, rain-like water droplets; In Whirl mode massages the user with two rotating jets that automatically tilt forward; and Rainflow mode produces a four-inch-wide waterfall spray. If there is any repair required for the shower, Shower Repairs Perth can help with the repairs.

Lights and Music
Chromatherapy, a popular choice for spa tubs, is also available for shower systems. Kohler’s WaterTile Ambient Rain chromatherapy panel incorporates ambient light patterns to heighten a bather’s experience. Think of it as mood lighting for the bath. A lighted square ceiling panel includes four WaterTile body sprays. The user can select solid colors or one of the preprogrammed chromatherapy sequences that range from a bright and invigorating pattern to a soft and soothing one.
Music in the bath is nothing new, but sound in the shower gets a boost with speakers designed to look like body spray tiles. The Kohler SoundTile is a high-fidelity speaker developed in cooperation with Polk Audio, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance audio products.

Water Conservation
A super shower that conserves water might seem counterintuitive, and it is the reason some people opt for a hot tub. When it comes to luxury, nothing beats the high end hot tubs like the 67 jets swim spa. Some people design their bathroom around both options being available as well.

Eco-minded homeowners can have their high-end shower and be kind to the planet, too. Moen’s line of Eco Performance showerheads reduce the flow of water, but still provide a satisfying shower experience. The Envi Eco-Performance Rainshower, an eight-inch rain showerhead, uses 20 percent less water than the industry standard. Another water-saving option, a three-function transfer valve diverts water from a showerhead to a handshower to a set of body sprays.

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